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    Question for Fordlords

    I was wondering about the repower in your 682. After I sell my 982, I plan on buying a 782 and doing the Honda repower. My question is, how impressive with the kit were you? I was talking to a local shop owner, and he said those kits were just a hack job and not a good design at all. I know...
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    782 PTO Belt

    I just finished refurbishing a 782 I just picked up, but it didn't come with the PTO belt. Can someone tell me what the part number is or the size to buy at TSC? I was told I needed a 954-3003A but when I tried it, it was way too short. AJ P.S. I'll try to get some pics up of it soon.
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    LT2180 PTO blet dimensions

    Does anyone know the size of the PTO blet on a 2004 LT2180. Mine just self destucted and I would like to pick one up at tractor supply. Any help would be appreciated. Cub part number is 754-04041 if this helps anyone. AJ
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    1st of many Original Restoration questions

    I just picked up a 62 Original so I can do my first restoration. I started today by pulling the gas tank and carb off for cleaning. My question is how do you clean all the varnish out of the tank? This thing is is totally gummed up. I got the carb disassembled and cleaned, but the tank is...
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    LT2180 Wiring issue

    Is there a wiring issue with the 2180? I was just mowing with the headlights on and it stopped dead in it's tracks. I ended up having to finish mowing with the headlights off, since every time I turned them on, it blew the fuse. Also, I was wondering if it was normal for the Vangaurd to...
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    2004 cc2180 purcahse

    I've been looking for a new mower for a couple of months now and found a leftover 2004 2180 for $2000. My yard is around 3/4 of a acre and has one mildly steep hill in it. Is this mower going to be a better buy than a new 1000 series cub or a 2005 Husqvarna YTH1542XP?