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    Extension hoses to relocate hydraulic ports?

    The way the rear PB is set-up now disconnects the rock shaft return when the BH is connected and that’s where the trouble starts with adapting the rear PB for the mixer - as LD1 points out in other words, by the time I’m done adding valve’s and hoses to the PB, I would have spent more time and...
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    Extension hoses to relocate hydraulic ports?

    That’s kind of where I’m at … I have the PB for the BH but want to avoid building onto that.
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    Extension hoses to relocate hydraulic ports?

    I’m planning to add a 3 pt cement mixer to a 3320. The rear hydraulics are rigged for my 448 BH - frame mount and I disconnect the rock shaft to connect the BH - there’s not a separate SCV on that circuit and if I add a rear valve I’d lose the rock shaft anyway, so it seems like I need a...
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    Is there an attachment available to allow moving a trailer using the lift on the front of my X738?

    I welded a receiver to the top of my bucket for the stinger and also drilled a hole into the tip of a fork to accept a ball shaft.
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    MIG wire feed - continuous or limited?

    New to MIG welding - setting up new machine - ran wire through to nozzle using cold wire feed button with no problem, but at trigger pull only 5-6" of wire is fed out per pull. I would have thought that the feed would be continuous, but I've no experience with MIG machines at all, I've never...
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    eHydro -- No reverse in 2WD

    I've suddenly got no power in reverse while in 2WD on my 2008 3320 eHydro and limited forward power - the machine will back up a few feet then stop; forward is sluggish. In 4WD, forward and reverse as normal. I've been running in 4WD for the past month or more without shifting out and I don't...
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    3320 Rockshaft adjustment

    Couple of problems with my rockshaft arms on a 3320 - one is that the original functionality of setting the rockshaft height with the rockshaft control lever is totally gone - it used to be that setting lever to 1 set the height to whatever, setting the lever to 2 would be higher than 1...
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    Cylinder fitting leak

    I ran the 'hoe for hours and hours and one of the fittings on the dip cylinder started weeping/leaking - it'd rotated itself counterclockwise about a 1/4 - 1/8 turn. When it was hot I could rotate it snug by hand, which can't be right - and it's still leaked anyway. I didn't want to overtorque...
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    Leaky spool valve fitting - 3320

    I've been trying to figure out for days why my rockshaft control level won't stay in the high position all of a sudden - it slides back down to low, especially when the 3PH is up and I'm using the loader. I don't know if it's related, but I found that that the hydraulic line fitting at the dual...
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    Rockshaft control lever's gone soft

    My rockshaft control lever won't hold position on my Deere 3320. It was pretty stiff until yesterday, but now when I lift the rear blade the lever slides back down. The blade lifts and drops like it normally does, except that it drops back down as the lever slips. It's been really cold here...
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    ERR 61

    I've got an intermittent "ERR 61" display on my 3320. The manual says the code means that the output from the display is "open" and that I won't have a right turn signal on the ROPS. The signal works fine and the error code doesn't seem to relate to anything. Anybody else ever have this code?
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    Frontier/Deere grapple bucket

    I got a Frontier FL1572 "debris" (grapple) bucket for my 3320; dealer installed it and delivered on Friday. It's the 72" version and I used it some over the weekend and it's very unwieldy. I can't tell if its the weight or width. I also can't tell if it sized for my machine. It's a foot longer...
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    New Kubota models replacing the B7510?

    Local dealer had a blow-out sale on the B7510 to clear his stock room because he said that the model was being replaced in February. I can't find anything on this anywhere. Does anybody know anything about this?
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    Dealer MSRP discounts net of dealer prep?

    There's a bunch of threads on discounts people have gotten on MSRP, some as high as 13%, and somebody asked whether these are being figured net of dealer prep, delivery, freight-in & etc., or if those items eat into the discount. I calculate a MSRP discount of 13% and then have to pay fees it...
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    Position control

    I'm having trouble understanding various comments in various threads about 3PH "position control." Do the 1/4 inching valves on Kubota tractors lower in 1/4 inch increments only unless you're dropping all the way down or raising all the way up? And why did somebody say that a 2520 has...
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    5' box scraper on a 2320?

    Closing in on buying a Deere 2320 and one last question is about whether it can handle a 5' box scraper. Local dealer would upsell me to a larger tractor because he thinks the 2320 can't handle more than a 4' box, but I'm not too excited about the other choice. The other related use is skidding...