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    BX2360 engine oil type

    Any oil experts on here? I finally ran out of my stock of engine oil that I’ve been using. I went to buy new oil and all the oil around here is CK-4. Since all the fuel I can buy around here is the low sulfur type, can I use the CK? The manual says only up to CG-4. And yea, I’ve also only...
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Well, I’ve kinda decided to just keep the BX I have until I can no longer do the hookup on the belly mower. After that I’ll prob buck up a RFM and call it good. Maybe I’ll get lucky and pass before that sad day comes. I’m the meantime, after 18 years just had my first real repair on my BX...
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    I killed a Simplicity and a decent Cub Cadet (older ones, not the new crap) before giving in and spending the money on the Kubota.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    IMHO, they've raised the price too fast, taking advantage of the inflationary environment to increase profits. Did all tractors more than double their prices? nope. With that, I'll vote with my pocketbook and look elsewhere if I need to purchase. Was very happy with my BX tractors, but...
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Well, you can be sure that I'm not going to pay 30k for a little tractor. Even an overpriced fully loaded Carolla is less than that. Its not that I can't afford it, I refuse to pay it. I have the same gut reaction to a lot of my comfort foods at the grocery store. I'll make my tractor do...
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Wow...and that tractor quote doesn't even look like it has a mower.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Approaching 30k for a Tractor/loader/mower....but I haven't been in a dealership yet. JD is over 30 from what I can tell for something close.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    So, I'm getting older and some health issues have cropped up, as they tend to do. Taking on and off the mower deck on my BX2360 is getting tougher. I bought it in 2005 for about 12k, Tractor, 60" belly mower and loader. I saw somewhere that the newer JD and Kubota have made it easier by...
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    New BX2380 thoughts

    The 2350 had a lot of plastic…it’s getting brittle and breaking… the cowl needs replacing since the plastic that holds the cowl to the tractor broke off. The platform floor is rusting… apparently salt got under the rubber floor mat. I found a crack in one of the 2 rubber boots that is on the...
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    New BX2380 thoughts

    Hey folks, another old timer that’s been away a while. I currently have a 2350 made around 2005, and it’s starting to show its age a bit. Considering a new model as I retire. Do the new ones have all the diesel emission controls, such as DEF? I had a quote for tractor, loader, mower for...
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    Comparison Kubota Snowblowers for the BX : BX2750 vs BX5450

    Hey folks....has anyone seen or used the new BX snowblower (BX5450)? I'd like to know the difference between this and last years model. Also, been quoted 3200 for everything I need to put one on my BX2360....any thoughts? Thanks!
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    BX Problem...need help!

    I have an almost 3 year old BX2350. Been running great the whole time until 4 days ago. Here are the symptoms: After running for a while moving snow at rated RPM @3000, about half hour or 45 minutes, it starts to bog downfor a few seconds, maybe5 or 10 seconds, then comes right up to speed...
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    Early BX1850/2350/24 Fixes by Kubota

    If you bought an early version of the recent redesigns, here are the kits to make them equal to current production: Grip Kit (Kubota part number:K2581-9557-0) Contains all the plastic handles and lever sleeves for the levers and knobs. Seems that they go on much tighter than the old ones...
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    BX2350/24 radiator cover update

    I picked my new radiator cover from the dealer today. To recap, I hadn't even had a serious complaint, but he remembered at delivery of the tractor that mine didn't fit snug, so he ordered me one under warranty...called me and swapped me. there isn't a lot of difference in looking at it...the...
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    BLock Heater install project - BX2350

    Finally got around to installing the block heater I bought last March. Thought I'd post it as a project. Step 1: Found it was easier to remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator to drain the system. Attached: Pics of the Kit and the hose removed... BTW: the same kit is used in the...
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    BX, removing Freeze plugs

    Ok, we all may not want to admit it, but winter's coming. I went out and bought a block heater for my BX2350. I was expecting one that threaded in like my BX2200 did...I even have the tool for it, a 17mm hex wrench. To my surprise, it goes in where a freeze plug is installed by the factory in...
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    Observations of 50hr maintenance of BX2350

    Just did the 50 hour maintenance on my BX2350 and thought I'd drop a line on some things I found interesting: 1. The engine cowling is easier to remove, but harder to reinstall by yourself due to lining up some tabs on the operator end. 2. Noticed that there is no longer a threaded port in...
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    Strange sound on BX2350...familiar anyone?

    When my RPM's are between 2400 and 2800 with the mower deck running, I hear a high pitched whistle. It's not real loud, and I'm having a hard time locating it. It seems to be coming from the deck itself or the mid-PTO area of the transmission. The sound is only there with the mower deck...
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    BX2350 Block heater install/soft plug removal

    Ok, bought a block heater and when I got it, it was different than I or the dealer expected. For my 2200,. it was a threaded style, but for the BX2350, I have to remove a soft plug in front of the injector pump. I don't have the special tool they make for this, so do I have to buy one or is...
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    New BX2350!!! Woohoo!!!

    Some of you may remember me, I had a BX2200 that I had modded to death. Well, today I took delivery on my new BX2350. and since I haven't seen a write up here for this new model, I thought I might post a few things.... It's not just a facelift to the previous models, this is an entire new...
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    Anyone buy a BX2350 yet???

    I'm planning on this being my next tractor, though I've also been considering the JD 2305. I wonder if anyone actually is using theirs yet and their impressions of it. Don't spare the details, a full review would be great.... FWIW, I used to own a BX2200 that I modded to death, it was a blast....
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    Price Check BX2350 Pricing

    I'm itching to buy a new tractor this spring, and am looking hard at the BX2350. Has anyone seen or heard of the pricing this thing will be by the time it hits the street? The only thing I've seen is MSRP, and wow, are they proud of their equipment. MSRP of this thing decked out with the...
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    JohnDeerem 200CX Loader Specs

    OK, seriously considering a JD 2305 tractor with a 200CX loader. Does anyone have a link to the specs for this loader??? JD's site appears worthless for this. I found specs in the manual that was online for the tractor, but can't find anything of use for the loader. Thanks in advance...
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    BX2230 Hydraulics

    Question for all of you 2230 owners out there: One of the complaints I had about my 2200 was that the FEL and 3pt would be extremely slow in reacting at idle....has this been changed in the 2230? My BX was just fine if I bumped up the throttle, but at idle, the FEL would be so slow it'd drive...
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    New Model!!! B7510HSDTR

    As promised, my delaer came back with some new info on a new varian of the 7510. In almost al ways it is identical to the standard 7510HSD with the substitution of the 60"MMM from a BX. They reconfigured the linkage for the deck on this model so it can be suspended instead of rolling on the...
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    Special Deal on a 7510???

    Well, I'm finally settling down with things after going through a divorce and I'm looking forward to a new Bota this spring. I stopped in at my dealer and he mentioned that Kubota was going to have a special price on a 7510 outfitted with a suspended deck ala the BX and special turfs. Anyone...
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    A full mod BX up for sale.

    Well, some of you may remember when I was on quite a bit. It's been a while, but here's what's up: My wife of 22 years has decided she wants a new husband (she already has one all picked out!) , so my beloved BX-2200 is up for sale. I;d like to get 10k out of it, so what'cha all think? Here...
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    Spreader Drop spreader recommendation?

    OK, I need to get rid of my lawn service. They ticked me off for the last time. But I'll need to find a drop spreader for the fertilizers. I don't want the type that slings it out, a lot of the fertilizers available around here seems to be almost dust and it's carried by the wind, which we...
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    Canopy Canopy install for BX

    Just thought I'd post this. This was the roof of a Curtis Cab that came in damaged to my dealer. I bought it for a good price, but it didn't come with any mounting equipment. Welded up a front mount that bolts onto the front of the operator platform, using the existing bolts. I used my...
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    Need help with Canopy design

    Hey guys and gals, I need some help. I just picked up a cab roof from a Curtis Cab that came into my dealer scratched. To make a long story short, I bought it for a decent price and want to make a canopy out of it. Since this was designed as a cab roof (In other words, it attached to the...
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    Snow Turf or Ags on asphalt for snow?

    O,k, considering picking up ag's for my BX for the winter. My question is has anyone tried both on asphalt for winter use? Any difference moving snow around? I've heard both, that it makes a big difference and no difference. Part of the logic is that if the ags can't dig in, they aren't a big...
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    BX Lights Upgrade

    Woohoo! I just replaced my 2 light addons with 6 lights. I tried to do a decent job of it, and I like the results. I wanted this much light for plowing snow in the winter. Seemed like light reflecting off the snow up front blew my night vision, and I had a hard time seeing around me, which...
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    Slip plate users!!! Verdict please!

    Earlier this spring, several people were going to test the brush on version of slip plate on the bottom of their mower deck to see how well it stayed put and cleane d up. I was kinda wonderin how that testing went and what your verdict was..... Thanks!
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    Grading BX pictures, rear blade paint job

    thought I'd have some fun and repainted an old rear blade I own...picked up a Kubota sticker at my dealer, and Whalaa!!!! A Kubota rear blade????
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    BX Alternator kit installation (project)

    As I said earlier, I did purchase the alternator kit for the BX, but I was pretty dissapointed in the documentation, barely legible writing, and what writing there was basically said to look at the pictures which were horrible, completely indecipherable. Anyhow, I put in it today, and...
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    BX Alternator upgrade kit

    OK, I popped and bought the high output alternator kit for my BX2200. I plan on adding more lights, maybe a radio, and who know? Maybe even a cab later. Anyhow, I knew I'd need more than the stock dynamo to do this stuff, so I bought the upgrade kit. It doesn't look too bad to install, but...
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    New B6200 HST

    Just thought I'd brag about my borthers new-to-him B6200 HST. Kinda unique in that it has power steering and 4WD. He got her cleaned up pretty good, too! (I know how we're all addicted to pics....)
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    B-6200HST Tires/wheels

    My brother just bought a used B6200HST 4WD with Power steering. Unfortunately, it has Turf tires on it and he wants Ags or industrials. No real reason, he just wants em. Does anyone know if he has to change the wheels as well (as I assume he will have to)? Does anyone have the wheel/tire...
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    Tach installed on BX

    I just put on a Tiny Tach on my BX2200. I know I lived without a tach for a long time, but it bugged me. It works just as advertised. I thought y'all might want ideas for mounting this, so he're are some pix. I know how we're all addicted to em.... This pic is from the driver's seat...
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    BX1500 Initial surprises

    I had thought that the BX1500 was basically a BX1800/2200 with a smaller engine. So it was a bit of a shock when I saw my first 1500 this weekend. Some things I noticed. 1. A much smaller engine compartment and hood. 2. Smaller wheelbase (different frame!!!!) 3. Rear end is quite a bit...
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    12v conversion

    My brothers new-to-him Ferguson TO-20 had been converted to 12v, since it has a 12V battery, ballast and seems to run fine. Problem is, the alternator doens't have any wires run to it!!!! The battery must have been recently charged, but I'm sure that won't last long. Can anyone point me in a...
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    FEL availability for Ferguson TO20?

    Anyone know how my brother could arrange for a FEL for his '49 TO20? Curious, I guess....
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    Ferguson to20 or TE20

    My brother just picked up a Ferguson tractor. He was told it was a 1949 tractor at 29 HP. It is a 4 spd , starts with the gearshift, 4 cyl gas engine with what appears to be an external oil filter casing. how do we tell what model the tractor is? We cant find any numbering anywhere to help...
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    BX Grill Guard

    I just couldn't help myself. Had to have it. I was going to try and make one myself after I got a welder, but when Kubota came out with this for the BX22, I knew I'd end up with one. Cost was about $150.....
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    Reaf blade mods, anyone?

    I wonder if anyone has modified a rear blade to change the angle on the rear blade without leaving the seat. I like the rear blade, but it's a pain to get off the tractor, change the angle and get going again. It would save a lot of time, and after all, I'm lazy when I can get away with it....
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    BX sway adjusters

    Excuse the repost from the Attachments forum, but I thought there may be a few that don't check that forum often enough (like me sometimes ). Ok, finally got around to installing the new 3pt sway adjusters on my BX. Some comments: First was that I had to grind a good 1.5" in the tube...
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    Ford 4500 TLB info

    Anyone here know where I can find some specs on the 4500 TLB? I looked on the web, found some real basic stuff, but it looks like I've talked my brother into getting the tractor disease and he's gonna pop for an older used one that's seen it's better days. Seems to run pretty good, but I...
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    What to sell, Box Blade or Pulverizer

    Ok, I've decided to sell one of two implements, my Woods Box Blade or the Woods/Gill Pulverizer.I'm going to use the money on some other things for my BX and I just don't use them enough to justify keeping both. I already have the FEL and a tiller, so I can do most jobs with those and one of...
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    Swimming pool installation

    Ok, anybody out there ever put in an above ground swimming pool themselves? Wife just brought home a 24' round pool kit in the van and said that she did me a favor and got another excuse for me to use my tractor. I have a gentle slope of hard clay in my back yard. Any tips are appreciated....
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    I see that some little GT's are now advertising that their garden tractors have a built in generator. This sounds like a great idea! Now I know it's not big enough to run a house or anything large, but it'd sure be nice to run a saw or drill out in the back 40 easily. It would be nice to have...