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  1. plottamus

    48" Mower Deck 2 Blades Stopped Rotating

    Hey All, I'm back again with another issue... Was mowing on this lovely evening in Western NC. I lifted the mower deck up out of float to avoid imbalance while on a slope. When I put it back down and into float I noticed it was much quieter. I lifted it again to look at the blades and only...
  2. plottamus

    PT425 Stall/Loss of Power

    Hi Fellow PTers, Has anyone ever stalled out while in use? I was mowing yesterday and everything was going great then suddenly I lost all power... chug chug chug then stalled out. I said to myself, "there's no way I went through a full tank of gas already." So I checked the tank and it was...
  3. plottamus

    PT425 Electrical Short - Doesn't Start with Jump

    Hey Guys - First time posting. Bought my 425 last June (2021). Love all the info in this forum. So, I screwed up, but hopefully not too bad. Like others, my right headlight went out on me. I figured this was a good time to see if the LED fog lights I had laying around would work as...