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    ASV 4810 electric trouble

    I blew the rad clean with the pressure washer I covered the front of the engine with a piece of plywood so the engine stayed dry, no water entered the engine compartment. All gauges where working prior to the rad cleaning. This morning none of the gauges in the cab worked at fire up,only the amp...
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    Cockshutt 1855 rebuild/restore

    I added another 1855 to my stable,..i have 3 of them now. I rebuild everything forward of the transmission and gave it a new coat of paint as well.
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    ASV 4810 electrical gremlin

    All 3 hydraulic warning lights came on out of the blue on a cold start and won't go off unless the key is in off , running or not, hot or cold filters are clean, oil is fresh and there's no overheating problem either. Wiring diagram tells me nothing, all wires are by number and it is near...
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    Broken manifold fix

    Got this Lister exhaust manifold with 3 broke off mounting pads. I Welded them up with nickel rods and used a zip disc on the grinder and hand file to cut and shape them to original contours. Looking good me thinks.
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    ASV 4810 electrical gremlin

    OK ye 4810 owner/mechanics i like you to pipe in in here. My machine would not start from the last start to the next within the hour, power to the starter. The starter works flawlessly with a screw driver across the sol contacts I started tracing the wiring for continuity. The wire from...
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    clearing land

    I have an unused half section bush on my ranch i want to clear and use for grazing. I wonder what the best and cheapest aproach would be to remove the bush. The growth varies from heavy timber(mostly white and black and balsam poplar up to 40" in dia) to willow and shrub with thickets of spruce...
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    Anbo root/rock grapple GRX

    Anyone here who uses a anbo GRX grapple 6" tine spacing? How do you like them?
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    Anbo root rake grapple GRX

    Been looking for a heavy duty root/rock grapple for my ASV, came across Anbo, the GRX 6" tine spacing got my eye,..bit pricy but looks indestructable Anybody use one? and how do you like it?
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    just lovely!

    I was cleaning up some bush edge with my fecon,..look what i found! :drool:.....:rolleyes: Jammed solid
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    sod seeding pasture,.what no till dril?

    I want to improve my pastures by sod seeding but don't know what brand or model no-till drill I should get or should stay away from. The different brands and models are many but none are used or even available in my area and I have no experience with these seeders , there's nothing for rent...
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    Hydraulic trouble shoot question

    How do you tell a orbit motor is failing? Pressure relief valve is set at 3500 PSi.The PTO driven Pump is easely capable of building that pressure till the relief valve opens with the Orbit motor prevented from turning. Seems like both components are OK,yet the motor loses RPM when load is...
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    Hydraulic question.

    I have a hydrostatic driven pivot tonque Hay bine(NH 114) i have some trouble with.(posted a little lower down on the page) The drive is a tractor PTO driven pump that drives an orbit motor wich in turn drives the entire bine.( there is no slip clutch anywere in the drive line and all the...
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    NH 114 haybine

    I have a NH 114 haybine, i been using it for 20 years without to much problems.Today i started to cut hay but the header plugs up were the crop is heavy(alphalpha/grass mix) and it'll stop the hydr motor,.i wonder what going on? It does it even when going only 2 ml an hour.There is some last...
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    belarus 925

    So what is this tractor worth ? 93 belarus 925,only 830 hrs on it. looks like new,runs good
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    Any skidsteer salvage yard out there?

    I'm looking for some used engine parts for a cat/perkins 3054 out of a ASV 4810 tracksteer. Thanks
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    1104-44T versus 3054T

    Where's the diff folks? I got one of each, both are in a ASV 4810 They look similair and are both perkins even though the 3054 is sold as cat My 3054 's balancer unit exploded cause the driven balance gear spun a brg and then seized in the bore. Where to get used parts?
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    Hydr pump specs needed

    i got a small hyd pump. Brand Hydroperfect International (HPI),made in france No 51131769 P1BAN1002126 SAPHlR BNS My puter won't allow me on the HPI website! does anybody knows what the specs are on this pump, flow, pressure rotation max RPM Thanks
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    Jd 112 lawn tractor parts needed

    looking for plastic cross brace for a 73/74 JD 112 (top of grill,between towers) Thanks
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    Here's one more

    It's not quite complete,but the one in the know should recognize it.
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    Other what is it

    What is this thing for
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    belarus 925 owners,i want your advise

    I'm looking at a 93 belarus 925. 750 orig hrs,looks good(in the pic's)guy wants 4 grand. ? how is the front assist axle stand up to a loader. ? what are the weak points on this model. I got a 78 800 2 wh drive and put 2 hay 1300 lb bales on the front loader,will the front assist axle of the...
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    Cockshutt,..The red oliver

    Anyone else still farming with them like me?
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    home build mini loader dozer blade

    Among other things i build this dozer blade for my little loader. 10' wide and hydr angle + 1 pic of the home build quik attach(extra ears so it can be used on the tractor loader as well) on the loader, hooking up to the bale fork(made as well) works good for both snow and dirt.Its indestructable
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    Hydr post hole auger

    I build this Auger last winter also from odds and ends,total out of pocket was $380 for the 12" auger bit spindle is a 2" shaft fitted in a dodge 4x4 frontwheel hub and keyed to a home made HD love coupler to a 125 rpm hydr motor i found on the salvage yard. It mounts to either a bale fork(slip...
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    home build 40 Ton hydr press

    I build this hydr press a couple yrs ago from stuff i had laying around. Only things i bought new was the soleniod valve and remote hand control + hydr hoses. the cylinder is 6" x 12" stroke. i used a 2 hp electr motor to drive the pump. I don't know how i ever lived without it before
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    Greetings from Alberta

    How are ye,I just joined the site yesterday. I'm from Peace river Alberta and own/operate a bison ranch. I also maintain and repair my own equipment. I do welding and machining and build/modefy equipment that suit my needs as well. I got cockshutt,belarus,AC,waldon and ASV tractors and loaders.
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    ASV 4810 loader trouble

    Hi there,newby here(to the site) I got a ? for 4810 owners. my loader displays a 8-10 drop after releasing the joystick,but hold after that.Position of the loaders arms don't matter. The lift cylinder seals are verified good . must be the control valve having issues,but what? Happens only when...