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  1. ZetorSteve

    MT240HE P1219 and P061B

    My FIL was using my tractor moving some hay around and he said it lost throttle (went to idle) and no matter where he put the throttle it had no response. He shut it off and started it back up and everything was fine. He states there where no warning lights on the dash during any of it. I...
  2. ZetorSteve

    Bolens Huski Gardener

    So after sitting in this shed for 8 years now I convinced my dad to sell this two wheel tractor. I have a picture of my dad at the handle bars of this exact machine in 1964! I rebuilt the engine about 9 years ago when I rebuilt the whole drivetrain, paint, tires and so on. It has a 42" dozer...
  3. ZetorSteve

    68" Grapple

    Selling my Mid State Attachments grapple. Has skid steer quick attach. No problems and no leaks. I have pioneer couplers on it now but have flat face skid steer couplers if desired. Wanting a clamshell type grapple as my needs have changed. Located an hour south of St. Louis, MO $1500
  4. ZetorSteve

    Turn up the fuel in a 5211.

    Looking to get a bit more it of my 5211. I read on zetorworld awhile ago about how to do this but that site is still currently down. The 4x4 round baler really drags the tractor down with a full chamber. I actually stalled the engine near full chamber when I sucked in a big was of Johnson...
  5. ZetorSteve

    Mt 240he hydro cavitation?

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker but decided to join because I need some help. My mt240 has a short cavitation/aeration noise coming from the hydro unit/ hydraulic pump every cold start. Tractor sits overnight and the first start it sounds like the pumps lost it's prime. You can hear the fluid...