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    1430 for sale with grapple and large bucket...1200 hrs location Indiana

    1430 for sale. 1200 hours. Decent shape. Grapple and large bucket Located in Indiana best offer
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    1430 Utility grapple for sale

    Poertrac utility grapple used. Do not use anymore. Good shape $1200.00 location near Indianapolis
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    Timing belt on 1430

    Anyone here have any experience in changing the timing belt on the Deutz engine in the 1430? Is is a DIY job? I am thinking it is not but would be nice if it is.
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    Hydro back adjustment

    Well, my 1430 started to creep in reverse so I started messing around with the hydroback trying to adjust it. Probably an hour or two. Then I found a post here by someone who had an 1845 and posted the directions. Little did I know it is simply adjusting the two nuts towards the end of the...
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    New Toy..Powertrac Cadillac

    Pick up one of these a couple weeks ago. Very similar to my 1430 but so much more. Lifts to almost 10 feet. Telescoping boom and tipping is 1900#. Top speed 10 mph. Kubota this machine
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    1430 hard to start

    Hello Have 1430 about 850 hours. When turning key to start, at times I hear what sounds like a flap opening or closing and starter does not turn. Turning key off and on several times...getting to be more times until starter kicks in and starts engine. My first thought is starter or solenoid or...
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    60 inch material bucket for 1430

    So I called Tazewell the other day to order a new light material bucket which I plan on using on different machine. Wanted to purchase it without the quick attach plate. I was informed we could not buy the bucket without the QT plate welded on.. Now I realize PT is an independent company it...
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    1430 Hydroback cable

    Did several searches and cannot find posts on the 1430 hydroback cable. Seems as if there was another supplier less expensive than Powertrac. Anyone remember? Thanks
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    1430 Grapple and Grapple Bucket for Sale

    Hello Have utility grapple and grapple bucket for sale used on 1430. Just do not use either anymore. General location Indianapolis. Reduced pricing 1,000.00 and 800.00 each. Pics on request...thanks
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    Utility grapple and Grapple bucket for Sale

    Hello I have 54 inch grapple bucket and utility bucket for 1430 for sale. Live in Indiana. Just do not use them much. Both good shape and work well. Bucket $1100.00 and utility grapple 900.00. New pricing is 1800 and 1300.00. Anyone interested, I took some quick pictures and can send them to...
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    RTV Windshield and more

    Thought I would pass this on. Found this the other day. Could be an option to the more expensive windshields.
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    RTV Windshield and more

    Came across this on the web and thought I would pass it on. Might be good source for those higher priced windshields.
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    Clogged grease fittings

    I have a couple grease fittings on my PT that i cannot get grease through. I have taken them off, placed the grease gun on the fitting to test whether the grease is getting through...and it does. Put the fitting back on and it still does not take grease. I am puzzled as to why it still does not...
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    Mini Skid Attachments

    Why hasn't anyone just welded a mini-skid universal plate to the stock pt plate on the machine, changed the hydraulic couplers over to the mini skid steer type and simply buy mini skid attachments instead of using PT attachments that are somewhat higher priced? I think this would be the way to...
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    PT 1430 slower now

    Since I returned from Tazewell I have noticed my 1430 has about 1/2 the speed forward as it has had in the past. PT replaced the cable and took the tram apart for service for there were "creeping issues" with the hydroback install. Terry said I should notice more power from this repair but...
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    2nd Trip to Tazewell

    I returned to Tazewell with my 1430 I purchased in about '01 a few days ago and here is my take of the visit: I took my PT home to solve the issue of lack of power at the treadle. My machine would only run 1/2 to 1/3 speed most of the time. Seems as if the cable was at fault again but also they...
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    PT 1430 Hydraulic Trouble

    My 1430 has been over the past few months showing symptoms of a problem due to the fact it sometimes slows to a crawl while backing up. I finally went to hydraulic shop and after discussing the problem with the owner, found out my wheels motors, pump and tram (or transmission) will need to be...
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    Stock hydraulic couplers

    Is it just me having problems whenever I am changing implements with my PT or does anyone else experience difficulty when attaching the hydraulic hose couplers up to the machine? Sometimes I end up using a small hammer to tap the couplers off and when I re-connect the hoses it is even more...
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    sed 1430 on PT Site

    Looks like a good deal on the used 1430 on PT site with the attachments if all is in good working order.
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    Oil & Fuel Diesel on 1430

    My 1430 engine has been acting strange lately. It will start okay, but after about 5 minutes it acts as if it either has no power or is not getting fuel. I changed the fuel filter and this helped for about 10 minutes. The engine takes off fine, but the rpms lessen no matter how much throttle it...
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    How to build a bridge over a small creek

    Since we are do it yourselfers here I thought I would try to get some possible ideas on how to build a bridge over a small creek on my property to facilitate working in the woods with my 1430. I am pretty sure this has not been discussed here. A google search did not provide me with any ideas...
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    Another Repair for 1430

    Was using mini hoe today suddenly the PT lost all forward motion and rolled into the hole. I had reverse but forward was out. Even though the unit is not to be towed, I pulled it out with my Pick up and drove in reverse to get it into the barn. Also lost speed control in reverse, so to stop it...
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    My New Attachment

    Just purchased the "Branch Manager" at a trade show made for the mini skidsteers. Seems as if it will be easy to attach to my 1430. Now I just need to find the time to do it.
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    Another Problem With 1430

    Was moving 4 tri-axles of gravel today. Pulled into the pile this evening and treadle pedal went limp. Machine will not move. Got to looking around, looks (even though I cannot actually see) the cable could be broken. Tracing it back to the engine compartment, I notice when the treadle is...
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    Another 1430 Problem

    Now that I got the neutral switch problem corrected, I have noticed a few days ago the diesel engine sounds it is underpowered. This has been going on for several days now and I replaced the fuel filter. No change. As I give the engine power, it revs up and then starts a slow...
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    1430 Forks

    Just ordered mini hoe and LMB for my 1430. Wanted the forks also but $1200 seemed too high even though they were adjustable. Took a pic of the 425 forks to a welding shop and they told me they could make identical forks, 42 inches long for a total of $150.00 including all material. I figure...
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    Mini hoe usage

    Thinking of purchasing a mini hoe for my 1430...however, I am curious as to how it is used to dig as my machine will not pivot to left or right as a backhoe. Does one just move the machine when the small bucket is full to another location and move back to take another bucket? What am I missing here?
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    Trouble with 1430

    Hope you guys can help out here. I was using 1430 (diesel) today and shut it off. Now it will not start. Nothing. I did notice the 20amp breaker on the dash had popped out so I pushed it in. It then started. Thought problem was solved...not. Next time I tried to start it it...again...nothing...
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    Larger bucket for 1430

    Although I would like to have the talents to make my own bucket, I am planning to go to Tazewell soon to purchase the light material bucket. I currently have the grapple and would like to increase my cubic feet. Does anyone know the largest and practical bucket PT carries for the 1430 or could...
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    Horn on PT

    Anyone ever put a horn or beverage holder on their PTs yet?
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    1430 Questions

    Okay, I know this is probalby elementary to most of your but....I have 1430. Have always used the bucket. No other accessories. I just engaged the PTO to see what would happen and the engine bogs down to almost nothing...even at 3/4 throttle. Is this normal? On another note..what is the...
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    Cooling fan on 1430

    Does anyone know when the cooling fan is suppose to come on for cooling the engine? I have had this unit for about 2 years now and have never seen or heard the fan being activated yet. Temperature guage reads about 170 or so on the dash. I assume it comes on at a particular temperature but not...
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    Mowing Mower for 1425

    Am thinking of purchasing the 60# mower for my 1425...anyone have this? How does it cut? How heavy duty is this mower? I am thinking of using it to cut 5 acres instead of purchasing a new lawn mower. Perhaps a comparison from you 422-425 owners would help who have the mower. thanks
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    New member

    Hello I have been reading posts in this forum for several months and have decided to post. I purchased a 1430 2-3 years ago but my trip to Tazewell was not very pleasant. As an example, I remember talking to Scott and Terry w/regards to the machines, I found neither one of them really knew...