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  1. Brendanspapa

    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    I'm down from four to two this year, having sold two antique tractors that ran. I have a skid steer and two 4x4 cab tractors, and access to two more. I run a hay business which requires all of this. If I had only the property to maintain, I would probably have one 4x4 cab tractor in the 70 hp...
  2. Brendanspapa

    Homemade wooden snowplow - thoughts?

    I suggest cutting down the unused Fisher and putting it on an adapter plate. Remove the blade from the mounting frame, cut down the length and height to suit, and attach to plate.
  3. Brendanspapa

    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    In a diesel engine, the fuel burns relatively slowly, as it's injected into the cylinder, rather than rapidly, as in a spark ignition (gasoline engine). Further, the combustion (burning) process progresses only as it encounters enough oxygen in the cylinder, which may be further away from the...
  4. Brendanspapa

    Mowing on slopes maximum angle before tip

    Here's an old, but relevant video that is very interesting. Everyone should see this.
  5. Brendanspapa

    Mowing on slopes maximum angle before tip

    I realize this is not a definitive answer, rather some items to consider: A tractor will overturn once the center of gravity falls outside plane of the support points, i.e. the contact point of rear tires and the front pivot. This can vary widely depending on machine, and the loads it carries...
  6. Brendanspapa

    Backup Camera to replace mirrors on cabbed tractor

    The ones on Amazon are cheap for a reason. They are mostly junk; don’t have very good optics, cameras with fisheye lenses that don’t provide a good picture for any distance. The (expensive) ones from the tractor dealers and some of the online camera companies are okay. I’ve tried them all.
  7. Brendanspapa

    Kubota M6060 Cast Iron Rear Wheel Question

    Leave it alone. The pro’s who change rear tractor and other heavy equipment tires prefer to leave the rim mounted on the machine to hold it in place while they change the tire. Search YouTube for change tractor tire and you’ll see.
  8. Brendanspapa

    Moving from 1/2 ton truck to HD truck

    I agree with the comments above about stability when towing a heavy trailer, but the more important factor is braking. The 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks all have bigger brakes, which provide much better stopping power, and more importantly, downhill speed control on long grades. Later model Diesels...
  9. Brendanspapa

    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    Have you considered a pull scraper? They can remove/load, haul, and level as you dump. Search for them on the used equipment sites like Trackerhouse and Machinerypete. There’s two types, one loads and hauls and the other simply drags.
  10. Brendanspapa

    MF 1835M loader support collapsed on tractor

    It appears to be poor fabrication. I would definitely take it back to the dealer and try to get a replacement under warranty.
  11. Brendanspapa

    Introduction and pole barn planning help

    Your local building materials supplier should be able to help with the engineering details, as they are fairly standard for a given area. I recently built a similar building, using steel trusses on 6 x 6 posts. Posts are ground contact pressure treated, set 3 ft. deep into a 4 ft. deep x 18”...
  12. Brendanspapa

    trying to price a trailer before the auction

    You really don’t want to haul a skid steer in a dump trailer for several reasons; no dovetails means using portable ramps (which are inadequate for several reasons), inadequate approach angles to allow the back end of the SS to clear the ground or ramps, high break over angle at the top of the...
  13. Brendanspapa

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    I buy used equipment. I carefully decide what I need, and wait patiently until I find something that meets my (high) expectations, and isn’t so old that new parts aren’t available. I’m also diligent about inspecting before buying. Last I bought tractor was seven years old with 385 hours on the...
  14. Brendanspapa

    Measuring/calculating PTO speed (not PTO speed = Machine speed / implement speed)

    There’s one for iPhones, called video tachometer. There may be some for Android phones too.
  15. Brendanspapa

    Aluminum equipment trailers.

    After reading about all the other comments, my recommendation would be to get a good steel 9 ton trailer and get on with it. That’ll give you some reserve capacity and a reliable trailer.
  16. Brendanspapa

    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    A single moldboard plow might do it, depending on how deep you want to go.
  17. Brendanspapa

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    The pressure in a 1 lb. Propane tank is the same as a 20 lb. , or a 200 lb. Tank. The pressure of propane vapor is a function of the temperature only. I would recommend against using any tank under pressure without a safety relief valve.
  18. Brendanspapa

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    Adding weight also improves stability. This is critical when using a loader and operating on slopes.
  19. Brendanspapa

    Used Kubota M7040. What do I need to know?

    I had a used M7040DTC with 3200 hrs. that I bought for my hay operation. I didn’t like the mechanical shuttle. I made some adjustments but it never was totally satisfactory. The throw out bearing went out just as the season started, so I spent $4k for a complete clutch replacement. A seal leaked...
  20. Brendanspapa

    Are we in the USA really this far behind?

    We’ll get what we are willing to pay for. The equipment marketing people are always looking and listening to their customers. If there’s a need for something in any quantity (more than a few) they’ll find a way to provide it. Some things stick and are successful, like disc mowers. Others are...
  21. Brendanspapa

    Farmall Cub-Still a Good Small Farm Tractor?

    The Cub is a tough durable machine. It’s perfect if you have a lot of time to work with it, and don’t have any other hobbies, obligations, or passions. If not, get a modern tractor that is more powerful, with available sources of good attachments, as well as service and repair parts. It’s your...
  22. Brendanspapa

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    Yes, I have been using one for several years
  23. Brendanspapa

    Buying Advice Buying a backhoe ?

    Seems as if backhoes are one of the least liked tractor attachments, per an article on another forum. They are difficult to install and remove, and don’t have the functionality of an excavator, for starters. If you have a lot of backhoe work on a regular basis, you likely need to consider a good...
  24. Brendanspapa

    Farmall Cub-Still a Good Small Farm Tractor?

    The cub, although once popular isn’t a good farm tractor. They’re a nice collector item at best. They lack several useful features; 1) power, 2)adequate weight, 3) live or independent PTO, 4) three point hitch, 5) good sources for the required non-standard (non 3 pt.) implements, safety...
  25. Brendanspapa

    Old Tractor Guy TBN Newbie

    Hey all. I'm an old guy who likes tractors, old and new. I confess to having four, three currently running, to keep up a small farm in mountains of western North Carolina that I frequent on weekends. The current stable has a Farmall M, a Farmall Super C, a MF 135, and a Kubota L3430 HSTC, with...