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    Please recommend a dealer

    Looking for 3515, 4215, 4815 hydrostat.
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    4215 yes? no?

    Been looking into LS420HE. I have a JD4100H ( John Deere 4100 tractor information) that specs at 16HP I think. Other than issues I new going into it (bought used from rental place), and my own self inflicted issues, it's been solid. I run 5' finish mower, 4' rotary cutter, 5'...
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    I am looking for a 30 to 40 hp with fel to replace my Deere 4100 hst. Want the 2 pedals. Need the same reliability. Hobby farm brush cutting, 5 ft tiller for garden and horse arena, box blade & angle blade for road maintenance, 5 ft finish mower for 2 ac lawn. 4100 does everything ok except...
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    3038e buying advice

    Anything to look at in particular about this tractor and FEL with 300 hours? I have a hst 4100 with FEL. I'd like more HP to run the tiller, etc. What price should I expect? Any major issues to look out for?
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    Need rivet gun recommendations

    Looking for all-around non powered rivet gun. I'm going to install gutters on my barn. Then who knows what all uses I may have. Automotive, around the house, etc.
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    Opinion on Big Bee rotary cutter

    Thoughts on a 48" Big Bee rotary cutter? No longer available,but parts are. What's a fair price assuming gear box is good?
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    4310 buy advice

    Anything in particular to look for on a used 4310 with 420 FEL?
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    What to look for in used 4120

    Any major flaws with a 2010 4120 hst? If not, what should I look for on one with 750h? What's a good price? No fel, not attachments.
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    Thoughts on Ford 938 rotary cutter

    Can't find much with internet search. There is one locally. Asking 400. Are parts available? What do I lookout for? Slop in the gearbox? Why else?
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    Recommend engine oil for JD 4100 HST

    Yanmar 3TNE74 engine. I put in a used engine 200h ago. Used Walmart supertech 15w40. Changed it tonight with Delo XLE with isosyn. Thought I wanted a "better" oil, but now I'm thinking on an old engine it might be best just to keep it simple. What do you think?
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    300 lawn runs 20 mins then backfires and dies

    It will start right up, runs at least 10 minutes or longer, then starts sputtering, maybe backfires, and eventually dies. It won't start for awhile. I let it sit overnight. Replaced plug, no change. Has spark. Does not seem to have gas. At least the plug was dry when I took it out. Any ideas?
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    Diesel leaking near injectors

    My 4100 cut is leaking a bit of diesel near the glow plugs. I tightened one, but still leaking. Any suggestions? Google suggested maybe the lines.
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    Can I use regular Prestone in my JD 4100 CUT

    The book says The following John Deere coolants are preferred: キ COOL-GARDョ PRE-DILUTED SUMMER COOLANT (TY16036). キ COOL-GARDョ CONCENTRATED SUMMER COOLANT (TY16034). If neither of the recommended coolants is available, use a glycol base coolant that meets the following specification: キ ASTM...
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    51R Battery for JD4100

    I have been using Optimal yellow top, but at $250 now I'm wondering if a $125 battery might be more cost effective. Thoughts?
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    WIX oil filter for JD4100

    The WIX 51365XP seems to be equivalent to the JD filter. Any concerns with using it? OReilly stocks them, so it's 30 miles closer.
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    Any way to push around a JD300 HST lawn tractor?

    I'd like to be able to roll it into / out of the shop every now and then. But with the HST must I start it? or is there some way to easily get it "out of gear" ?
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    What is an estimated hours per gallon for JD 300 Lawn Tractor

    Any guestimate as to how many hours per gallon I should expect on my '77 JD 300 lawn tractor? (Kohler 16hp) I'm just trying to gauge how it's running. Assume running full throttle. I'm estimating about 1.5 hours based on a Briggs 12HP I have on another LT that seems to run about 2 hours on...
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    JD Lawn 300 Operators Manual - is the "service shop copy" any different?

    John Deere 300 Hydrostatic Tractor Operators Manual | eBay John Deere Operator's Manual 300 Hydrostatic Tractor | eBay Both have same part numbers 81297, even issue B7. Does the Service Shop flavor have any additional info?
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    Where to get JD green/yellow/black near-match paint

    This is a "user", not a "show-er", so I'm ok with value vs perfection. This is for my JD 300 old lawn tractor, and my 4100 CUT and 410 FEL and misc implements. Right now it's going to be brush on -- maybe later an Earlex 5500 HVLP. How is the TSC Majic paint?
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    300 information wanted

    I've gotten a good deal on a 300 with a dump trailer and blade. Where might I look for operating and service information?
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    Testing glow plugs

    I'm suspecting my glow plugs are bad. The timer of my 4100 never turns off, so they have been heating for 100s of hours. I removed the timer and am ready to replace the plugs. Do I pull them out, ground them and see if they glow? What's a way to test? It seems these --...
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    Is the dealer the only source for fuel and oil filters?

    are their other lower cost options?
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    4100 wont start in cold weather

    Years back I posted about an oil burn problem -- so clearly I'm not getting the best compression. Still runs though. Winters can be hard. Usually I can get started by heating oil pan with blow dryer and then directing that hot air into the intake. But not this time. I was about 30F out...
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    Deere 41000 CUT grinding noise in front right wheel

    I'm getting a clicking/grinding noise in the front right wheel/axle. The tire locks up also. Axle fluid spilled out as well. It works for a bit, then clicks/locks, then works, etc. I have the technical manual, and I'm suspecting a bearing/gear in that area. I got the FEL off last...
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    3 Pt Post Hole Digger for 20HP

    Is it even feasible to run a post hole digger behind my tractor? I'll occasionally run into limestone -- do I just move around until I miss it -- or is there a way to break through?
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    Which grease for which purposes

    I have tried to use one grease - Mobile 1 synthetic - for all purposes - mower spindle bearings, pto drive shaft lube, trailer wheel bearings, 3 point tiller bearing, finish mower wheel pivots, FEL pivot points, etc, etc. But at $6 a tube, I have to wonder if maybe I need to go with 2 options...
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    Best all-around grease

    I don't use a lot of grease -- so I just want to load up the best all-around grease for the usages I have: -- dual axle x 3500# trailer wheel bearings -- tractor FEL joints, other tractor zerks, steering linkage -- Ford Excursion / Honda Odysset zerks - mostly front-end linkage on the Exc. -- 3...
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    How do I use a 4' box blade to grade my gravel road

    I have 1/2 mile of gravel road. Over the winter it got pretty cut up. I guess the theory is that the road should be tapered up to the center with ditches on one or both sides to get the water off as quickly as possible. My drive goes over a couple of small hills. The ditches are in mostly...
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    Tiller KK oil / grease questions

    Just bought the TG60 new at TSC (Countryline). Some had mentioned it comes dry, but I only put 16oz in the pto gear box and 16oz on the side gear box. Current manual on KK site says it come with gear oil in it, but no grease. 16oz in the pto box seemed to me to be about 1/2 full as...
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    Tiller 48" or 60" tiller for JD4100

    Looking hard at the King Kutter TG 48 or 60 for my 2000 JD4100 CUT. The 48 has offset hitch -- which -- in my case is a bad thing. If it was centered it might just cover the tracks. So I'd prefer to get the 60 to cover tracks on both sides, but is that going to be just way too big for the...
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    finish mower front wheels touch tractor wheels

    Anyone else have this issue? My Deere 4100 CUT rear tread comes in contact with my Arts-Way 60" finish mower front wheels when I raise the 3 point, or if I try to mow in reverse (and the front wheels swing around). An the mower, there's a flat plate of metal to which each lower link pins...
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    Arts-Way 60" Finish Mower

    I picked up a 20ish-year-old finish mower for $300. It's a rear discharge 60" with 4 solid tires. The gearbox says Italy, and the spindles seem to turn freely. Anything I shoud inspect before hooking up?
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    Try oil additive if burning oil?

    I have a JD 4100 that burns about a quart every 5 hours (20HP HST CUT). Postedly elsewhere are all the details. Someone recently suggested I try Lucasoil stabilizer. A website shows where that stuff foams up real bad. Someone else suggested I try Mystik oil. I'm running JD oil now...
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    What size of finish mower for JD 4100 HST

    I see a nice 72" NH finish mowe for sale. Would a 72" be way too big for my JD 4100 HST? Mostly I'll be mowing fescue that's around the house. I have a Sears riding mower now that's a 42" cut and maybe a 12HP B&S engine that keeps my bluegrass just fine. But we are moving to larger...
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    new/used/rebuilt engine needed for JD 4100

    Anyone know where to find a new/used/rebuilt engine for a JD4100? 3cyl, Yanmar 3TNE74. My JD dealer estimated $3600 to rebuild the engine I have, and $5700 to install a new engine. That's total price - parts, labor. I've tried calling Yanmar distributors, but the word back is JD specs the...
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    troubleshooting charging system

    Battery is dying. How can I determine what is the failing component - alternator, inverter, battery? The alternator is putting off some AC voltage - specs say 30-50v, so I'll check, but even if it's putting off voltage, could it be weak on amperage?
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    brazing a hydraulic line

    I have a small leak in the metal pressure hydraulic line right at the fitting. It leaks a couple of drops per minute. I was thinking maybe I could braze it shut. I cannot even see where it's leaking. At home depot they have 3 or 4 kinds of braze - bronze, nickel-silver, and a couple of...
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    JD 4100 burning 1 qt of oil every 5-10 hours

    Looking for how to diagnose the problem and options to resolve. JD 4100 has 3 cyl Yanmar engine with 1093 hours. I bought it used at 1079 hours. From 1079 to about 1088 it used about a quart. I did a filter/oil change. From 1088 to 1093 it used 33oz. It was a rental. Previous owner is...
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    repairing cracked plastic

    I have a crack in the plastic cover of the operating console where ones feet rest ~ right over the transmission. Is there some material available today to fix a plastic crack? It seems like there ought to be.. some adhesive or epoxy that could fix this.
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    repairing (sealing) a small leak on hydraulic line

    I seem to have a small leak on my hydraulic pressure line just at the point where it attaches to the pump. I thought it was a leak of the O-ring, but I replaced that to no avail. It seems like the leak is just where the small pressure line (1/4" or so ID ) meets the larger portion that...
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    How much oil usage to be expected

    I have a 4100 that seems to be using/burning more oil than is considered "ok". That begs the question -- what is "ok"? The capacity is 64oz or 2 qts. The change interval is 200 hours. If it's using 1/2 qt in 200 hours is that OK? 1/2 qt in 100 hours? 1/2 qt in 50 hours? 1/2 qt in 20 hours...
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    4100 using oil - how much is too much and why?

    I have a 4100, 1088 hours. I don't know how the 1st 1078 hours were used. I'm taking better notes now, but at 1078 the oil was at the lower end of add/full. After 10 hours it was below add. I put in 34 oz to get it to the full (top of add-full) point. I plan to watch closely now, and get...
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    part needed: 4100 3pt - RH adjustable lift link

    I'm looking for the RH lift link assembly of a 3 pt hitch for a 4100. This is the adjustable turnbuckle assembly. The JD kit is $260, and the 3 main parts (top yoke, turnbuckle, bot yoke) are $215. Do I have any alternatives? Currently, there is a flipped over LH solid link. I'd like to...
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    battery recommendation for 4100

    ..believe the Mar '00 one is dead. I'll try to add a bit of distilled water, but it looks almost full as-is. Sooo.. off to buy a new one. I've read the Optima reviews. Impressive, but expensive. I will use my 4100 about 50-100 hours per year I'm guessing. Is there some other battery that...
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    4100 - is battery serviceable? add water?

    My 2000 jd 4100's battery seems to be near death. I've charged it a couple times (10A charge and 2A charge), but it never holds for more than a few days. Can I pry off the caps and add distilled water? Or are these suppose to be maintenance free?
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    Tightening up the SCV linkage

    I have a used 4100. Someone had used a 3/8" bolt for the linkage pivot instead of the stock 10mm pin. I replaced the bolt with a 10mm bolt and that helped a lot. However, my SCV joystick is still not as "tight" as a new one. I suppose that is to be expected, but I was hoping I could find...
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    4100 w/ 410 FEL - how do I "float"

    4100 w/ 410 FEL - how do I \"float\" I read in the manual a technique called "float" or when the FEL is just allowed to sit on the surface with no upward or downward pressure. How do I achieve that? I tried pushing the "joystick" control all the way fwd (lower FEL) and sometimes it works, but...
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    410 FEL manual - where to find one

    Anyone know where I could find a 410 FEL manual?
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    4100 Operating Manual? softcopy? rear wheel?

    JD posts the 4110 manual online. I picked up a used 4100 and would like to have that flavor if possible. Also.. the rear tires were installed with the valve stem "out". On the 4110, that is suppose to be the "wide" setting. On the 4100 that appears to be the "narrow" setting. So I've...
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    2000 4100 - dipstick shows no fluid in ft axle

    Help please. I have bought via Ebay a JD 4100 compact. I've been looking it over. The biggest issue I have found is the ft axle dipstick shows no oil. In fact, if I put in some other object I get NO OIL at all on it. I test drove it. 4WD works, but is there any way to know what damage may...