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    LS MT335 vs LSMT342

    Hey guys. Looking for advice on tractor to buy. Previously had an XR3135H that I really like but apparently exwife liked it more since she got it in the divorce. So, onto my next property, looking to get another tractor. Very happy with the XR trim (adjustable 3pt hookups are a godsend and I...
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    New XR3135H Owner

    Hey everybody... have been lurking here awhile and finally decided to get off my butt and post pics of the LS XR3135H I purchased last fall. Short story: new 10 acre hobby farm, 7-8 of pasture. Have started with the goats and chickens, horses in the future. Never ran more than a 72" hustler...
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    Need help with PTO adaptor- Tractor doesn't have a pin hole on shaft?

    Hey everybody... my first post here. Have been lurking awhile and soaking up info, using search function a lot. Beginner farmer/tractor person so hopefully I can get a little slack... Ran into something that I hope is easy to fix. I have a new LS XR 3135 HST tractor. Ended up picking up a...