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    '06 Montana 4340 - Gas Gauge Issues; Key On Shows Constant Full

    '06 Montana 4340 having gas gauge issues - KEY ON Shows Constant Full Took out the Sender/float and measured a full swing from UP [full] position 10 ohms to 127 ohms full down [empty] Key OFF Tank 1/3rd full 5 of 16 gallons [spec] Gauge sits at E [expected] Sender disconnected - 2 wire reads...
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    '06 Montana 4340 Seat Suspension issues- Floppy!

    Just got a '06 Montana 4340 to fix up at a great price, and looking for a reference or solution. The seat assembly has a new chair and slide, but find the entire seat's scissor suspension seems to "flop" all over the place. I have taken the entire assemble off the pan, as well as the seat/slide...