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    New member tractor advice

    You might consider leasing the fields and making money instead of spending it
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    Dealers Not Accepting Some Brands on Trade

    I think as the popularity increases the off brand tractor will become more acceptable to dealers,the newer brands need a better network of dealers and staff who are competent to handle working on them.They have their work cut out for them competing with over hundred year old manufacturers who...
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    Looking for info on garden tractors 🚜

    For that budget you might try a good fence and a dozen goats
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    What's Your Favourite 2 Stroke Oil Mix Tool

    I like the Amsoil and the Stihl Ultra no smoke and I usually only mix 2 1/2 gallon at a time using the old small 2 1/2 gallon mix bottle to measure
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    A little miffed

    Don’t think I’d buy the department store version of a Deere
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    M Series John Deere

    Thanks for the reply I’ll give it a shot
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    Tractor for land clearing and preparation

    Call in an excavator
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    M Series John Deere

    does anyone know what the pto speed is on an old JDeere M? Curious if it can handle a bush hog
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    M Series John Deere

    I bought one at a tractor show on a dvd years ago
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    Anyone have a solution to eradicating moles ??

    Applying Milky Spores destroys the grub cycle thus removing the food source for moles
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    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    That may be true for newer generation engines but finding parts for the older Yanmar engines is tough
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    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    It sounds like you got a deal.I had it in my head that I needed a compact and bought a 855 JD used and the engine blew up after struggling to find replacement parts I got it fixed but wish I’d gotten something with more horsepower and a loader.Lesson learned
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    NX5510 - No hydraulics after filter and fluid change

    Hopefully you can get it working properly Guess I’ll remember to avoid changing fluid in colder temperatures
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    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    I’ve always tried to see what local dealers are selling used tractors for and then buy from a private seller for less.Generally anything with a good loader on it holds value well
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    When I visited Europe I noticed that everything ran on diesel,trucks,cars,minivans you name it but here quite the opposite the government has done all it can to see diesel’s are kept only for industrial purposes
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    I could never figure out why diesel is more expensive than gasoline when the refinement process is more expensive for gas than diesel.All about control I guess
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    855 replacement yanmar

    Right about the dealerships they’ll gouge you if they can.I’m having a local farm mechanic do the installation that was recommended to me by a genuine farmer in my area that’s used him before Thanks for your help
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    855 replacement yanmar

    Don’t know it was recently serviced when I got it back in June from a local JD dealer.never thought it would happen
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    855 replacement yanmar

    I bought one that isn’t a exact match but I think it’s going to work.Oufit in Indiana has them brand new no core
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    "Sharpened" the bush hog blades

    I know they’re a b__ch to take off I think I’d rather flip it over and use the angle grinder
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    855 replacement yanmar

    I think I wasted it,I was pushing snow and the rpm dropped so I increased the throttle went a little further and the oil light flashed then it quit,behind me was a trail of oil
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    855 replacement yanmar

    I'm looking for a replacement engine for my JD 855,it exhaust manifold appears none are available has anyone swapped out for another model other than the 3TN75RJ? I found another,same HP exhaust manifold is different not sure if anything else is different,can anyone advise? Thanks