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  1. carpenter383

    Outrage after NY paper publishes names of gun permit holders

    I realize this is oversimplifing, but we could tax everyone in the country 100% and we would still be in debt. I like the idea of abolishing income tax and raising sales tax, but I think it would encourage more cash deals and "under the table" sales.
  2. carpenter383

    dk 40 gear hydraulic whine

    Recently my dk40 gear tractor started whining anytime the hydraulics are under a load (power steering, fel or 3ph) It whines at all rpms and the whine gets louder at higher rpms. It has 258 hrs on it and I just changed the fluid and filter which didn't help. I also checked the fittings and...
  3. carpenter383

    Thoughts on investing in gold/silver

    I,ve been thinking of investing in some type of precious metal(s) Anyone have any experience on the subject? I've heard silver would be one of the best investments currently, and with the shape of the economy and the american dollar I'm very interested in trading some spiraling american currency...
  4. carpenter383

    Free energy 400 billion dollar secret

    YouTube - Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret This video is a couple yrs old, anyone heard of this or saw evidence that the gov't is actually trying to utilize our available resources to become less dependent on foreign oil?
  5. carpenter383

    Another tooth bar topic

    With all this talk about tooth bars lately I thought I might as well throw a question out there too. I have a tooth bar and it's very handy, but I've always wondered why the teeth are upside down compared to the teeth on backhoes, box blades etc.? TIA
  6. carpenter383

    Funny email someone sent me

    FARM KID in The Marines (Now at San Diego MARINE CORPS RECRUIT TRAINING) Dear Ma and Pa, I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled. I was restless...
  7. carpenter383

    I built my daughter a toy box for christmas (pics)

    Here are a few pics of a toy box I built my 10 month old daugter for Christmas. It's basically just a 3/4" birch plywood box trimmed with pouplar. It's dimensions are 3' x 18"x 20". I had about 120 bucks in materials to build it. I probably could have bought one from walmart for less than that...
  8. carpenter383

    Firewood Gathering With A Power Trac

    Here is the one I made, it's nothing fancy. It is 10ft diameter at the base and about 7-8ft tall. This method of stacking is definately more work, and I'm also doubtfull it will speed the drying time, but it is a good way to put alot of wood in a small area! I know my wood is not split in very...
  9. carpenter383

    Firewood splitter (youtube)

    Seems dangerous, but an interesting idea YouTube - Redneck Log Splitter
  10. carpenter383

    Heat your home with grass clippings!

    High-Performance HeatGreen Home Heating System Version 3a I found this link while searching TBN about firewood. I thought it might interest some of you. Anyone ever heard of using compost to heat a dwelling?
  11. carpenter383

    uses for a front end loader

    You can use a FEL to put a ceiling up:D
  12. carpenter383

    Is a yellow pages add worth it?

    I'm thinking of placing an ad in the local Yellow Pages, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Any thoughts on the subject? Anyone have any experience with phone book adds?
  13. carpenter383

    Putting up a metal garage ceiling with my tractor

    Here are some pics of my weekend project: I bolted a 10ft wide frame built out of lumber to my tractor bucket (the holes were in the bucket from the factory) and used it as a platform to lift 20ft and 16ft sheets of metal to the trusses which are 12ft high. and 4ft O/C. It worked out...
  14. carpenter383

    Oppinions on an agressive dog

    I have 2 male boxer dogs, I raised one from a puppy and he is an extreemly good dog. The other is a 2 yr old male boxer that I've had about a yr. He is agressive towards other animals. He has attacted my two goats and a couple neighbor dogs. He is okay around people for the most part, but is...
  15. carpenter383

    Goat protection with a Kioti

    I bought a couple young goats to clean up a hillside that's been overtaken by weeds. I tried an invisible fence with shock collars on the goats, but it didn't work, and one of my boxers attacked the brown one:mad: I needed a place to put the goats where they would be safe so I put them in my dog...
  16. carpenter383

    Need help on dry branch water control

    I'm having problems with a "dry branch" creek that goes through my back yard. We got quite a bit of rain today and the small creek was gushing with water, it does this a few times a year during heavy rains. It washes ditches out of my yard, washes the gravel off the driveway and floods...
  17. carpenter383


    YouTube - Professional tractor driver in Kosova(Live From Rugova) This guy is nuts!!!
  18. carpenter383

    Security & Theft Equipment Stolen

    Maybe you should invest in a good fence with plenty of no trespassing signs and a couple of these:D
  19. carpenter383

    Who says draft control is only for farming? LOL

    I've been playing with the draft control on my kioti while yard boxing. So far I've found it is GREAT for smoothing dirt and gravel! I set the top link in the middle hole on the tractor set the box level and the draft at about "6" (which is about in the middle on my tractor) and the position...
  20. carpenter383

    60 gallon air compressor

    My kobalt 60 gallon from lowes sits about 5 ft off the floor. I mounted it up high so I wouldn't loose any floor space. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. I lag bolted 2x6's to the walls, it's pretty sturdy
  21. carpenter383

    Rear remote hydraulic pressure dk40se

    I just finished my 50 hr service on my dk40se gear drive. I didn't realize it took so much fluid! Ended up costing about $260ish, and that's doing it myself! Anyway I thought I'd check the hydraulic pressure while was at it. I hooked a guage to the remote hydraulic port and checked pressure, at...
  22. carpenter383

    Are Kioti FEL's self bleeding?

    I was just wondering if my kl401 FEL is self bleeding? I'm coming up on my 50 hr service and when I change the hydraulic fluid will I have to bleed the system? TIA
  23. carpenter383

    "My Project" - Pictures

    You must be good with geometry to build a house like that! ....My main project for the past 1-1/2 yrs has been building my garage. It's a 40x36 with 12ft ceilings. I've been building it out of my pocket so it's taking a while to finish. I've basically done everything BY MYSELF. I hired out the...
  24. carpenter383

    Kioti FEL hydraulic valve skid plate needed

    Well I have 21 hrs on my new dk40se now and I've decided that the woods is hard on tractors! I was clearing some trails and ran over something that put a small tear in my front (thankfully) tire. So I walked home and got the jeep, an air tank and some tire plugs. Went back and pluged the tire...
  25. carpenter383

    3PH question on dk40se

    I bought a 6ft box blade from my neighbor for my new tractor. The problem is it dosen't seem to drop down very far. Both levers are all the way down and it only seems to go about level with the bottom of the back tires. I tried playing with the toplink adjustment which will tilt the blade at the...
  26. carpenter383

    Pics of my new DK40SE

    Well I've put 5 hrs on my new tractor so far. It's been great! It has plenty of power and is a really nice tractor. I flipped the rear wheels around for more stability.......It may be hard to tell, but in the pic of the back the left rear wheel is hovering off the ground from the wieght of that...
  27. carpenter383

    Ballast Rear ballast for DK40SE

    I just wanted to get some oppinions for rear ballast on a DK40SE. Is there any need for extra rear wieght if I have fluid in the tires? If I've figured it correctly 75% rim guard in the tires should be around 1100-1200 lbs right? I don't have any impliments yet, and was just wondering how much...
  28. carpenter383

    New DK40SE coming in the morning!!!!

    I have read these threads for at least 2 yrs. now and just became a member on 12-31-08. This has been a very informative site! I've decided on a DK40SE Kioti with FEL and rimguard in the tires. I purchased it from Wallace tractor, it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow morning and I can't wait...
  29. carpenter383

    Member status?

    Ok we have new members, members, bronze members, silver, gold, platinum etc. So what do they go by for member status? I'm guessing the ammount of posts? Or is it by the ammount of time one has been a member? Just curious really not a big deal to me. It just got me wondering when I discovered I'm...
  30. carpenter383

    Remote hydraulic question

    Ok I have a question for you who are way more knowlegable than me on this subject.............My neighbor has a ford 7000 with single rear remotes. He needs to run an attachment that requires dual remotes. What does he need to do to set this up? Can he somehow Tee into the feed line for the...
  31. carpenter383

    Need thoughts and oppinions

    I have been trying to decide between these two tractors.....Locally there is a 2005 4220 branson with 170 hrs, ag tires, and FEL on it. good condition.for $14000.00............Or about an hr away a dealer has a 4720 demo with new warranty 22 hrs. ag tires and FEL for 18,900.00.........Does the...
  32. carpenter383

    0%for 72 months

    I see that branson's web site says 0% interest for 72 mo. does anyone know which models this applies for?
  33. carpenter383

    Oxygen tank regulator valve is blowing out the small hole

    I fired up my torch today and when I turned the oxygen tank on it blew oxygen out of the small hole on the regulator body. Scared the crap out of me! Thankfully I was not holding the burning torch in range of it! I wanted to see if any of you guys ever had this happen? I'm guessing it must have...
  34. carpenter383

    My daugter was born! 3-3-09

    I'm a proud new father :D this is my first child, she was 8 lbs 11 ounces, born 3-3-09 at 10:34 pm.
  35. carpenter383

    lift capacity vs. breakout force

    This may seem like a dumb question, but while researching tractors I've noticed some loaders have a breakout force that is basically double the lift capacity. While other loaders' rated lift capacity is only say 400 lbs shy of the breakout force. So is the rated lift capacity simply what the...
  36. carpenter383

    Why are tractors rated in hp?

    This question has prolly been asked before but I was wondering does anyone know why they rate tractors in horse power instead of torque? It seems like torque would be a more desirable rating than horse power since tractors are not designed to be raced.
  37. carpenter383

    4x4 Pick up truck vs. tractor?

    I was wonering what some of you think about this. How big of a tractor would it take in a "pull off" to pull a full size 4x4 pickup truck with a posi rearend backwards? Say a 30 hp 4x4 tractor with ag tires wieghs around 3000 lbs, and a half ton pickup with swampers wieghs around 5-5500 lbs...
  38. carpenter383

    Price Check 3820 pricing

    I am a new member on here and don't yet have a tractor. This site has been very helpful. I've been researching tractors in the 35-40 hp range. I have basically decided branson is the 1 for me. Here is my question......I have 2 dealers within an hour away. Dealer A is the closest and wants almost...