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    After market cutting edge?

    Hey all. I have a no name FEL with a little bitty bucket on it. I'm wondering if anyone has found a good source for a hardened cutting edge for a 48" bucket. I would like a reversible one, held one by carriage bolts. The mild steel edge....isn't gonna cut it. :cautious:
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    Switching FEL valve body to another.

    I have an old Yanmar Ym 2000D with a FEL, looks like a home built jobbie. It currently has a two spool valve body to operate the FEL. Well a friend gave me another valve body that is a three spool. It is slightly smaller in size but the fitting holes are of a very similar size. I’m wondering how...
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    Help ID-ing Montana Tractor?

    Hi all. I'm trying to help a friend repair her tractor. She had a "mobile" tractor mechanic come put a new clutch in it. He put the tractor back together but thats where the work stopped. I ran up the other day to a pile of parts and a mess. Biggest issue is the pressure tube from the hydraulic...
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    PTO snowblower?

    Hi all. Been lurking for a while but finally signed up to start getting my feelers out for some snow removal equipment. The quick specs. Roughly 3/8 mile driveway, slight down hill grade into the property, lots of parking spaces/turn arounds to keep after. Choice of a Yanmar 1500 19hp, or a...