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  1. rmonio

    JD4600 3-Pt Lowering Speed Question

    Question - I saw on here were someone was having issues with their 3-pt arms not raising (or raising too slowly). Mine seems to raise fine, but is slow lowering (even with weight on it). Is this normal? Thanks! -Bob
  2. rmonio

    Front Tire Puncture Question

    Some time ago I managed to puncture my front tire (through the tread, so it could be repaired with a plug). Last week I had a situation where I was losing air in the tire and couldn't figure out why. The tire dealer told me there was a pinhole in it and they needed to tube it. I had that done...
  3. rmonio

    Replacing Halogen headlights (built-in, ROPS mounted) with LEDs? (JD 4600)

    I have a JD4600 and I’m wondering if anyone has done this or not. Is there a kit to replace the ROPS lights and the headlights? Thanks!
  4. rmonio

    Success with Front Tire Replacements on JD 4600

    After 22 years and over 3000 hours, I finally replaced the front tires on my JD4600 tractor. I was a bit concerned as the JD dealer said they didn’t deal with it and suggested that I talk to a local tire shop. I did this 2 years ago during the pandemic and was told that tires were unavailable...
  5. rmonio

    Front Tire Replacement - JD4600

    Well... after 21 years, my front tires are worn enough where I'd like to replace them for better traction this year. These are Goodyear Turf Tires - 27x12x15. I've called my local JD dealer and they don't deal with them - they suggested going to a Tire company. I have talked to one that...
  6. rmonio

    Tractor drive speed question

    I知 curious - my 4600 seems slower when driving forward in my fastest gear. If I shift between them, everything seems normal but it just seems that it is slower. It doesn稚 slow down under load - it just seems like it runs slow. The tractor is 20 years old - can the HST pump go bad over time...
  7. rmonio

    JD 4600 - Starter Replacement

    Question - My JD4600 (yr 2000) is having issues with the starter (I believe). It is intermittent in the cold weather but didn稚 happen when it was warm outside this fall. I replaced the battery as it had hit 5 years and checked all the connections, so I don稚 believe the battery is the issue...
  8. rmonio

    JD Rotary Tiller - Jack Stand Bent/Issue

    My JD665 Rotary Tiller’s rear Jack stand got bent last evening when I went to put it away. :( Not the stand portion, but the plate that attaches to the tiller. The plate must be soft metal, unfortunately. Does JD make a replacement attachment for this or should I attempt to bend it back...
  9. rmonio

    DR Fence Trimmers - 3PT/PTO Driven - Comments?

    I am looking at buying one of these units for my JD 4600 to be used on my PVC (Gardner Fence) Horse fence that I have on my property. Does anyone have any experience with these units and will they work reasonably with the PVC fence, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -Bob
  10. rmonio

    1951 B - Temperature Question

    My new (old) 1951 JD B's temperature gauge isn't showing any temperature - even after 2 hours of spreading manure. The unit doesn't seem hot and the blinds arn't too hot with the air. However, if the gauge isn't showing anything, should I be thinking the gauge and sensor are bad and they...
  11. rmonio

    JD 4600 - Instrument Cluster - Hour Meter Issue

    Hello - My JD4600's hour meter (in the instrument cluster) started losing it's display the other night and now it is no longer there. I've talked to the dealer and he said to check the wiring behind it (has anyone ever taken the cowling off to get to it?) or bring it in. I'm curious if anyone...
  12. rmonio

    Battery Size Question - John Deere B

    Hello! I just acquired a John Deere B (family heirloom) that has been restored and kept up-to-date. After transferring it home, we did maintenance checks (oil, filter, etc.) and found that the battery doesn't seem to be working very well. The battery is a 5V unit and there was question that...
  13. rmonio

    Tiller Tiller recommendations

    I'm purchasing a Tiller for my JD4600 - is it advisable to always get one larger than the wheel base, or is it ok to be just a bit shorter? I'm excited to get this as it will make my efforts in our very large garden much easier overall - especially with all of the manure being mixed in...
  14. rmonio

    Riatta Arena Rakes / Tools (used to be sold by Frontier)

    Hello there! I am in the market for a good arena rake tool for my horse arena/footing. JD used to sell the Riatta (RA1108, RA1110) under the Frontier brand, but now it seems that they have dropped it and you have to buy through Riatta. Any recommendations on Riatta and/or other rakes/arena...
  15. rmonio

    Battery Cable Connection Broke!

    :eek: I had a strange thing happen today with my 4600. I was getting ready to move some class 5 gravel and went to restart the unit and it wouldn't start. It clicked - which is consistent with a bad battery or poor connection (which is odd as the battery is new). So I opened it up, found...
  16. rmonio


    I would put this in the dumb question category - but since I've not replaced many batteries in my tractors and have never had this happen, I figured I'd see if it was a common item or not. At the end of winter when it was still pretty cold I was noticing that my JD4600 wasn't always turning...
  17. rmonio

    Battery length - this year's cold temperatures

    Hello - Just curious if anyone has thoughts on how long batteries are lasting through this year's cold temperatures (upper midwest / MN, for example). I have block and hydraulic heaters that I plug in, but I've notice that the engine starting is harder this year than past. I thought it might...
  18. rmonio

    3-Pt Sprayers Question

    I'm looking at buying the JD 3-Pt Sprayer advertised on the JD website - John Deere products for homeowners: Features for Attachment 40-gal. 3-point Electric Sprayer - anyone have any experience with it (pro/con)? I will be using it to spray my horse pastures - the smaller unit that I have for...
  19. rmonio

    Need Advice - Hay Equipment

    Folks - I'm have a small 3-4 acre portion of my property that I'm looking to cut hay off for my horses. My options are to pay someone to do it - or look for equipment myself that would allow me to cut, rake, and bail in squares the hay (at least 2-3 cuttings a year). Given I've got Deere...
  20. rmonio

    Spreader Newbie and the Manure Spreader Question(s)

    [no funnies here - I do not plan to stand behind the product :o ] Seriously though... I'm interested in some tips on using the unit. It is a Frontier MS1112 (PTO-driven) unit (pulled by a JD4600) and I already have it filled with horse manure (frozen - so I'm waiting to the warm temperatures...
  21. rmonio

    Frontier Manure Spreaders?

    Does Frontier make a Manure spreader and does anyone have any thoughts on them? (including price)? Thanks! -Bob
  22. rmonio

    Spreader Manure Spreader Suggestions?

    We recently acquired some horses (3) and I would like to obtain a manure spreader for use with my JD4600. Any suggestions on manufacturers, pricing, etc.? Thanks for the help! -Bob
  23. rmonio

    Electric Fencing - Standard Wire vs. Electro Braid

    Hello - I'm looking to install electric wiring with my 3-rail PVC around my horse corral. The fence manufacture, Gardner Fence, has supplied me with some pictures of fencing that has Electro Braid wire installed (see attached). I've purchased standard wire but like the looks of this...
  24. rmonio

    Anyone have this problem before? (Front Crankshaft Seal)

    My JD4600 (558 hours) had a Crankshaft Front Seal go bad and start leaking. I had it replaced at the JD dealer this week - part was cheap, labor was the most costly part of the repair (still reasonable considering what they had to do to replace it). The dealer said they hadn't seen this occur...
  25. rmonio

    iMatch Autohitch?

    Anyone have one of these or seen one (it was in the latest issue of the JD Homestead magazine)? Do they really work and what is the cost being quoted? I'd love to have something to make the connections easier - the knuckle on the MX6 connection is a bear with the hoods in place over the rear...
  26. rmonio

    Grading MX6 Blade Changes?

    Folks - This is my first year to do the checkup on the MX6 and I'm wondering how I should go about safely elevating the unit so I can check the blades, etc., under there. The manual shows putting it on Jackstands, but I don't think I'll be doing it that way.... :eek: Any thoughts and best...
  27. rmonio

    Expiration Date?

    This may seem like a strange question - but is there an expiration date on Hydraulic Fluid or Oil? I have another 100 hours to go on my JD4600 before my next changes, but my local dealer is having their annual sale and I'm thinking that it would be good to pickup my needed supply. I figure...
  28. rmonio

    Brake Adjustment Issue - 4600

    I have some questions concerning the brakes on my JD4600 HST. I recently hit the 500 hour mark and had the dealer do the maintenance for me (the stuff that said - SEE YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER in the manual). All seemed to be have done right - and when it returned, I changed the filters and other...
  29. rmonio

    500 Hour Service Question - JD4600

    (also posted in: I'm getting close to my 500 hour service interval on my 4600. There are two items that require me to take it into the JD Dealer for service - these are: - Fuel Injector...
  30. rmonio

    500 Hour Service Question - JD4600

    I'm getting close to my 500 hour service interval on my 4600. There are two items that require me to take it into the JD Dealer for service - these are: - Fuel Injector Inspection - Engine Valve Clearance Adjustment I can understand the Fuel Injector inspection - but what is the Engine Valve...
  31. rmonio

    Ballast JD Ballast Boxes - i-Match compatible?

    I have a JD-ballast box that doesn't seem to be compatible with my i-Match unit. Anyone know if there is a conversion kit for the ballast box that allows it to work with the i-Match? Or are ballast boxes inherently non-compatible? I bought the box from the dealer several years ago and...
  32. rmonio

    iMatch Bushings / Sleeves?

    There is currently a discussion in another thread ( regarding the differences between bushings and sleeves when used on the 3-point pins - specifically where i-Matches connect to them. I am looking to understand the...
  33. rmonio

    Member Levels?

    After many years of collaborating with other members of TBN to help me with my tractor issues/ideas/etc., I'm curious as to how the "member levels" are assigned. I'm just a lowly "gold" member, but I see others that are of various levels and I thought it would be interesting to know what those...
  34. rmonio

    Methods of Loosening PTO Shaft Extension?

    I recently purchased a 6ft rotary cutter and the PTO shaft was stuck. Eventually (after a bit of tapping), we got it loose and it now extends out to make the connection. However, it is still quite hard to extend back and forth. Is this normal? Or will time tell and hourly usage cause it to...
  35. rmonio

    Thoughts on i-Matches?

    I've been making pretty good usage of car hauler/dollys for manuevering my tractor implements (Box Blade, Ballast Box, Forks, Bucket) around while attaching/detaching in my pole barn (concrete floor). However, I recently purchased a MX6 and have quickly realized that this unit is not as easy to...
  36. rmonio

    Time of Postings?

    I'd be curious to know what timezone it thinks I'm posting in as it seems to be off by 6+ hours from CST (where I live). If you're using GMT, then that makes sense - but it didn't work this way before. I like the new design - keep up the good work! -Bob
  37. rmonio

    Tips on MX6 Cutting?

    I got my MX6 this weekend and boy does it make short work of the waist high+ grass/etc. in my pasture. As I'm just starting to get used to it - and yet to dig into the thicker stuff, ditches, etc, I'm wondering if anyone has some tips regarding: - best way to cut with it? - hidden gotchas or...
  38. rmonio

    LX6 vs. MX6

    I'm looking to purchase a mower that I can use to mow my pastures and ditches on my property. I've looked at the specs on both the LX6 and MX6 - it looks like I'd be better off with the MX6. Any thoughts on this? Also, what kind of pricing should I be expecting? Thanks for your help! -Bob
  39. rmonio

    Wheel Braking Question - JD4600

    Folks - On my 4600, I sometimes use my alternate rear-wheel braking pedals to make better turns. I was doing some turning in the snow the other evening and noticed that the right rear wheel - the one that locks when I put on the parking brake was still spinning and not locking. But the left...
  40. rmonio

    Battery Life - 4600?

    Just curious (as I'm going to replace the battery in my 4600) - what is the average battery life in these machines? I've had to trickle charge the battery a couple of times within the last year and the frequency of recharges has increased. I'm thinking this is due to the fact that the battery...
  41. rmonio

    PVC Fencing?

    I'm looking to install PVC fencing on my property in the next month. I've been looking at different suppliers and some offer the straight PVC and another has treated lumber wrapped with PVC on it. Since I live in a cold climate (Minnesota), I'm just concerned that PVC might not hold up well...
  42. rmonio

    Durability - Speeco PHDs?

    I'm looking to purchase a PTO-driven PHD for my JD4600 very soon. I am going to use it to drill posts for my perimeter fence at my house. Fleet Farm and TSC both sell the Speeco brand of PHD. Any comments on durability, etc.? Thanks! -Bob
  43. rmonio

    Loading Regulations by State?

    Hello - Having just purchased a set of rachet binders (much easier than the traditional ones that I've been using) for chaining up my 4600 on my 10K trailer, I was talking to a fellow at the Northern dealer who said that 1) the Minnesota DOT is now frowning on anyone using the traditional...
  44. rmonio

    Building Rock Walls - Forks or Bucket?

    Ok folks... I have a running debate with my father-in-law who is looking at building two rock retaining walls (actually, they are boulders - 24-30" diameter) in his yard. He says we should use the forks on my tractor (JD4600 w/ 460FEL) and I say use the bucket since the rocks are small and the...
  45. rmonio

    Overall Quality of First Choice Products

    I've had a chance to visit the local TSC here in St. Paul, MN, and they seem to be sold pretty much on all First Choice equipment. In their catalog they list pretty much every 3-pt compatible piece I'd be interested in.... however, I'm also a JD person (meaning I like Green), and therefore...
  46. rmonio

    Forwarding Lighting Kit for 4600?

    Anyone know what this is? I'm looking for some additional lighting for my tractor so that when I'm working the loader, I still have light in front (the headlights are often blocked). JD shows "Forwarding Lighting Kit - 2 lights" (code: LVB25546) but I can't find any additional information on...
  47. rmonio

    Fluid Level/Changes on JD4600 MFWD

    I posted a message concerning this in the JD Owning/Operating Forum - but I did not get a response. Anyone have any comments? Link Thanks! -Bob
  48. rmonio

    Fluid Level/Changes on JD4600 MFWD

    Folks - I'm not at my hourly change point for the fluid in the MFWD (will be shortly though) - however, I'm wondering how to best verify fluid level and add if necessary. The way the plug w/stick works to verify fluid level isn't that good and I'm having a hard time reading the level (a screw...
  49. rmonio

    Latest Recommended Times of Year for Weedkiller?

    Just curious (since I recently purchased a nice sprayer for use on my lawn and pasture) - what is the latest one can spray for weeds, etc.? We're starting to get some cool evenings here (40's) in central MN, but the days are still warm. I have been told that it is good to put down a coating...
  50. rmonio

    Posthole Digger Post Hole Digger Questions

    I'm looking to get a Post Hole digger - PTO driven / 3-pt attachable - for my 4600. My local JD Dealer stocks the Greenline EM5000 post hole diggers from Green Manufacturing. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on these units? Also - what are common prices to compare? I noticed a nice...