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  1. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Electrical Question

    I have a Montana 3040 that I am trying to obtain information on the 6 wire connector at the rear of the tractor that I assume is for trailers of other devices. I has black, white, green, red and two yellow wires. I want to connect my 12 foot utility trailer and any information will be...
  2. Woodsman30350

    Balancing Front Tires?

    I have a Montana 3040 with Industrial tires. I just replaced the front tires and was wondering if one needs to balance tractor tires as you would an automobile?
  3. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Repair Manual

    I seem to be having a problem with my brakes on the right hand side. Brake is grabbing and making noise. Only seems to occuring in 4th gear at higher speed. Does anyone have a digital copy of the repair manual for the 3040.
  4. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Hydraulic Fluid

    I am making headway in getting everything I need to service my Montana 3040 with shuttleshift transmission. Can anyone tell me the best hydraulic fluid to replace the LS fluid specified in the owners manual? Thanks
  5. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Oil Filter

    I have a Donaldson oil filter, P/N P502067 that is much smaller than the one on my Montana 3040. Can anyone tell me what is a good compatible filter? Thanks,
  6. Woodsman30350

    3-Point Hitch Hydraulic Top Link Question

    I just installed a new hydraulic top link cylinder from CCM Machinery on my 3040 today. I purchased the cylinder and the hose kit with poppet valves from them. My tractor configuration per the manual is as follows: 4 remotes labeled from top left facing rear of the tractor and going...
  7. Woodsman30350

    3040 and Shredder

    I just installed a 5' King Kutter shredder purchased from Tractor Supply under their County Line Branding. Tried it for the first time and seemed to work okay but I experienced some vibration at lower speeds. I used the "Independent PTO" setting but I need to know if you actually run up the...
  8. Woodsman30350

    PTO Horsepower

    I have checked every spec I can find on my 3040 and cannot find any reference to the PTO horsepower. I states the PTO runs at 540 rpm but not the horsepower. Is it the same at the tractor H.P. rating?
  9. Woodsman30350

    Tractor Sizing Rotary Cutter Sizing

    What is the idea size brush cutter for a Montana 3040? I was thinking 5' but would appreciate inputs.
  10. Woodsman30350

    PTO Overun Clutch

    I am getting ready to buy a bush hog cutter for my 3040 and would like to know if I will need a PTO overun clutch?
  11. Woodsman30350

    3040 FEL O-Ring

    I just replaced a leaking O-Ring in one of my FEL quick disconnects. When I pulled out the defective O-Ring, a gray plastic washer came out with it. I have never seen one of these when I previously replaced the O-Rings. I installed a new O-Ring but did not know what to do with the plastic...
  12. Woodsman30350

    Tires 3040 Tire Pressure

    Well, I got industrious today and decided to check my 3040 tire pressure. Low and behold, the manual does not give me a recommendation for P.S.I. I have industrial tires and would like to know the correct pressure for front and rear. Thanks
  13. Woodsman30350

    Hydraulic Male Fitting Spec.

    I have a 3040 with dual sets of female remotes. I plan to attach a hydraulic top link from CCM and have a few questions: 1. Do the hoses connect to the remotes in a verticle or horizontal configuration. 2. What size male tip do I use. Montana says 8010 with poppet or the equivalent of a...
  14. Woodsman30350

    3040 Hydraulic Question

    I have a 3040 with 70 hours on it. I received a full service at the dealer at 57 hours. Lately I have been getting a noise in the steering, particularly when it is cold at startup. I also noticed the hydraulic filter warning light stays on for a long time. It never did this before the...
  15. Woodsman30350

    Landpride Quick Hitch

    Does anyone have any experience with the Landpride QH-15 Quick Hitch? Thanks, Woodsman
  16. Woodsman30350

    3040 Hydraulic Questions

    I am getting ready to use the rear hydraulic ports on my 3040 and have a few questions: 1. Is there a standard hose spec for the hoses I will need to run between my implement and the ports? I know when Montana replaced one of the fittings on my FEL, they required me to change both the male...
  17. Woodsman30350

    3040 Hydraulic Leak

    I jsut got my tractor back from the 50 hour check and now I have developed a leak at the quick disconnect fitting on the loader. It is the fitting with the red plastic tie wrap. It is leaking quite heavily and I disconnected it and it slowed a little. I reconnected it a few times but it still...
  18. Woodsman30350

    3040 Hour Meter

    My hour meter stopped working. My tach cable broke at the same time. Is the hour meter dependent upon the tach cable? Montana is ordering me a new cable.
  19. Woodsman30350

    Quick disconnect bucket

    Thank god for this site. The Montana manuals are so vague this site provides much needed info. My new question is, what items can be attached to the quick disconnect mounting system on my 3040 FEL? Will it accept standard Skidsteer attachments or only Montana accessories? Thanks in advance.
  20. Woodsman30350

    3040 trailer hitch?

    My 2006 3040 has a bar in the rear that looks like it can accept a trailer hitch. Does anyone have any information on what tongue weight it can accept? Also what would the towing capacity be?
  21. Woodsman30350

    3040 Front End Noise

    I have a 3040 with FEL and box blade with 7.5 hours on it so far. I noticed an intermitant chatter noise that seems to be coming from the right front wheel or axle area. I plan to call the dealer but was wondering if anyone might have a clue as to what it might be and is it serious enough to...
  22. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Draft Control

    The manual on my new Montana leaves a little to be desired. I don't quite have the Korean syntax down straight. When using the draft control lever, do you rotate the lever above the top link to the left when using draft control? The manual says "Remove the hydraulic sensor lever of the upper...
  23. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Draft Control

    montana-ML-816988-ML- wrong thread
  24. Woodsman30350

    Montana 3040 Step

    Anyone know where I can get a step for my new 3040? It is just out of easy mounting reach.