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    PT422 at online auction

    Found on internet. Just posting... have no other knowledge or interest. Power Trac Pt422 Articulating 4X4 tractor with attachments | Online Auctions | Proxibid
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    That's a great list of observations.
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    Yeah, it's a conversation piece or yard art.
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    Saw this listed on Facebook. I'm not interested in it just thought I would post. Log into Facebook
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    Kohler on PT425

    Probably reading too much into this but the new PowerTrac website seems to be showing a Kohler motor on the PT425. Perhaps an older picture. The revolving picture under PT-425 Specifications
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    Buying Advice Newbie Questons

    Looking strongly at buying a PT-425 and had some questions. Never owned a tractor. Will be used to landscape and mow my 5 acres. 1) Power Trac Website seems to be down a lot - almost all the time. Makes me wonder about support. How is customer service? 2) Have 22 degree slopes that I have...
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    Wanted PT-425 with low hours

    Looking for a Power Trac PT-425 with low hours. I'm located in Charlotte.