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  1. flyerdan

    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    Here's a pic from the Wix master catalog 1998
  2. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    You should be able to find a universal frost plug block heater at a parts store, especially where you are. That will ease starting and extend the engine life as well.
  3. flyerdan

    John Deere LA125 Lawn tractor 21HP B&S single crankshaft Oil Seal needed.

    I use the air angle grinder with 2" scotchbrite roloc discs.
  4. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    I lucked out and found some 4x8" I beams about 7 feet long on craigslist a while back. Got two of them and a stick of .250 flatbar that was 9" wide for $40. Made me a set of 8' fork extensions. A little thick for pallet work but for picking up cars or pickup toppers they work great, and were...
  5. flyerdan

    Offers I can't refuse?

    I get postcards like that all the time. I save them up and write REFUSED across my address and send them back when I get a stack.
  6. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    That should be about a quarter to a third of a tank, it shouldn't run out. Hopefully just a plugged filter from junk stirred up. Here's a pic of mine for reference. It's a H50H, 5000 pound cap. Not sure of the year but I was watching old episodes of Honey West a few years back and saw what...
  7. flyerdan

    Older Lincoln welder at work having issues

    When it acts up, is there a loud buzzing sound coming from inside the machine? I've had three phase contactors act up due to contamination and do the floating buzz that doesn't allow full current, which as you'd expect, makes some pretty bad welds.
  8. flyerdan

    Can we clean it up?

    Rather than whinge about people inserting politics into everything we care to talk about, it would be better to question why politics has inserted itself into everything we care to talk about. As stated previously, basically nothing can be discussed without a tinge of politics affecting it. "I...
  9. flyerdan

    New battery not starting tractor

    If the jumper cables start it fine, that would indicate that the problem is corrosion within the cable ends that act as resisters between the post and the cable. If the frame connection was bad, it would be hard starting with the jumpers as well. It's still advisable to go ahead and clean them...
  10. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    What you have is called a Monotrol, it's just a switch that activated the drive to forward or reverse. It's only one speed but variable depending on torque and load, rpm, etc. There should be a section in one of the books about it. Mine is the twin stick manual with a G193 Continental...
  11. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    Link sent, the nice thing about these old beasts is the wiring is pretty simple.
  12. flyerdan

    Hyster forklift rebuild

    That looks very similar to my H50H, almost like someone welded fender flares on for duals. Most image searches show dual models with bigger steer tires, don't know what you have there. I've got a folder with all kinds of .pdf manuals; electrics and hydraulics should be similar for everything...
  13. flyerdan

    Clarkson’s Farm

    They're in talks to keep it going to series 4 and possibly beyond, it would appear that someone might have introduced a fable book to the boardroom and pointed out golden eggs and the inadvisability of making pate out of the goose that provides them.
  14. flyerdan

    Stuck Connecting Rod Screw

    I did a 12000 earlier this year and have a spare tore down in the shop, if I recall it is a 5/16 head 10-32 bolt. I didn't have any issue getting mine apart. Worst case, grind the head off so you can get the rod out and deal with the stub in a vise.
  15. flyerdan

    Stuck Connecting Rod Screw

    I've used an air hammer in similar situations; grind a semi circle in one of the chisels so it fits around the socket, or extension. Put some hand tension on it and give a few short blasts, you should feel it start to move. Doing it that way eliminates pulling the threads out because you're...
  16. flyerdan

    What’s on Your Bookshelf?

    I'm all over the place with novels, biographies, reference and manuals. Quite a few years ago a big used bookstore was going out of business and at the end were giving away books to clear the store. Pickup loads came home with me.
  17. flyerdan

    Starter solenoid troubleshooting

    The solenoid has a couple of square head copper bolts the the bakelite end cap that the battery terminals connect to; they will get eroded and the whole inside will gum up with carbon from all the arcing. I had one doing that, I carefully tapped out the bolts, cleaned everything up with a wire...
  18. flyerdan

    Stupidity on the web

    Troy vs. Avoirdupois know your weights.
  19. flyerdan

    This Appears to be a "WOW" Moment... (warranty situation)

    A while back I found a pair of Fiskars pruners in the road by the house (probably fell off one of those dodgy 'landscaper' rigs we have here) and when I took it apart to clean the blade, the bolt sheared off. Since it's a special shouldered bolt, I searched around for replacement parts, then...
  20. flyerdan

    What's Your Favourite 2 Stroke Oil Mix Tool

    I took a picture of it a while ago but can't find it now, of course... My mixing setup is a tiny plastic beaker from sciplus, a plastic kitchen measuring cup, a funnel and a half gallon plastic whiskey bottle. I mark the 1oz line and 20 oz line with a Sharpie and make 40 oz at a time. The...
  21. flyerdan

    5220 won’t start, no crank, no lights

    First thing to check would be if it has any fusible links coming from the battery that might have burned out; next would be the fuse panel to see if it has a master fuse that went.
  22. flyerdan

    I think I need a Starter

    From the looks of it you should be able to take off the back plate of the solenoid (where the battery cable goes) and clean up everything in there and see if the old one works again. It looks like a gear reduction starter, so there might be a fork on the solenoid that engages the bendix and...
  23. flyerdan

    Work lights for welding?

    Having a table big enough for all your projects is an illusion; my work table was 6x20' and the cantilever gates were usually between 33-54'. Having good lighting where you can see the material, and not just the arc is important. It's best to have it coming from behind, but not directly so it...
  24. flyerdan

    I think I need a Starter

    Is there a part number that you can find on your removed starter? Which has some fairly chewed up teeth on the driven gear. If it does, and you can find a parts breakdown on both numbers and see if the new guts could go into the housing that you know fits. I know it's a lot of work; that's...
  25. flyerdan

    Work lights for welding?

    Probably the best way to go would be one of those dual halogen work lights with the adjustable stand. That way you could position it where you need it and stow it out of the way most of the time.
  26. flyerdan

    I think I need a Starter

    A while back I had starter issues with the forklift, it has the solenoid on top and was doing the 'click, click' 40 or 50 times before it would catch and spin over. Took the solenoid off and apart; there is a spring loaded disk plunger that makes contact on two copper square head bolts that are...
  27. flyerdan

    Damaged Threads - 1025R Rear Axle

    One thing that would concern me is punching it out for a helicoil might thin out the edge and you'd get cracks on the outside of the flange. I think I would make some weld in inserts, punch it out to a press fit, weld them in on both sides, grind flush and chase the threads. I know that is...
  28. flyerdan

    What's the purpose of a bypass on a cylinder?

    The welded line is a feed to one of the ports, both to keep hose length shorter and keep from having a vulnerable hose exposed more than necessary. The double acting valve will feed pressure to one side only and allow the other side to flow to the return line. There will be a bypass in the...
  29. flyerdan

    Steel gate post

    Two things: those hinges stick out pretty far and that big of a gate is going to create a pretty good moment arm on them and cause them to flex, and possibly fail sometime. Second, a sixteen foot gate really should have a truss cable in it, that will take a lot of the flex and sag issues out.
  30. flyerdan

    Best way to clean up hydraulic fluid?

    Get some Oil Eater. Costco used to carry it, might still.
  31. flyerdan

    New tractor classifieds site

    I'm kind of surprised that you don't have a pulldown with all the other sites up in the menu bar.
  32. flyerdan

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    If you have an air hammer you can blunt one of the chisels or weld a little chunk of angle on one and use it right on the 1/2" breaker bar near the socket to give it a blast while you're leaning on it. That often works for me when my impact doesn't have the oomph.
  33. flyerdan

    Kohler Command bellowing HEAVY White smoke .....

    Chances are that the overfill and tilt gradient was the factor. If you pull the plug, it will probably be gooey from the excess oil. Clean plug and correct oil level and it should be okay.
  34. flyerdan

    Is it safe to weld my wife's turkey roaster pan that we use for cooking?

    If I need a ground and don't want to grind off a lot of coating, I'll use a chunk of rod, and tack it where I've already ground for the repair. Might have to move it once during the process, but it's the least intrusive way to do it.
  35. flyerdan

    Trailer jack and trailer neck toolbox clearance issues

    Could you make an extension tube that slips over the sliding spline that the handle is on and relocate the handle to the top of it? It would need to have a floating outer tube with a big washer or similar to provide the upward force to engage the splines unless you can shim under it or find...
  36. flyerdan

    Magnetic brooms

    What I'd do if faced with that project would be to source 4 or 5 old car air conditioner pumps for the electric clutches and use them as an electromagnet bar on a couple of wheelbarrow tires and a car battery. Roll it around engergized and drop the scrap on a tarp or something that will contain...
  37. flyerdan

    Clarkson’s Farm

    It was pretty obvious that they decided that Jeremy wasn't going to win, and set about seeing to that by any means necessary. They must have looked at the way things happen here and figured, "if it works for the septics, why change anything."
  38. flyerdan

    Using Railroad Track for bridge beams

    You could have the top rail straight and have one below it with an upward arch that would give it cantilever strength, but that would have each side at nearly 2000 pounds, kind of hard to get across the span to place. At any rate, I hope you glom onto the free rail anyway, you never know...
  39. flyerdan

    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    I probably mentioned before, but my extended forks are made from 4"x8"x7' I-beams that I got, along with a nice chunk of 1/4"x9" flat stock so I could extend them to 8'. $40 for material, pretty cheap project. Since they have a channel on top, they make a pretty safe platform for anything that...
  40. flyerdan

    Clarkson’s Farm

    Season two drops this Friday, according to the man himself.
  41. flyerdan

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Your plastic bushing project reminds me of a big patio umbrella a friend of mine had that suffered a pivot failure during a wind event. She got a replacement comped somehow, and I took the old one and fabbed up some metal replacement parts. I did two sets while I was at it; good thing as the...
  42. flyerdan

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I could imagine someone picking that up, dropping it in a pocket, and after a while wind up looking like the Trashcan Man heading into Vegas near the end of The Stand.
  43. flyerdan

    looking for rare metric bolts

    If you tried chasing those holes to 1.50, you'd just wind up stripping most of the threads out. Take your thread gauge and lay the 1.50 blade over your 1.25 bolt. You'll see that moving that much metal would pretty much wipe things out. I'd still recommend going to the next size, and as it was...
  44. flyerdan

    looking for rare metric bolts

    For that kind of money, it might be worth investigating whether it's possible to punch them out to a M16x1.5 or more available thread. A drill, tap and all bolts should be far less than half of the extra fines.
  45. flyerdan

    looking for rare metric bolts

    Are you sure it's 1.25 pitch? Most metric fine thread in that diameter is 1.50.
  46. flyerdan

    Clarkson’s Farm

    Apparently there will not be a series three of Clarkson's Farm, as Amazon just canceled him with extreme prejudice after he wrote a newspaper column slagging off Meghan Markle. Whether they will petty enough to torch S02 that's already in the can remains to be seen, just have to wait for the...
  47. flyerdan

    Did you know that your cows are out? (Or sheep, or horses, or...)

    When I was growing up in the 60's in northern Idaho, we had some neighbor cows get out and follow the logging roads to my mom's garden on occasion. Nowdays if I see some neighbors dogs out and about, I'll take them home, or harbour them here until their people get back, if they're not home.
  48. flyerdan

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    If you have the HF app, you can add coupons to a shopping cart tab, then scroll through them at the checkout for them to scan.
  49. flyerdan

    Which Wisconsin V4 engine has distributor on top of engine under the carb?

    I wonder if it was even a Wisc for sale...I don't recall ever seeing one with a distributor on top, and once they settle on a casting they usually stick with it throughout; eg. Fords have front mount dists, GM and Mopar on the back, etc.
  50. flyerdan

    Which Wisconsin V4 engine has distributor on top of engine under the carb?

    A VH4D (<-- like in my Bobcat) would be a closer match, but it has the distributor on the side of the engine. Here's a bunch of literature on the various versions of engines they made, hopefully something shows up.