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    25HP Robin engine surging on PT425

    I played around with gas supply and blew back into the tank and dislodged some crud from the outlet.....didn't help yet the next day it ran perfect. A week later it started again and removed the gas tank, cleaned out some more crud at the outlet and changed out the tubing but nothing. I...
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    25HP Robin engine surging on PT425

    I ran out of gas last week, filled it up and it immediately started to surge. I opened the hood and noticed I forgot to put the cap on so that I discovered the problem but that didn't help. I called young son who told me to change the fuel filter. I cussed through that job and finally removed...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

    I replaced the hydraulic seals in the bucket cylinder about a year ago and noticed it was making a creaking noise and leaking the other day. I remember the cylinder arm coming to rest on something a few weeks ago and am concerned it may have slightly bent it???? I have another rebuild kit so...
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    PT425 48" Brush Hog Broken Bolt Removal Tip

    Finally got around to working on the bolt. I bought my PT new in 2017 so the newer brush hogs are different. You don't have to take anything off the top of the unit. My son just took his impact gun and removed 5 bolts from the underside and it dropped down and we backed the bolt out with a...
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    425 Emergency Brake

    I hate using it because I just don't have the strength to disengage it but loaded it on trailer last week to go help a friend so used it on the trailer. Anyhow, now it won't disengage all the way and keeps clicking. The lever won't stay all the way down and quicly creeps back up about half...
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    48" Brush Hog Re-Assemble

    Thanks bunches😀
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    PT425 48" Brush Hog Broken Bolt Removal Tip

    First timer for changing a broken bolt. I luckily found the spacer, washer, and blade. I have read everything but not comprehending a lot. Where to start? ....big nut with cotter pin?.... 4 motor bolts? I am assuming that the drum on the under side has to come off. Any advice would be...
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    25HP Robin blew up today

    We've had somewhat of a drought in Central Iowa this summer and my 1/3 acre front yard of my new house has been like a dust bowl. Long story short, haven't been cleaning the air cleaner enough and at 55 hours in on next oil and hydrualic fluid filter change (was going to change today), it made...
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    Major Malfunction

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    Major Malfunction

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    Major Malfunction

    425 hours on my 2017 PT-425 and today the joystick assembly in front of the quick implement release lever broke out at the bottom protrusion. I lifted the bucket with nothing in it and it just continued to go up to it's max. Height but wouldn't come down. I looked underneath to see what was...
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    Robins 25hp keeps cutting out

    Thanks MossRoad :-) .... I filled it with gas and then since the hood was up decided to look at the throttle and choke mechanisms to make sure they were working fine and low and behold.... I had a broken spring on what a carpenter friend said was the governor. He said a quick fix... we will...
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    Robins 25hp keeps cutting out

    My muffler header pipe got a crack in it near 1st cylinder and completely fell off a few weeks ago so I had a friend do some fabricating and installed my son's concoction of a motorcycle muffler on it. It was working fine with no muffler but loud as ****. My son changed the oil and hydraulic...
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    Why to never run out of gas

    Found out the hard way why I should never run out of gas. I was building a small road with a switchback near the ravine in back of our daylight basement and ran out driving down toward the switchback. I am afraid I panicked when the 425 ran out of gas and immediately started coasting downhill...
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    Robins 25 HP Surging

    Took out the 425 to acreage today to spread out two trucks of gravel on my mud road. Before I left, I greased it up, cleaned the air filter and topped off fluids. I used it yesterday and it ran, it was constantly surging unless I was using the treadle in forward or reverse...
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    Spring fun

    Building a house on 7 acres this summer and with our last snow this past week, have finally got the chance to start prepping for the build. I installed the thumb on my 425 mini hoe this morning and was very impressed with how it helped with the 15 to 20 trees a buddy and I cut down. He cut and...
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    New PT425 and Trip

    My son and I left last Tuesday morning for Tazewell (we live in central Iowa).... took our time getting there and picked up a 18' car trailer in Coeburn, Va (not too far from Tazewell) on Wed., and spent Wed. night in Tazewell and loaded up first thing on Thrus. morning. The picture shows the...
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    425 Road Work

    After looking at Power Trac for 15 years, I believe I am ready to purchase one finally. One of the first things I will need it for is putting in a about 400 ft of road and am curious if any of the attachments, box blade, buckets, etc. can be modified to be mounted so they can cut at an angle to...