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  1. Arky217

    Cheap overhead doors

    I'm close to finishing building a barn. It has (3) 8' openings in which I would like to put 8' x 7' high overhead doors. I built the barn cheap (milled my own lumber) and would like to make the doors as cheap as possible also. Unfortunately, a 8'x7' overhead door in my area runs north of $750...
  2. Arky217

    10x16.5 tube in a 10x16 tire

    I have a 4 wheel drive kubota L4200; it has industrial tread tires on the front. The size on the tires is 10x16. The right tire has a tube and it gives me no problem. The left tire is tubeless and it leaks flat within a week. I'm having a problem finding a 10x16 inner tube, but there seem to be...
  3. Arky217

    Kubota L4200 fuel shutoff

    I have a kubota L4200. Ever since I got it, the way I stop the engine is to pull the cable connected to the lever on the fuel shutoff valve. That lever also has a solenoid to shut off the fuel that has never worked. Today, I decided to check it out. The wire to the solenoid does not have 12...
  4. Arky217

    Rubber floor mats for inexpensive workshop flooring

    Northern Tool has these 24"x24"x3/8" thick EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber) floor mats that have enterlocking edges for $10 for a pack of 4. I have a 20'x20' raised foundation workshop that has planks for the floor. The planks have about 1/8" to 3/16" gap between them. I was thinking about...
  5. Arky217

    Propane camp stove to a bulk storage tank

    As a backup to my heat pump, I have a through the wall vented propane heater. It operates on convection only; does not require electricity. It is fed by a 500 gal. storage tank located 20 feet from the house. I would like to tie in to the line coming in to the heater to operate a propane...
  6. Arky217

    Replace loader lift/tilt cylinders with larger ones ?

    I have a Kubota L4200 with the Kubota 680 loader. The lift and tilt cylinders are leaking. They all are 24" long with a 2" bore. The best price that I've found for rebuilding the cylinders is $100 each. I was looking at the Northern Tools catalog and noticed that I can get new 2" bore x 24"...
  7. Arky217

    Kubota hydraulic problem ?

    I have a Kubota model L4200 with Kubota loader. I think it's about a 1998 model; I've had it for about 8 years. It appears to me to have a problem with the bucket tilt being very weak. It has been like this ever since I had it. Just now, for example, I unloaded a bundle of 16 pieces of 29ga...
  8. Arky217

    Kubota loader control too sensitive

    Hello all, I have a Kubota L4200 with loader. Every time I use the loader to do something somewhat delicate, it seems to be too sensitive. In other words, say I want to lift something or lower something slowly, it seems that I keep moving the control lever and then suddenly the loader jerks...
  9. Arky217

    Net Buddy for your ISP

    Just wondering if anyone here uses NetBuddy for their ISP. NetBuddy uses AT&T towers and if you're in AT&T 4G LTE coverage area, you are supposed to get truly unlimited (no data caps, no throttling) internet at 4G LTE speed for $60/month with no contract. It also requires that you buy one of...
  10. Arky217

    Condensation question ?

    Does anyone have a garage or storage building that has metal siding directly over the studs ? If so, do you ever get condensation on the inside of the metal siding ? I'm building a small garage. I will have plywood and metal on the roof. But on the walls, I'm considering just diagonal braces...
  11. Arky217

    Should I change my oil & filter ?

    It's been 5 years since I changed the engine oil and filter in my Kubota L4200, But in that time I only put 100 hours on tractor. I used Shell Rotella 5W40 and a Kubota filter. Even with just 100 hours, is it a good idea to change it anyway after this much time ?
  12. Arky217

    120V well pump switch wiring

    A typical well pump pressure switch has two sets of contacts for breaking both lines of a 240V supply. But what if you have a 120V pump. Should you break both the line and the neutral with the switch or should you break only the line (and why) ? Arky
  13. Arky217

    Price Check Fair price for this Kubota L4200

    Kubota L4200, 45hp 4wd diesel tractor, R4 tires, Kubota 680 loader. Has 763 hours; completely serviced with all fluids and filters replaced at 700 hours. Also, all hydraulic hoses have been replaced. Rear tires are filled with windshield washer fluid; 3 sets of weights on the rear wheels. 8x8...
  14. Arky217


    I was going about 50 mph on a dual lane highway this morning when a pickup passed by me in the left lane. The pickup was towing a small trailer with a UTV on it. After it got about 100 feet in front of me, the highway begin to go uphill. Almost as if in slow motion, the UTV begin to roll off...
  15. Arky217

    Tires Broken tubeless valve stem, super easy fix !

    I've always believed that the saying, "easy, cheap, good - pick any two" applied to just about everything, but I think I've found an exception. I broke the metal valve stem off of the right rear, loaded tire (size 17.5L-24) on my Kubota L4200. I lost about 1 or 2 of the 50 gallons of WW fluid...
  16. Arky217

    Injector pump oil change ?

    In the Chinese Tractors forum there's a thread about changing the injector pump oil on a Farmpro 2420. Does this injector pump oil change apply to any model Kubota tractors ? ( Mine is a L4200)
  17. Arky217

    Used Woods BH9000 backhoe, what's it worth ?

    I'm considering a used 1999 Woods BH9000 backhoe for my L4200 tractor. The hoe looks to be in fair condition; it comes with 12" and 24" buckets, pto pump, and a subframe that fits my tractor. Seems to work ok; no apparent leaks. Don't know how many hours it's been used, but the tractor it's on...
  18. Arky217

    Metas roof to wood, screw placement, which camp are you in and why?

    (Should say Metal, not Metas but can't edit the title) Although this doesn't have anything to do with tractors, there is a two year old thread that touches on this subject and I thought I would see what today's opinions are. My research on this reveals that there are at least two basic camps of...
  19. Arky217

    Why so much positive camber ?

    I have a Kubota L4200; from the first day I got it, I've wondered why it has so much positive camber on the front wheels. (I tend to notice these things since I was a front end mechanic in what seems like was a previous life). As measured from the middle of the tire's sidewall top to bottom, it...
  20. Arky217

    Weak curl on LA680 loader ?

    Well, I seem to have found the limit of my tractor loaders curling ability. The tractor is a Kubota L4200 with a LA680 loader. I have homemade 3' bucket forks for it. When I went to unload a pallet of 12 bags of Quickcrete (total of 720#), the loader would lift it just fine but it wouldn't...
  21. Arky217

    Pics of my new to me L4200

    Finally got around to figuring out how to upload pictures. Here is a pic of my Kubota L4200 that I got a few months ago, and some of the modifications that I've made to it. Tooth bar, bucket grapple, chain on forks, grill guard cover, ROPS cover, belly pan, operators cage. It's a '96 model with...
  22. Arky217

    Filled tires PLUS wheel weights ?

    I read in a couple of old posts that if you have wheel weights AND loaded tires, it could put too much strain on your drive axles, etc. My L4200 Kubota doesn't have filled tires but it has 3 sets of wheel weights (total of 360 #). The tires are R4's, size 17.5 x 24. I just don't have enough...
  23. Arky217

    Can high oil level cause rear main leak ?

    I have a L4200. When I got it, it had 707 hrs. on it. I changed all the fluids and when I changed the engine oil and filter, I put in the specified 6.3 quarts. After running it a few minutes, the oil level was just barely above the low mark. I kept adding oil until it reached the full mark. It...
  24. Arky217

    Oil & Fuel Full oil level cause rear main seal leak ?

    I have a L4200. When I got it, it had 707 hrs. on it. I changed all the fluids and when I changed the engine oil and filter, I put in the specified 6.3 quarts. After running it a few minutes, the oil level was just barely above the low mark. I kept adding oil until it reached the full mark. It...
  25. Arky217

    King Kutter Box Blade

    I posted before about the King Kutter box blades. Through Sunday, however, Atwoods has the 6' standard duty (BB-72-Y) on sale for $422. I looked up the specs again. It does have the open end pins for the lower hitch arm connections, but the shank housing is a 1/4" thick 4x4 box. The weight is...
  26. Arky217

    8' Box Blade for a 45hp tractor ?

    I need a box blade, preferably a heavy duty one to use on rocky and root infested ground. My tractor is a Kubota L4200, 4wd, 45hp. The rear tire width is 71". The largest BB that I can find locally new is the 72" King Kutter standard duty for $550. Suppose to weigh about 515 lbs. But I have...
  27. Arky217

    Brushgrubbers by BAC Industries

    Hi, Has anyone used one of the brushgrubbers by BAC industries. BrushGrubber | Home Besides the original model, they make 3 heavier models: Heavy duty, 3/4" constr., jaws open from 1/2" to 4", 14 lbs. Extreme, 1" constr., jaws from 2" to 5", 24 lbs. Extreme plus, 1-1/2" constr., jaws from...
  28. Arky217

    Necessary to purge the lines ?

    Hi, I'm nearly ready to attach the hoses from a bucket grapple arm cylinder to one of the hydraulic remotes at the rear of the tractor. My question is: Do I need to 'crack' the fittings at the grapple arm cylinder when I first operate it to purge the air out of the hoses, or will it self purge...
  29. Arky217

    Woods 9000 backhoe__how hard to hookup/unhook

    Anyone have a Woods 9000 backhoe that is attached to one of the older Kubotas, like a L4310 or L4200 ? It uses the older 3 points of attachment subframe, Woods model # 1001199. The subframe is like a big wedge; attaches to 2 brackets at the rear of the tractor and one bracket near the front...
  30. Arky217

    Woods 9000 hoe/Kubota L4200 tractor

    I have a Kubota L4200 with mod. 680 loader and R4 tires (rears are 17.5-24). The tractor weighs 3030#, loader/bucket 1270#, wheel weights 380# for a total weight of 4680#. I am looking at a used (approx. 10 years old) Woods 9000 backhoe with subframe (that fits a L4200) and pto pump. Total...
  31. Arky217

    Forks Tip ends on homemade forks

    I'm making a set of chain on bucket forks for my pin on bucket for use mainly on brush, slabs, etc. I'm using 2"x2"x1/4" sq. tubing and will be putting about a 30 degree angle on the points. Trying to decide whether to put the slope of the angle up or down. I've seen them both ways. Which way...
  32. Arky217

    Box Scraper King Kutter Box Blade ?

    Because of finances, I have been looking for a good used box blade for some time but haven't had any luck. My tractor is a 45 hp Kubota, and the outside to outside of the rear tires is 71", so I need at least a 6' BB. The only place nearby to buy new (besides the tractor dealers, which are...
  33. Arky217

    Corsicana brush hog

    Local seller has a 5 ft. Corsicana model A3 brush hog for $150. Anyone familiar with this older brand ? Good price ? Thanks, Arky
  34. Arky217

    Best width for pallet forks ?

    If you were going to build bucket forks for your non QA bucket; AND your were going to build them in a manner that the width was not adjustable, what would be the maximum outside to outside dimension so that most pallets would fit ( I don't know if there is a standard for pallet construction...
  35. Arky217

    Priefert Quick Attach hitch

    I was in Atwoods the other day and among the cheap Chinese quick hitches was this one by Priefert. Looks very well made, and what caught my eye was that the width is adjustable and the top bar attachment is also quick hitch and adjustable as well. It's not cheap, however, at $320. Anyone have...
  36. Arky217

    Rotella vs Kubota's UDT hydraulic oil

    I want to change the hydraulic oil in my L4200 that I just acquired, as I don't know when it was last changed. Is the Rotella brand an ok replacement vs Kubota's UDT ? I can get it about $10 cheaper per 5 gal. It says on the can, "compatible with Kubota UDT". Thanks, Arky
  37. Arky217

    Oil & Fuel Oil Level Mystery

    I just changed the oil and filter in a Kubota L4200 that I recently acquired. The owners manual states that, with the filter, the oil capacity is 6.3 quarts. I drained the oil, changed the filter, added 6 quarts and then ran the engine for a few minutes. When I checked the oil level it was just...
  38. Arky217

    Mobile Delvac 1300 Super

    Just bought a used Kubota 45 hp tractor with 700 hrs. I chose Mobile Delvac 1300 Super, 15w40, when I changed the oil. I'm in Arkansas; was this choice ok, or should I have used something else ? Thanks, Arky
  39. Arky217

    Weight of a Kubota L4200

    Anyone 100% sure what a L4200, gear model with unloaded R4s, weighs ? Operators manual shows 3030# (probably meaning with R1 tires) (or could the OM mean that's the shipping weight, before wheels and tires are mounted ? ) shows 3500#, but when I emailed them about what the OM...
  40. Arky217

    LK3054, is this a fair deal ?

    1998 LK3054, 400 hrs., 30.5 hp, 8/8 with shuttle, Koyker 150 QA loader w/4 ft QA bucket, $8650. Is the price about right for this tractor ? Anyone know if the shuttle and 4 gears are synchronized ? And if it has a two stage clutch for the PTO ? Or, how about $16000 for a 2008 LK3054, 50 hrs...
  41. Arky217

    Why no economy models with synchronized trannys ?

    I have noticed a number of manufacturers have economy model CUTS at very attractive prices compared to their premium models. However, I haven't found one yet that has synchronization in both the shuttle and main gears (maybe I haven't looked hard enough yet). That would be a stumbling block for...
  42. Arky217

    CK27/30/35 R1 vs R4 plys and weight rating ?

    On the Kioti CK27/30/35, what is the weight rating of the R1s vs R4s, both front and rear, and how many plys do each type have, both front and rear ? Thanks, Arky
  43. Arky217

    All you CK owners, why did you .....

    Yes, I still haven't bought a tractor yet, (Shame on me) but I think I'm getting closer. Anyway, I'm looking hard at Kioti again, specifically at the CK series. Looking at the specs on the Kioti site, it looks like there is no difference whatsoever between the CK27, CK30, and CK35 except the...
  44. Arky217

    A hard choice !

    I've just found two tractors in my area that I'm very interested in. They are both '08 models with 1 year of the warranty used up. Both are similarly priced; the Kubota at $15,800 and the Kioti at $15000. Both have less than 100 hours on them with the 50 hour service done. They both have...
  45. Arky217

    Tractor castings, cast iron or steel

    This may sound like a dumb question, but on the premise that there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers, here goes: Are the castings on some tractors cast iron and on others steel ? By cast iron, I mean the type of metal that could be busted up with a hammer. I understand it's also very...
  46. Arky217

    ML120 loader conflicting specs

    Starting to look at Mahindra. On their web site, in the comparison charts to other brands, it shows that the ML120 loader to have 2400 lbs lift to full height at the pivot pins. However, in their PDF file on the specs, it shows this spec at 1960 lbs. One must be a misprint, but which one ...
  47. Arky217

    Buying Advice Advise, advise, advise (please)

    (Moderator, since this post involves a Kioti as well, I also posted it in the Kioti forum. If this is a no-no, please delete the Kioti forum post. Thanks, Arky) Boy, this tractor buying decision is getting old; I'll probably be too old and feeble to climb on a tractor by the time I decide what...
  48. Arky217

    Buying Advice Advise, advise, advise (please)

    (Moderator, since this post involves a Kioti as well, I also posted it in the Kioti forum. If this is a no-no, please delete the Kioti forum post. Thanks, Arky) Boy, this tractor buying decision is getting old; I'll probably be too old and feeble to climb on a tractor by the time I decide what...
  49. Arky217

    Are CK vs DK PTO specs wrong ?

    On Kioti's website, the DK35SEHST is shown to have 38 gross engine hp and the CK35HST is shown at 34 gross engine hp. However, the PTO hp of the CK35HST is shown at 26.5 hp whereas the DK35SEHST is shown at only 27 hp, just 1/2 hp more, even though it has 4 more gross hp. Surely, this must be a...
  50. Arky217

    L3400 with Woods LC102 loader, anyone have one ?

    I am considering the L3400HST, but wondering if I should get the Woods LC102 loader. It is rated 500 lbs greater lift at the pins than the LA463 Kubota loader, but in my area, the price increase would be just about $1000. If you have the L3400 with the Woods LC102, please comment on how it...