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    Flail Mower Recommendation

    After almost a year of research and reading through the super long flail thread, I was all set to get the 88" flail mower from Woodmaxx, and they told me they sold the last one yesterday and won't get anymore of that size for this year. So.....what would y'all recommend? I have a Kubota...
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    Buying Advice How many kept their old tractor when upgrading to something larger?

    I have an LS XR4040H with 30 hours on it. I want to upgrade to something in the 60-70HP range with a cab. I looked at trading in my LS, and the dealers lowballed me horribly ($12K). It has been really difficult to get a decent offer for it privately. I am thinking that I might as well keep...
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    Price check on used LS XR4040H

    So, thinking of selling my XR4040H to go to something bigger. It's pretty much stock, except for a sunshade and some bolt on hooks from Ken. I have less than 40 hours on it. I got a couple bids from dealers on trade-in and the highest was $12K. They told me that since LS is a lesser known...
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    Anyone else having trouble getting parts?

    I've had my XR4040H in with RCO Tractor for 5 1/2 weeks now and they keep telling me that parts are on their way...for the past three weeks. This is a warranty repair regarding the tractor getting stuck in limp mode and not completing a regen. I contacted LS corporate on Monday, and they told...
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    12 speed versus 8 speed the 12 necessarily better?

    I'm looking at getting a M7060HDC. I plan to do a lot of ground engaging work (box blade, tiller, rotary cutter, etc.), not much loader work. I use an HST tractor right now and just go at a speed that seems right for me. My dealer has a bunch of 8 speed tractors in stock but no 12 speeds. I...
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    Why Kubota over others?

    I looking to upgrade my smaller LS tractor and have been looking at every color under the sun. In orange, I'm looking at the M7060HDC. I'm curious on folks' opinions on why they went with Kubota over others, given the premium price. Are they really that much more reliable? Thanks all!
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    Powerstar T4.75 - Any positive reviews?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my LS XR4040H and have been trying to decided between a Kubota M7060HDC or NH PowerStar T4.75. Both dealers are very close to home. There are only a handful of threads on the boards, so I was curious if anyone could provide some feedback on the PowerStar, please...
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    Powerstar T4.75 has a catalytic converter now? A better solution for Tier IV?

    I'm in the market to trade in my LS XR4040H for either a Powerstar T4.75, a Kubota M7060HDC, or a LS 6168CPS. The NH salesman is telling me that the new Powerstars have essentially a catalytic convertor versus a DPF or need for DEF. Have others heard this?
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    Would you buy an LS again?

    I have owned a XR4040H since Mar 2015. I've only been able to put 35hours on it, because it keeps having problems - the worse of which is a problem with the DPF and ending up in limp mode. I've had it go to the dealer a few times and they've come out to my place before too. They're still...
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    Seat Empty Engine Cutoff Switch?

    I have a LS XR4040H. If everything is in neutral (gear shifter, pedals), PTO is off, and parking brake is on, should I be able to lift myself off the seat without the engine cutting off? Or is that a safety feature? It is a hassle every time I want to just do a minor adjustment to my box...
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    How to disconnect a box blade....

    So I have a noob question :ashamed:: How does one disconnect a box blade from the 3PH? I lower the implement onto the ground and I can disconnect the toplink, but the sidelinks are tight against the implement. I could hammer the pins out, but I don't know if that is normal to do or not, lol...
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    Everything Attachments Box Blade Review

    This is a short review on the Everything Attachments Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade V1.0: I called EA to get the correct sizing for my tractor. I wanted something heavy duty and EA had the best price for the quality versus my local dealers. It took about two weeks for the...
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    Brand New XR4040H doesn't start :-((

    So, my new XR4040H tractor won't start. Here is the story: The first day it started fine. I got off while the engine was running and it cutoff. It took fifteen minutes before it started again. I worked it for about an hour. A week later, I jumped on to work again. It started fine. I...
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    Newbie trying to pick the right LS for our needs

    It arrived! Took it out for an hour and filled in some deep ruts. Got stuck for ten minutes digging in muddy pasture, lol. Going to order a box blade from EA on Monday.
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    What is cutting on shares mean exactly?

    I am a newbie. I am having someone cut our 70 acres for hay this year and he is offering to either a) cut for free if he keeps all the hay, or b) cut on 60/40 shares, or c) charge $25/bale. I assumed that shares means he cuts for free but keeps 60% and I keep 40%. Am I right or wrong? Or...
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    Newbie trying to pick the right LS for our needs

    I am new to farming, ranching, and tractors. I have 70 acres of mostly flat and clear land, with sandy and clay soil. I have settled on a 4x4 LS tractor with a cab, I am just not certain which one to get. The tasks we will need to do are: - dirt/gravel road maintenance - post hole digging -...