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    640 loader issue

    I have a JD 6410 with a 640 loader and have lost power on the raise/lower function. It will raise slowly if empty, but won't lift anything. The curl function works fine, I can raise the tractor off the ground with the bucket. I thought I may have a bad boom cylinder so I rebuilt both of them. I...
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    6410 reverser/starting issue

    Having an issue with my 6410. The problem began with the reverser not working correctly, it would only go into reverse and when I put it to forward it also would beep and go in reverse. I shut it down and now nothing happens when I turn the key to start it. It appears that it thinks it's not...
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    Where do you buy your tires?

    Looking to replace some tires around here. Any online retailers that are recommended? Looking for a 26x12-12 for the baler and several 9.5L-15 for the wagons.
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    JD 6410 how do you change from Km to Mph?

    I have a 99 6410, did an extensive rebuild on it and had power disconnected for an extended time. How do i switch the dash back to show Mph instead of Km?
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    JD 6410 how do you remove this?

    I took the 8 bolts out, and removed the snap ring. But it doesn't budge and don't want to force anything I'm not supposed to. Pic to follow
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    6410 steering cylinder removal

    I need to reseal the steering cylinder on my 6410. How do you get the cylinder removed from the axle housing?
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    What is this?

    I have a '99 6410. This sensor is located on the top of the head near the firewall on the drivers side. It has one wire coming out of it that isn't connected to anything. The first picture uploaded sideway's for some reason...gotta turn your head to the left.
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    6410 Hydraulic temp light coming on

    I'm having an issue with my 6410 that perhaps someone could help with? I recently had to change the pump located inside the front of the transmission. I noticed the shaft was cracked (on the outside, no damage inside) while changing out the u-joints on the short driveshaft from the engine. I...