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    Buying Advice Kubota, Mahindra, or JD Compact

    Here's some pics from the seat. I like what I don't see in this 1st pic. There's no fuel filler cover. The tank is behind the driver's seat. TJ is short, but can reach & operate the pedals just fine. I think this tractor is gonna work out real good, for us.
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    Buying Advice Kubota, Mahindra, or JD Compact

    Well, things changed. Discovered that a Shreveport dealer who had been selling Kubota, recently switched over to Kioti. TJ & I went over there Sat to take a look. They had a CK2610HST in the shop which they had just put together. They offered us a decent deal taking our Kioti in trade, so we...
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    Kioti financial incentives - will they return?

    This looks to be the perfect thread to ask some questions on. A dealer is considering my proposal to take our used Kioti in trade, on a new CK2610HST. I just went online & saw where there is up to $3100 rebates on CK models, thru Feb 28. So, exactly how much is the rebate on the CK2610HST...
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    LS MT225HE

    So, here's that chart showing some of the L-series Kubota models that supposedly had the metric 170mm b.c. on the rear. Can anybody here who has one of these models verify that this is true ? Also, does the center hole of your wheel measure aprox 5.32" ?
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    LS MT225HE

    So, the LS tractor my dealer came up with has ag tires on it. I want R4 ind tires. So, today I've been trying to find some R4 tires & wheels for it. Haven't been able to find out what bolt circle diameter the rear wheels are. Can tell from pics that they are 6-hole. The R4 tires that come on it...
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    2009 Kioti CK27 in North Louisiana

    I bought new in '09. Has just over 600 hours. Just did the regular hundred hour oil & filter change. Has a loader & new 5' County Line brand bush hog. Hardest work it's done is mowing our 10 acres or so, that used to be a hay field, with a 5' bush hog. Fill the pot holes in our 1/2 mile...
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    LS MT225HE

    So, my dealer came up with an LS MT225HE, from somewhere. I've read that it's recommended to replace oil, HST, & Hydraulic filters @ 50 hours. So, I'm starting now gathering info as to which filters to buy. After using the LS brand part numbers, then crossing them over to popular brands, I've...
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    Headlight Assembly for Kioti CK25, 27, 30, & 35, 2004-2014

    Looking for KIOTI Tractor T2185-69517BB Head Lamp Assembly for CK25 27 30 35 model tractors, built between about 2004-2014. There's a new one on Ebay for about $350. I live in North central Louisiana. Anybody know of a tractor salvage yard in the mid-South that might have some of these Kioti...
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    DEF Use & Problems ?

    I'm about to buy a new tractor. Was wanting an LS MT225HE, which is the same as a NH Workmaster 25. My local dealer has had LS tractors ordered for month's & can't get one. But, I've found another dealer who has an LS MT235HE in stock, for a good price. BUT, as ya'll know, it has the DEF...
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    LS MT225HE

    My wife wants to get a tractor with a hydro trans, so she can use it more. Our Kioti CK27 has a man trans with shuttle. The Kioti has done everything we've needed a tractor to do & done it well. For that reason, I looked 1st at the Kioti models. BUT, I eliminated them, because of the brake...
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    Buying Advice Kubota, Mahindra, or JD Compact

    Thanks for all the replies, ya'll ! :) "...a guy on a car forum I'm on is lookin to buy a new compact, in the just under 30hp class..." He's been checkin 'em out & has narrowed it down to JD or Kubota. He thinks the L2501 Kub looks like what he needs. He going to a nearby dealer who sells both...
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    Buying Advice Kubota, Mahindra, or JD Compact

    " Mind if I ask why Kioti is not on that list after owning one since 09? " Yeah, that's easy. The dealer was only 25 miles from me, in '09. There is not a dealer anywhere close to me, now. And, from what I've read, Kioti parts are hard to find, sometimes. And, most everybody says the resale...
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    Buying Advice Kubota, Mahindra, or JD Compact

    I still have my '09 CK27 Kioti. Still runs good. But, a guy on a car forum I'm on is lookin to buy a new compact, in the just under 30hp class. So, I got to thinkin about what I'd buy, if I decide to buy a new one. Right now, it's between a Kubota, a Mahindra, & a JD, in the models that are...
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    Finding a 6-hole 170mm b.c. Wheel ???

    My CK27 Kioti has 6-hole wheels, with a metric 170mm bolt circle. The b.c. is also sometimes called a 6.69" or a 6.693" or even a 6 11/16". The center hole is called a 5.32". I haven't seen it listed with it's metric number. So, I simply want to know what other tractors, if there are any, use...
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    Wheels: What Tractors Have 6-hole 6.69" b.c.

    My Kioti CK27 has the metric bolt pattern 6-hole wheels. Called either 170mm, 6.69", or 6 11/16". The center hole is called 5.32". Looking to buy a spare for the rear. It's just to get the tractor back home, in case I have another flat. So, the tire does NOT have to be exactly the same...