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    Lost 4x4 Montana 2840

    Well I was doing some scraper work on my road. I had the 5' scraper on the 3 point. The material was freshly graded windrows from full size grader work. I had to move the materials the grader left blocking my gate. I heard no grinding or poping. I had to do multiple 3 point turns. The work...
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    What are these wires for?

    I took a plate off to mount a diverter valve. The connectors were hidden between the plate and gas tank.
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    Hitch pin size

    My scraper blade I bought is very old. It requires a 6" long pin however 3/4" fits very loose and 7/8" is too big to fit at all. Is this normal? The holes are all still round and not at all damaged. Is it possible it takes a metric pin like 20mm?
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    Cup holder

    I kept looking for a good solution for a cup holder for my 40oz thermal bottle and could not find any solution for my thermal mug. I then stumbled on this ant it was perfect! It sticks to my FEL mount and is both easy to use and out of the way. Here in Tucson hydration is so important. GYM...
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    Tooth Bar options?

    What tooth bar is best for the rocky terrain of Southern AZ. I have a small Montana 2840 working at an elevation 4960 so the power on a normally aspirated 4cyl is a bit lower than the rated HP. I wont be able to damage any I have looked at but I'm leaning to the wicked tooth bar from...
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    2007 Montana 2840 Seat replacement options?

    Really the topic says it all. The pivot bracket on the bottom of the seat broke off the seat pan. Seems it rusted. Must have been the previous owner as mine is kept inside and I'm in Tucson. So... Any ideas on a 2007 Montana 2840 for seat replacement options?
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    no loader down force

    I have a Montana 2840 with the 100 loader. I can't produce any down force on my bucket. It also has a float position in the down valve. I think this is normal but I have seen other small tractors with loaders that can actually lift the front of the tractor off the ground. Is mine operating...
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    Loader pressure test and adjustment

    Hi again, I have a model 100 loader on my 2840 Montana. Curved lift arms. I want to have better lift capacity for my loader. I believe I have a low relief valve pressure issue and wonder what is the best way to check the relief pressure. What is the proper way to check and set the relief...
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    Power beyond?

    I posted this in the Montana section not realizing there was I hydraulic section. So here is my question in the correct area. :confused2: Hi all, I have a project I want to do and wonder if anyone has tapped into the power beyond on a 2840 or similar Montana tractor. I have access to a couple 3...
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    3-Point Hitch Lifting capacity

    I have a Montana 2840 and found I could not lift much with the FEL. I got 300 lbs of suitcase weights that I just hung on the back of my box blade and it is much better at lifting. I don't know the lifting capacity but I now have the tractor firmly planted even when unable to lift the load...
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    Power beyond?

    Hi all, I have a project I want to do and wonder if anyone has tapped into the power beyond on a 2840 or similar Montana tractor. I have access to a couple 3 point hydraulic tools like a 3 point back hoe. So setting up an accessory power beyond would seem to be something I should put on my list...
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    Flail Mower What is the difference

    I'm considering a mower for my 1.5 mile steep driveway and have an opportunity to get a 6' wide cat 1 flail mower. I was looking for a brush hog thinking it was what I needed, but I found an old lightly used Ford flail mower. It has chains with triangular cutting tools at the end of the chains...
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    Ballast Wheel weights

    Well I'm having issues with loader lifting capacity. I use a 5' box blade for ballast but it isn't enough at times. I will be adding antifreeze or rust inhibitor. That isn't going to get me that much weight in a 9.5-24 ag tire. I would like to get wheel weights so I can lift a bit more weight...