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    I’m looking to buy a Rototiller to run behind a Kubota MX 5200. Any suggestions regarding width and forward or reverse rotation?
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    Buying Advice Looking to buy

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with J and K auction and sales in Flint Texas? They seem to have a lot of low hour tractors at reasonable prices. Thanks in advance.
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    LS mt357

    Does anyone have any experience with a mt357? I drove one the other day and it seemed pretty comfortable and well laid out. I have a quote of 34,xxx otd delivered, it seems like a fair price. I am also looking at a Branson 5835r which seems pretty much like apples to apples. Ls dealer is 25...
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    Anyone own or have any experience with a Branson 5835r? Good or bad?
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    Anyone have any experience with a Branson 5835r? Good or bad?
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    Does anyone own or have any information on the 2750e? I know it has a Shibaura engine but where is the tractor manufactured?
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    2019 DK5510

    I 'm looking for opinions on a 2019 DK5510. It has 1100 hrs. on the clock, new fel, telescoping lower links and stabilizers and is gear drive with a mechanical shuttle. It has the remain factory warranty and appears to bear in good shape. Can get for $25,500, otd. What do you think.
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    10 foot offset disk

    Before going to look at a Ford 10' offset disk I would like an opinion if my 83 hp 4wd tractor is enough?
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    Buying Advice Agco GT75

    Does anyone have any information about this tractor?