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    Another rant about buying used

    Well I have a dandy 1957 JD with a hard to find full cultivator… if you’re interested . Oklahoma
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    Looking to buy my first tractor

    I’m in a similar position. I decided on a 70 hp used FEL tractor and am grateful for the cab and the larger size yet smaller than a big one. It’s perfect except I need a backhoe a couple times a year. I rent a backhoe or excavator as required. My machine is a 2008/9 model and it was under your...
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    Post COVID CUT tractoring “truths”

    Good read. I bought a used Montana 70hp with cab. I need the 70hp for my baler otherwise I would have done what you did. I like new but I own some older- maintenance is always a consideration. On the tractor mine has a JD engine and drivetrain but it’s a TYN assembly and with 2100 hours it’s...
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    Confused about Montana tractors ?

    I am in Oklahoma and just purchased a T7074 and would like to know the Ok dealers
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    T7074 Transmission leak

    What have you tried? It’s been a while since your post. I would think some packing would help.