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    LS MT342 Front Leakage

    I have to go and get a picture but wanted to get this posted by chance someone has had this happen and could provide some insight. I noticed my MT342 leaking a little bit from the front, center underneath the tractor. It’s right smack-dab in the center of the axle where it looks like there are...
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    Buying Advice LS Warranty

    The warranty I do for LS tractors is vague at best. This is from their website: “Some companies make you pay extra for an extended warranty. We offer a six-year limited powertrain warranty, including parts and labor, on most of the tractors we sell—along with the two-year bumper to bumper*...
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    LSMT342 Oil and Hydraulic Filter Sizes

    I’m a little bit past my 50 hour service mark and was hoping to pick up an oil and hydraulic filter locally so I could change it out sooner. Otherwise it has to be ordered and will take 3-5 days to get in. does anyone know the sizes for these filters on an MT342?
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    Tiller Tiller or Disc Harrow

    I made the mistake of having a bunch of trees mulched in areas I want to clear and plant grass and a garden. I’ve used a leveler and the loader float function to push a lot of it to an area that I just filled in but quite a bit still remains. I plan of going over some of it with a brush hog...