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    Ford 3910 Power Steering Column Leak

    I purchased a 1986 Ford 3910 diesel about a year ago to replace my 1971 Massey Ferguson 135 gasser. Overall, I'm very happy with the tractor but I've got some pesky leaks I'm going to start fixing. The first one I plan on tackling is the power steering column leak. It seems I need to replace the...
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    Massey Ferguson 135 Power Assist Steering

    I had leak high up on the steering column so I have removed the instrument panel and steering valve cover. I found a milky white fluid as shown in the photo below. I plan on replacing the large O-rings around the valve, valve cover, and the seal in the top of the cover to fix the leaks...
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    MF 135 Hydraulic 3 Point Hitch Questions

    I recently purchased a Massey Ferguson 135 with the 3 cylinder Perkins gas engine. It does not have multi-power. I could tell the three point hitch did not work correctly when I bought it. With nothing attached and the draft and position arms in the fully down position, the lift arms would...
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    3-Point Hitch MF 135 3 Point Hitch Question

    I have recently purchased a 1971 MF 135 with the Perkins gas engine. I am renewing all the fluids as water was found to have gotten in the hydraulics. When draining the Transmission/Differential, with both the draft and position levers in the down position, the lift arms drag the ground. Can...