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    Power Trac pricing

    Good afternoon. Let me start by saying if this isn't appropriate for me to post this here, please let me know. My father passed away recently and he has a PT425 with several attachments. He loved this thing but I've never really gotten the hang of it and might be considering selling it and...
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    PTO generator on X700 series

    Good morning, A quick question. Is anyone running a PTO generator on their x700 series, particularly the diesel? I'd like to know your comments on performance. Does it hold the loads fairly well. How does the throttle respond to load changes (holding frequency). How much resistive load...
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    Small Cat1 CarryAll Frame

    Hello, I am looking for a small Cat1 CarryAll frame. I have searched here on the forums and online and have not come across what I'm looking for. If i have missed something, very sorry for bothering everyone. I have a Deere X758 with a Cat1 hitch. Years ago, I had a 425 with Cat0 hitch...
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    New X758 Coming

    Guys, I'm excited. I've been "tractor-less" since we moved to Town 2 years ago. I went from 10 acres and a 3720 cab to about 1 acre and hiring someone to do everything. This was nice for a few years but recently, I've gotten the itch to take on some of this work myself. It is the last...
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    PT-422 for sale in classifieds

    PT-422 for sale in classifieds. It is my Fathers. Please contact him per the ad. Thank you, Chris
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    Front Hitch for Tractor/Blower/Broom

    Everyone, I just posted some front hitch parts for sale in the private party classified forum. They fit 4200-4400 and 4210-4410 compacts and 59" blower and 60" broom. Just FYI. Ask me any questions. Thank you, Chris
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    3000 Twenty Cab Beacon Installation

    Good evening, Can someone that has installed a beacon light on their 3000 Twenty cab provide a little info? 1) Is the cab prewired from the beacon installation area to the right console? 2) Where is the connection point on the cab? I know it is on the left side by the mirror/hazard light...
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    1920 engine running in reverse

    Guys, Twice in the last few months, I've had the engine on my dad's 1920 start turning backwards. Both times I was using the loader and almost stalled out and just as it started to die, it started running backwards. I know this is the case because I was getting exhaust blowing out the front...
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    Toolbox for Cab model

    Guys, Has anyone found a location and toolbox that will work on the new cab series (3000 or 4000)? I've looked all over it and can't seem to find a good location that won't interfere with something. About the only place I've found is on the grill guard. But I really don't like that location...
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    Loader/Bucket quick attach

    Good morning, I've searched for the answer to this question but may have missed it. My father has a 1920 with 7308 (I think) loader. Does anyone know if there is a quick attach option we can add to the loader frame and bucket? We are building some forks for it and removing the pins on the...
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    MotionMatch Settings

    Hello everyone, Just received my 3720 cab over the weekend. I'm very pleased with the machine. I think Deere has done a great job on the cab. I can't believe how quiet it is and how smooth the eHydro is. I'm moving up from a 4400 (mechanical hydro) and while it is taking some getting used...
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    MCS for 4400

    I'm looking to purchase the hydraulic dump MCS (material collection system) for my 4400/72" mid deck. Has anyone used one of these? Do they work well (wet grass/etc)? What should I expect to pay? I've got a quote for $3800 from my dealer. Thanks for any advice! Chris
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    Shop Manuals

    Does anyone know if we can purchase shop manuals for the 4000 series compacts? I have the parts CD (so let me know if you need me to look up anything), but would like a shop manual as well. Thanks for any info, Chris
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    4400 Cruise

    Hello, Just took delivery of a new production 4400 HST. I'm having problems with the cruise control. It will not "hold". I can set it and it will hold ok on flat ground, but once I start up a small hill (and I assume the pedal pressure rises), the cruise magnet will allow the pedal to slip...