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    Bad luck with Q1250001 filter assemblies.

    It seems i get only a few primes each unit. Is there a rebuild kit like they have for duramax's? Anywho got an assembly on the way. The original lasted a long time and several uses. The replacement, an exact match I got one maybe two primes and its been at most 2 years. Now I've ordered the LS...
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    FEL that fits a 4320C ?

    hello. I doubt I'll ever find a Montana FEL for my 4320C. So, I'm wondering what other FEL's would fit? Or if someone has a lead on FEL in the SF Bay area that would be great. Thanks.
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    screaching rotational noise springs up intermittently under load.

    I have a 4320 with cab. This situation is hard to describe. It happens in any gear. I can be harrowing and suddenly a screeching rotational noise comes on from steering counsel or bottom of it. I push in clutch and still have the sound. I take it out of gear and still have the sound. I put the...
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    MF-30 rear PTO, rear attachments

    I'm spoke to the owner of a MF-30 backhoe loader for sale. He says I can' remove the loader but it doesn't have a PTO. I think he's mistaken as I've seen many for sale postings of the same model with gannon's, etc. Maybe I can't use rear PTO's like a tiller. I don't know. So, will other...
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    husq yt21k46 tires - need flatless tires

    i have a yth21k46, and want to make the current tires flatless or replace them with a flatless or a tire that's tough and won't go flat just by looking at a thorn. 1). what's a good product to make a lasting flatless out of my current tires? 2). what's a good source for new on rim flatless...