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  1. J

    PT-180 Tram pump issues

    So some of you are aware that I have recently sent the Pump on my PT-180 back in to get serviced. I got it back and was finally able to get up to my property this weekend to put the reman pump back in. A couple hours later and I'm having some issues. Pump is back in, all hoses are connected...
  2. J

    PT-180 Clicking or thunking from wheels under stress

    So my PT-180 has been flawless..up until last weekend. I went to push some brush back up into a pile, and instead of powering up the hill, my PT-180 just started thunking or clicking once the wheels encountered any resistance. The thunking noise has been happening for a while now, but only...
  3. J

    Just ordered a PT-180, wanted to introduce myself

    Hey Everyone, Just got off the phone with Terry and have a PT-180 on order. Also added bigger bucket, finish mower, plow and forks. I was very close to pulling the trigger on a Massey Ferguson 1723E when I happened onto the Power Trac forum here. I must have spent 10+ hours reading all your...