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    Drive shaft for Ferguson TO-35 to John Deere 503 mower

    The drive shaft that fits my JD 503 5 foot mower no longer has a plastic weed guard , and it picks up weeds and throws them around very quickly. The PTO spline on my tractor is 1 3/8 inch diameter X 6 spline, and the input on the 503 mower is a smooth shaft ( size ?) with a shear bolt. I'm not...
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    Snow Attachments Ride behind snow blower

    I used my Ferguson TO-35 , with a 5 foot scraper blade on the back, to clear snow from my 400 foot long dirt and gravel driveway for about 35 years. Then a few years ago, I bought a walk behind snow blower , and I like the facts that it fits into narrow places and throws the snow where I want...
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    Tubes Sealing a leaking tube inside of a tire

    I put new rear tires with tubes on my Ferguson TO-35 about 6 years ago. The tires are 12.4-28 , and have very little wear on the lugs. However, yesterday I noticed some of the RV antifreeze ( Propylene Glycol) I had filled them with leaking out of one of the many small and narrow " surface...
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    Mower deck housing replacement

    I own a Deutz Allis 914 hydro , made by Simplicity in the early to mid 1980s . The corresponding Simplicity model would have been the 7114 H. The deck on my 42 inch mower is rusted out beyond further repair , and I want to buy a new housing. ( Just the stamped sheet metal piece.) The Allis...
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    Tires Air pressure gauge for tractor tires

    I've ruined more than one tire pressure gauge measuring tires that had RV antifreeze in them, or calcium chloride solution, or Slime sealant in front tires. If the gauges came apart, at least I could clean them out . Anybody have a suggestion for this problem ? Thanks.
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    MIG welding thin steel

    I've been using my MIG welder as a flux core welder, with no shielding gas, for several years. I do ok with steel thicker than 14 gauge, up to about 1/8 inch thickness. My problem has been burn through with anything thinner than 14 gauge. I've tried different thickness wire, and different...
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    Replacement drill chucks

    I have three Sears Craftsman cordless drills . I've owned them for at least 8 to 10 years . I like them, I have extra battery packs, and I want to keep them . But, two of the three drills are having trouble gripping the drill bits without spinning and tearing up the bit. I've cleaned the...
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    Stainless steel welding rods

    A couple of years ago, as a beginner arc welder, I tried several types of coated rods on mild steel , using my AC/DC arc welder. I found that, using a stainless steel rod ( ID number now unknown) , I was able to lay down some very nice looking beads . But, they turned out to be only about one...
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    4WD 1944 2N

    My tractor calendar for last month showed a photo of a 1944 Ford 2N with 4 wheel drive. I've never seen one with 4WD before, and I wondered if it was a factory option, or a custom made conversion. Can someone tell me about this tractor ? Thanks !
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    Carburetor still flooding on TO-35

    I've posted this issue before, but the answer still escapes me. The Carter UT carburetor on my 1955 TO-35 floods unless the engine is running. I've cleaned and inspected the carburetor and floats, adjusted them, and replaced the needle and seat at least 5 times over the last few years , but...
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    Thermostat and head gasket on TO-35

    First, some advice on a cooling system thermostat for a Ferguson TO-35, and ( I think) a TO-20 and TO-30. If you can't find an aftermarket tractor supply thermostat for your tractor, use one for a small block Chevy , almost any year. Way back , someone decided to standardize on 54 mm. diameter...
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    John Deere wants to make it illegal to repair your own tractor !

    Absolutely incredible ! John Deere has now supported, and is in agreement with, an action filed by General Motors to make it illegal to repair your own vehicle , or to have it repaired by most independent shops ! Only factory certified dealers would have the right to make repairs to your...
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    Polish your blade ?

    I have a 5 foot blade on the back of my Ferguson TO-35 , mounted to the 3 point hitch. I usually plow snow going forward with the blade at a sharp angle . Has anyone tried using a slippery blade surface to help slide the snow off of the blade ? Are blades sold with a slippery plastic covering...
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    Improved snow blower slush performance

    I was disappointed with the performance of my walk behind snow blower in snow slush. My snow blower is a Murray 24 inch wide two stage unit with a Briggs & Stratton 8 "torque power" engine ( about 6 or 6.5 hp. ) Nothing special, and it worked fine in dry snow, but in wet slush it clogged up...
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    Front mounted snow blade

    I have a 1955 Ferguson TO-35 with a rear 3 point hitch mounted 5 foot wide scraper blade. I've moved a lot of snow with it over 38 years, but when the snow gets over about 12 inches deep, just getting the tractor through the snow is hard enough , without using the blade. I have 12.4 by 28 rear...
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    Coolant in Oil

    I've been using my 1955 Ferguson TO-35 with the Z134 gas engine for 35 years now , with no unusual engine problems. At the end of last winter, however, I was pushing some snow and steam started pouring out of the radiator cap. I parked the tractor and shut it down within about 30 seconds. When...
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    Water hosing ruins bearings ?

    My circa 1985 Deutz Allis 912 Hydro lawn tractor has been a great machine. It has the Kohler 14 hp. K321 cast iron engine, and a 42 inch mower deck. It's heavy duty throughout . One recurring problem I had, however, was premature failure of the quill assembly ball bearings. Being a three blade...
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    Driving Tractometer

    My '55 Ferguson TO-35 has a tachometer/speed indicator that I believe they call a Tractometer, or something similar. It was originally driven by a cable from the back of the generator. Since my generator has long ago been replaced by an alternator, is there an easy way to drive the tractometer ...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Snowblower Conundrum

    Two weeks ago, fearful of February weather, I bought a snowblower online (finding one I wanted in stock wasn't easy) and had it delivered . Since then, of course, there's been no snow in these parts, and the forecast is for warmer weather and an early spring. ( At least according to Phil the...
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    Carb. needle and seat

    Does anyone still sell carburetor float needles and seats for my Carter UT carburetor from my 1955 Ferguson TO-35 that are made in the USA ? A few years ago the American made supply of such older carburetor and fuel system parts seems to have run out, and all such parts I can now find are made...
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    Odd goo in carburetor

    I removed the Carter UT carburetor from my '55 Ferguson TO-35 to clean it out. I knew a bit of water had gotten into the fuel tank, and I expected to see the usual corrosion and crud in the carb. What I found, however, was new to me. There was quite a bit of a yellowish goo that resembled clumps...
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    Easier winter starting ?

    My neighbor had an early to mid 1970s John Deere diesel tractor. It may have been a 4030, or similar model of around 80 to 90 hp. In the winter, it was a bit hard to crank and start, as are many diesels. My neighbor swore that he could make it crank faster and start sooner by turning the...
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    Power steering pump belt, 440I

    I've got my neighbor's 1958 John Deere 440 Industrial at my shop once again for repairs. The V belt that drives the power steering pump and the alternator ( later addition) keeps burning up , as though the power steering pump seizes up . The pump does have a fluid leak, and I suspect that when...
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    Easy way to clean a clutch plate

    About 15 years ago, I was having trouble with the clutch sticking closed on my Ferguson TO-35. That is, it would not disengage some of the time when I pushed in the clutch pedal. ( I managed to put part of my front loader through my closed garage door as a result !) I knew engine oil , and...
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    TO-35 clone ?

    About a dozen years ago, I spotted what looked like a restored Ferguson TO-35 in a showroom in Delaware. I took a closer look, and it turned out to be a very accurate reproduction/knockoff of a circa 1955 TO-35, manufactured in either Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia, as I recall. I've never seen...
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    Antifreeze warning

    Winter weather is here, and it reminds me of some bad antifreeze I bought a few years back. The antifreeze came from a Western Auto store, and was a store brand packed by American Petroleum Packers, or a very similar name. The antifreeze was brown, and had a strong, burned smell to it. Like a...