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    Concerns with 1050 For Loader Work?

    Good Morning everyone. Dont usually post here in the "Green" section, so wanted to try and ask some questions for folks that know these machines better. I currently have a MF 20 that is going to need a split and some love to fix a PTO clutch, and Im not sure if I will be able to tackle it...
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    MF 20 Industrial - Items to Replace when Splitting?

    Not sure if anyone saw my other post in the Parts/Repairs section, but its looking like I need to split my MF 20 Industrial. I have never split this tractor before, and its sure gonna be a real peach trying to do it with the loader on there still. Anyway, my machine has the 3 cylinder...
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    Slipping PTO Clutch on MF 20

    Hello all. I have a problem going on with my Massey Ferguson 20 Industrial with the 6 Speed shuttle transmission. It has a two stage clutch, no multi power or independent PTO. Tried using a bush hog the other week, and noticed the PTO was slowing down (mower noise changed pitch), but my...
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    Woodland Mills WC68 vs WC88?

    Question for anyone that has used either or both of these 3PH wood chippers. Trying to decide between the two for use on a Massey 135, so in the sweet spot on the WC68 vs low end of the WC88. From combing through the specs, there are a few key differences that I am curious about . -...
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    Battery Post Duplicator?

    Hi Everyone. Im looking to see if anyone knows of something that would allow me to duplicate the posts on my battery. Sort of like the clamps that you can put on that are like a marine terminal with the wing nuts, but that would also provide a second battery post. I dont want to mess with the...
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    Kubota RTV-500 - Most Recent Workshop Manual Part Number?

    Hello all. Hoping someone can help me out here. I recently contacted the dealer I purchased my RTV from, and asked to order the workshop manual and a parts manual. I figured they would order me the latest and greatest that went along with my machine. What I received is listed as "Code No...
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    Pulled the Trigger on the RTV 500

    Well, after much debate my wife and I decided to get the RTV500. Ordered it with the HD tires and the plow from Kubota, also got the roof and the windshield. I know its $$$ upfront to get the stuff that way, but hopefully that means it will last. For now Im just going to try and hunt down the...
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    RTV 500 - Tire Selection for Plowing?

    Good evening everyone. New to TBN, but not other forums. Used to have a pile of Farmalls and was over on YTmag, but that was a long time ago... Anyway, the wife and I are looking for something to speed the plowing of our driveway, and had picked up a Honda Pioneer 700 locally. But its too...