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  1. farmerboybill

    PTO Adapter

    John Deere B. Those Allis Bs are cute little buggers. A friend of mine has one that his uncle bought new during WWII. His uncle had to go to an auction and draw lots to have the right to buy it. Everything was price controlled at the time, so they couldn't just sell it to the highest...
  2. farmerboybill

    Is this BCS PTO linkage installed backwards?

    In the first picture, do you have the reverser set to reverse, correct? If so, it looks like you need to drive out the roll pin the holds the bumper, rotate it 180 degrees, and reinstall the roll pin. Here's a pic of my 830 in tiller mode, but you get the idea.
  3. farmerboybill

    mouldboard plough

    Have you looked into a Berta rotary plow? They're a fantastic attachment with no extra weight needed. Otherwise, you can pull a moldboard plow with a walk-behind. Earth Tools makes a pair of barbell posts to mount to the center of the wheel to mount barbell weight plates. This is the most...
  4. farmerboybill

    Ordered a Berta two stage blower and a set of tracks

    Haven't had a chance to use them lately. I'm building a 40 by 80 shed right now. Also looking for a window to seed down 30 acres of spring wheat and alfalfa.
  5. farmerboybill

    Good machine for sale in nm on ebay

    Hey all, Looks like a good opportunity for a BCS 830 in New Mexico for $600 on ebay. It has oversized tires, too. Maybe 6.5-12s. BCS Walkbehind Tractor Model 830 with 8HP Kohler Engine and 26" Rototiller | eBay
  6. farmerboybill

    Ordered a Berta two stage blower and a set of tracks

    Hey Jens, Those other tracks are nice - they're wider and they offer more clearance, but they're also over $2500 plus shipping. They adapt them from 4 wheeler tracks, so they are very durable for use on a two wheel tractor. I'd love to have a set were it not for the cost. Hey Codemonkey, If...
  7. farmerboybill

    Ordered a Berta two stage blower and a set of tracks

    According to a page Chris at Earth Tools sent me, the axle height on the steel tracks is 11", rubber gear reduction tracks is 11.5", hi speed tracks is 9.5". The rubber gear reduction gives you 2" more clearance versus the hi-speed track I have. BUT, your speeds are reduced by half. 1st gear...
  8. farmerboybill

    Ordered a Berta two stage blower and a set of tracks

    No tracks yet. Wanted to try the blower. It's a freaking beast!
  9. farmerboybill

    Ordered a Berta two stage blower and a set of tracks

    Hey all, I've wanted to buy a two stage Berta snow blower for awhile now. I usually clean my 1500' driveway (plus half-again more around the buildings) with my skid steer & 100" bucket, but I think I can clear heavy snows faster with the walk-behind. Hope to have it, and the tracks, by the...
  10. farmerboybill

    Review on Caravaggi BIO-90

    Hey all, I got a chance to run my BIO-90 today and had time to make a little video. I've been saying for a long time that the BIO-90 doesn't get near enough attention. I had a BIO-100 and used it for many hours, but got rid of it to buy a BIO-90. It has many advantages over the BIO-100...
  11. farmerboybill

    Helpful info regarding clutch use

    Hey all, The flail mower is a great attachment. It cuts anything up to 3/4 inch brush and mulches it very fine. Unfortunately, I've seen a couple machines come in with smoked clutches now. Joel wrote up a nice little info sheet on proper clutch use. I'll copy and paste it here. From Earth...
  12. farmerboybill

    Seed drill build thread

    No-till drills allow you to plant into untilled ground. Basically a no-till drill has a single straight or wavy coulter that cuts through the trash, a pair of straight disks very slightly angled into a Vee to open the row, a gauge wheel to maintain depth, and a firming wheels to close and firm...
  13. farmerboybill

    Leveling semi-packed dirt after removing brush?

    I don't think he meant power harrow.
  14. farmerboybill

    My two Diesels

    Planted my potatoes last night (yes, VERY late). These wheels are ridiculous! They're great!
  15. farmerboybill

    My two Diesels

    Now with bigger rubber! I had these on an 852 for mowing a couple years ago and hadn't used them since. They're on 4 wheeler rims,so I took two plates, drilled one for the BCS, one for the rims, and welded them on a 5" piece of pipe. The Honda GX390 was too wide to mount them up directly, I...
  16. farmerboybill

    My two Diesels

    Hey all, Bought this 735 several years ago. It had been in a shed fire - the tires, cables, and engine were burned badly, but the transmission was only discolored by smoke. The cables still have the sleeves burned, and it still has the smoke residue, but I transplanted this NOS Acme diesel I...
  17. farmerboybill

    Photos of a BCS BIO-100 Chipper?

    You replaced it with your well-made adapter. The feeding difficulties come from the size of the unit. There's really nothing you can do to increase the capacity of a BIO-100. If you put forth the effort to build a variable speed force-feeder, you could get better efficiency, but that would...
  18. farmerboybill

    Primary/heavy tillage w/ BCS850

    You need weight, traction, speed, and clearance to moldboard plow. A moldboard plow will never do as good a job as the rotary plow, but it will do a decent job if you fulfill those 4 requirements. This is a picture of me plowing with my 850 when it had the V-twin Briggs from March 2009. From...
  19. farmerboybill

    I got the stump grinder, but it may be awhile before a video.

    6 degrees this morning. Talking 6" of snow tonight into tomorrow. I was thinking about hooking up the BIO-90 instead to show how well it works in dry wood. We'll see how today goes. The stump grinder sure is a heavy duty rig, by the looks of it. I'm excited to try it out.
  20. farmerboybill

    Maybe Mr. Gravely saw one of these when he invented the rotary plow???

    Hey all, Found a neat video of an IH terracer plow. These were made by another company with an IH plow as the base. Kinda looks like a rotary plow, eh? These were built in the 1940's.
  21. farmerboybill

    Gonna get me a stump grinder for my BCS

    Hey all, I just cut down a pair of 20" pine trees in my yard on Monday. Joel is now carrying a stump grinder. It's made by Caravaggi, the same maker of BCS's older BIO-100(now made by Del Morino), as well as the BIO-80, BIO-90, and BIO-150, so you know it's gonna be a quality attachment...
  22. farmerboybill

    hiller/furrower on grillo tiller

    Yes, you need to buy a part to do so. They're right around $20. It's the silver part in the pic. Contact your local Grillo dealer or Earth Tools
  23. farmerboybill

    BCS 850 fuel problems

    If I remember right, you replaced the fuel cap? Try running it with the cap loose. Maybe the the fuel tank isn't venting properly. I have a John deere 60 that I've long intended to replace the cap because it'll die after 15 minutes work. Turn the cap, hear a whoosh, and get another 15...
  24. farmerboybill

    very good deal on a BCS 830

    Saw this on the Waterloo IA CL - Garden equipment, BCS Model 830, walk-behind tractor (9 h.p. B.S. Vanguard engine), BCS 26" rear mount tiller, BCS 24" snow thrower, BCS Bio 100 chipper shredder. All gear driven, heavy duty equipment. See BCS website for current prices and descriptions. $2000...
  25. farmerboybill

    If anyone is nearby - Living Green expo in Dubuque Iowa

    Hey all, Just wanted to let anyone who is close enough know that the 2nd annual Living Green expo is going to be at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds on March 29th. It's a very small show that I hope grows into a larger event. CROPP Cooperative (better known as Organic Valley) will have their...
  26. farmerboybill

    Chipper Wallenstein BX40 chipper - How much HP is too muich HP?

    Hey all, I have an 8500ish laying hen operation. The barns were poorly designed, so they condensate badly. The cost of buying wood shavings is brutal. I've spent over $1000 in shavings so far this winter and the barns are still too wet. Since I have 90 acres of woods, an OWB, and 4 miles of...
  27. farmerboybill

    any betra flail setup or use tips?

    Hey McKenzie, You make a valid point about the bumper being down to protect from flying objects. I was thinking more about getting material into the rotor, not about objects flying back out. If the bumper is higher, the material will flow in better, but you do increase the risk of flak. As...
  28. farmerboybill

    Good advice on how to properly engage the clutch.

    Hey all, I imagine many have already seen this, but thought I'd put it out there for those who have not. Joel posted a "Proper Clutch Engagement & Use on Walk-Behind Tractors" essay on his site. Here's the link. clutch_use
  29. farmerboybill

    This here is a Beaaauuutiful 850 on ebay.

    Hey all, They're asking a premium price, but I think it's worth it. I really like the 830/850s. They're simple to use, simple to fix, and offer a lot of modern features. The onl;y thing that'd make me hesitate is that v-twin Briggs engine. It's a very powerful, very smooth engine, but it's...
  30. farmerboybill

    LOVE my KD440

    Hey all, I used to use my 830 in the winter on a 60" Cycle Country snow blade adapted to fit on front of the dozer blade. That was when I had a driveway 3 cars wide and 50ish feet long. I sold the dozer blade, thinking I'd come across another one. I haven't yet. Still got the snow blade in...
  31. farmerboybill

    Check out the new mowers - Bellon brand

    Hey all, I saw Joel is offering a new mower brand - Bellon. So new, he's only got them listed on the price list, but not in the mower tab under implements. He sent me the link to the manufacturer. Bad news is the site is Italian only. Good news is they look sweeeet! I'm gonna buy the 800...
  32. farmerboybill

    And now, for something totally different - walking behind the baler!

    Hey all, This past summer, I helped a friend that owns about 88 acres of ground. 65 acres is woods on a bluff. Of the remaining ground, he has 10ish acres of hay. He also bales road ditches where he can. Instead of buying either older equipment or paying through the nose on all new...
  33. farmerboybill

    Maybe I'll be a Gravely owner now....

    Hey all, This Gravely just came up for sale nearby me. Anyone have any input on it? I'm fairly excited to own one if only "just 'cause".
  34. farmerboybill

    BCS America upgraded their site.

    Hey all, BCS America very recently upgraded thier site. It looks very nice. I'm interested in thier new lineup of mechanical tillage tools. May have to order a Root Digger just to see if it's as nice as the Aldo Biagioli digger from Earth Tools. Root Digger // BCS America
  35. farmerboybill

    Regarding BCS dealer's stocking a pricing.

    Hey John, A while back you posted this on another topic - Though I disagreed, I chose not to say anything. While at the conference, some things came to light that prodded me into making a response. You know as well as I that what you state about prices is a pure, bold-faced lie. Most BCS...
  36. farmerboybill

    Back from the MOSES conference.

    Hey all, I just got back from another very intense show at the MOSES Organic Conference in La Crosse, WI. Over 3000 participants attended - all with a strong interest in locally, sustainably grown organic food. Many participants have market gardens and small flocks and herds to provide food...
  37. farmerboybill

    UNcommon uses for a Walk-behind Two-wheel tractor...

    CMyoung's post about his very useful homemade barrow got me thinking about the uncommon uses for these little guys. My most unusual task for my 850 diesel is with a power sweeper. I use it to sweep out my chicken barn when I clean out. The skid steer and tractor with manure spreader do all...
  38. farmerboybill

    Balance question?Berta Rotary/853

    Sorry, I misunderstood. I didn't realize you had tried it already. The biggest thing you need when plowing is adequate soil moisture. It will dig through powder dry soil with a lot of work, but it will do MUCH better with the soil moist, but not wet. I attached pics of some jobs I did with...
  39. farmerboybill

    Wanna see how you can destroy a spader?

    I saw this video several months ago and just shook my head. I emailed him and told him that he needs to run it at an idle or just a very small bit above an idle. He's gonna destroy this spader in a very short time - I gotta make a video of my friend's spader on his Grillo 131... For some...
  40. farmerboybill

    Grading with the BCS

    Hey PGC, Nice job and thanks for the pics. I think the dozer blade doesn't get the love it deserves. I used to have a dozer blade and found it to be a nice little unit for light pushing duties. Since I'm in a "bit" cooler runnings, most of it's work was pushing snow. The video shows me...
  41. farmerboybill

    BCS "curved coupler" for DIY sulky or trailer?

    Hey PGC, Beings I don't have a BCS trailer to pull behind my machine, this is kind of outta my knowledge level. How old is your curved coupler? The curved couplers would not have needed as much clearance to get over the old flat top tillers of the early 80's. BCS stuck the depth control...
  42. farmerboybill

    Great deal on a stand-alone Caravaggi BIO-80 chipper in Ohio

    Here's a BCS badged Caravaggi BIO-80 shredder on Cincinnati Craigslist. They're a pretty hot item that can only be bought at Earth Tools otherwise. Better than the BIO-100 for shredding garden waste. $275 is a great price - Bcs bio 80 wood chipper
  43. farmerboybill

    Another nice deal on the opposite coast

    Here's a nearly perfect condition 850 for $1200 in Cali - Rototiller Professional
  44. farmerboybill

    Honeeey? Do these tires make my butt look big?!? - BCS 853 with BIG rubber

    Hey All, Gonna go help a friend cut some hay tonight and wanted to get the ol' gal dressed up for the occasion. He has an 853 Lombardini diesel with 40 inch drum mower, Molon rake, and Caeb baler, so he doesn't actually NEED my help. Still, two mowers will drop 8 acres nearly twice as fast...
  45. farmerboybill

    Del Morino rotary mowers vs. Flail mowers - for Jobobbill

    Hey Jobob, I was gonna post this on Bill in NC's thread, but decided that a new thread would be more appropriate. I don't think the Del Morino mowers are as dangerous as characterized by John. Del Morino has been building the 20 and 26 inch rough-cut rotary mowers for at least 20 years...
  46. farmerboybill

    selling some old simplicities - how much should I ask?

    Hey all, I realize we mostly talk about Gravelys, grillos and BCSs, but I got a couple simplicities I want outta my way. I have the yellow tractor's engine, it's just not mounted. The rototiller attachment has to be less common, right? Any ideas on value?
  47. farmerboybill

    Live PTO on a BCS - Attention BCSSHOP

    Hey John You had mentioned the easydrive being live PTO. I was looking over the website and could find no mention of live PTO. I saw the easydrive. But, from what I can tell, that is only a clutchless instant reverser. How long can you leave the easydrive in the middle position...
  48. farmerboybill

    Hey Gravely lovers - Wanna bid on a Gravely Rapid?

    Hey Gravely lovers - I just saw a Gravely Rapid on eBay. It's NOS in Carrsville Virginia. Might be your chance to own a Hydro Gravely - Gravely Rapid M Walk Behind Tractor with Mowing Deck, Plow and Cultivator | eBay I'd buy it, but I just dropped 7K to have my 4010 fixed, bought a...