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  1. NSBound

    Eagles at Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia

    Thought you'd enjoy. Some local chicken farmers put out chickens that didn't make it, to the delight of the local bald eagle population. The day I was there, we counted 75 eagles either circling or on the ground when the farmer showed up with 4 pails of dead chickens. 1. IMGL2226 Bald Eagle at...
  2. NSBound

    How big a fish can a duck swallow whole?

    Looks to be about a pound and a half ? ;) :) 1. IMGL8808 Mergansers - Fish Dinner Today! by Wallace River, on Flickr 2. IMGL8800 Mergansers - Fish Dinner Today! by Wallace River, on Flickr 3. IMGL8790 Mergansers - Fish Dinner Today! by Wallace River, on Flickr 4. IMGL8749 Mergansers - Fish...
  3. NSBound

    So you think you have a deer problem? No you don't!

    This video was shot near Kemptown, Nova Scotia earlier this year, where there is a logging operation going on. It's quite the flock and I'm glad they're there and not near me!
  4. NSBound

    Fishing Photos

    Thought some might enjoy these! 1 pic of a person, 3 of birds, all fishing in one way or another :). All of these shots were taken here in Nova Scotia, all within a few miles of my house, some within yards of my house :)
  5. NSBound

    What is this implement?

    At least it seems to be an "implement". Someone on another forum is striking out trying to identify this thing. Anone here?
  6. NSBound

    Look what woke me up this morning

    Now that I'm retired, and especially now with the change of time, not much will get me out of bed at sunrise. But this morning, this is what was coming in the windows, and into the door of my bedroom. It's times like this that I'm thankful to be living where I do.
  7. NSBound

    25% off at Harbor Freight

    Well, there's LOTS of exceptions in the fine print, but hopefully someone here may be able to use this'll have to print it for use.
  8. NSBound

    School Donation

    I don't have any kids living with me, so I called some relatives and offered them my 2 pumpkins (that's all I let grow) for Thanksgiving/Hallowe'en decorations. They accepted, then called back to suggest we donate them to the local public school. Apparently the principal would like them as a...
  9. NSBound

    Why my bird feeders is always empty these days

    I am surrounded!
  10. NSBound

    Good season for haying

    I have about 10 acres of land, with the "front 4 acres" being used by a local farmer. He gets to cut and keep the hay, and I get a nice cut field. Last fall he applied lots of manure. This week, when he cut the hay, he got 42 large round bales from the 4 acres - just over 10 bales per acre. He...
  11. NSBound

    House cat and a snake video

    Snakes seems to be a source of interest, including to my cat. I don't let her out loose, as she's not "street smart", but she did find this snake in the yard when I had her out on her lead, and she was eager to do something with/to it. I'm thinking (and hoping) it was just a garter snake, I...
  12. NSBound

    Old & Older

    The tractor's not mine, the car is! :) ">
  13. NSBound

    Can you drive in a post with a FEL?

    I am thinking of driving in some 6" wooden posts for a variety of projects around the yard. The local Co-op store sells them 5'-8' long and pointed on one end. Do you think I'll be able to set the FEL on top and shove down enough to get it to go into the ground a couple of feet? The soil is...
  14. NSBound

    Screeching at night

    Have you ever been outside after dark and heard screeching? I heard some eerie screeching tonight, so I "videotaped" it, although there is no video, just the sounds. And you have to turn your speakers up full to hear it. What on earth is it? :ashamed::confused2...
  15. NSBound

    6 Steps to a New Steel Arch Building

    I decided that I needed more storage space. My garage is packed, and I have tractor stuff strewn all around the yard, I had a vinyl shelter in the way in the driveway all winter (it did a good job but it got in the way when clearing snow), and I had my boat parked outside all winter. I...
  16. NSBound

    Common & Uncommon birds

    Just thought I'd post a couple of bird pics taken yesterday. The common - American Goldfinch. They're here year-round, and very colourful. The uncommon - Evening Grosbeak. Apparently these used to be around this area in large numbers but they are now quite rare. There has been a couple of...
  17. NSBound

    Met my new neighbours today!

    It was nice to see them in the daytime instead of in my driveway after dark! :)
  18. NSBound

    Coyote "Subsidy" (Bounty) in Nova Scotia

    Some of you will remember the woman who was killed by a coyote a few months ago in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There have been a few other reported "incidents" involving coyotes and the public is kind of unnerved by them now, as they are becoming less wary of humans. So the Province has announced...
  19. NSBound

    I got lucky last night

    Now stop! Just read what I have to say and don't go off like that :). Last night it was very dark, and my driveway alarm sounded, twice. They were strong signals, not like the lesser ones I get with smaller animals, grouses, etc that cross the path of the beam. Thinking intruders, because...
  20. NSBound

    Pileated Woodpecker video

    I posted this over at CBN but figured I'd put it here too. This is one big woodpecker. I know they're a bit scarce, but they are around, just usually too shy to allow videos! :) YouTube - Pileated Woodpecker at Eagle's Landing, Wallace River, Nova Scotia Canada April 14, 2010
  21. NSBound

    Backhoe Operator's Final Exam

    Well, I didn't know exactly where to post this, but it had to be posted somewhere! Imagine the confidence required to do this. Obviously the operator doesn't believe in Murphy's Law, he doesn't even wear a helmet! YouTube - Liebherr :D:D
  22. NSBound

    Tornados in W. Oklahoma!

    Anyone here live near Hammon, OK? The morning news showed some shots of tornados yesterday tearing roofs off buildings and the like. Nothing totally destoyed by the look of it, but they looked powerful from the TV video!
  23. NSBound

    12"-18" for NYC this Wednesday!

    All right already! Enough is enough! The latest Accuweather forecast on TV this morning calls for 12"-18" of snow on Wednesday for NYC and area, with 45 mph winds.
  24. NSBound

    Another blizzard coming?

    You guys in the mid-Atlantic better get that snow pushed back, here comes more around mid-week: an "exploding low"! :D
  25. NSBound

    Nova Scotia Farm Show

    For those NS members who may be interested, the Nova Scotia Farm show "Farm Nova Scotia", Expo for Small Farming is being held at Exhibition Park in Halifax, Friday March 12 through Sunday March 14. Your dealer may have free tickets for you!:)
  26. NSBound

    'Tis the Winter Solstice!

    Yay! Today is the first day of winter! Actually, the "YAY!" is for the fact that the days now start to get longer again!!! I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of it when it gets dark by 4:30 pm! :rolleyes:
  27. NSBound

    Tractor Snowmobile Combo circa 1929

    Interesting unit - - with an old Fordson tractor powering it. Fordsons were some of the big selling early farm tractors which had a lot of innovative tractor technology. YouTube - Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept :)
  28. NSBound

    Kootchie Kitty - Video gone viral

    It's just 17 seconds but the story says it's well on its way to being the most-viewed online video ever. Jay Leno had it on his show last night too :). The World Is Infected With This Fierce Beast, Attila Fluff | Infidels Paradise
  29. NSBound

    New (to me) Kubota Mower

    Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a dealer demo Kubota T1880 42" riding mower. :) I was debating between riding mower and zero turn, but this deal seemed good. The dealer had used it around his cottage this summer and wanted to clear it out of their way before winter. So, my first use...
  30. NSBound

    Hallowe'en Jack o'Lanterns

    Just thought I'd share these. I have relatives who get right into the Hallowe'en thing. They have been doing theme pumpkins for a few years, and this year was Toy Story.:D
  31. NSBound

    Nature at her best!

    I was driving down my back road today and noticed this blueberry field, touched by frost. When the maples and oaks and everything else are pretty much done, Mother Nature just added this into the mix! It's a popular field in the summer for black bears. :D
  32. NSBound

    Anybody here use portable garages?

    I never have before, but I ran out of room in the 3-car garage (workshop-old convertible-tractor:)). So I bought this one to put my daily driver in for the winter. And there's room left over to put my new riding mower!). These types of garages seem to be very popular here in Nova Scotia, and I...
  33. NSBound

    How do you hill a row?

    Now, you experienced farmers don't laugh at this newbie-to-tractors question! In the spring when I till where the vegetable garden will be, what attachment do I need to hill the rows before planting? I have a 5' tiller that I'll use first to prepare the garden area. A neighbour has a device of...
  34. NSBound

    It Pays To Ask Around

    I'm working on landscaping my yard, and am nearing the point where I'll be doing the finishing touches before seeding the lawn and creating the flower beds. So I dragged the box blade around a bit for the first time today - actually I enjoyed that and it was very effective, and I can see it'll...
  35. NSBound

    Anyone see the International Space Station lately?

    I saw it tonight! It was quite the sight, moving real quick and real bright across the sky. It was a clear night tonight, especially dark out here in the boonies, and it took 4 minutes to cross the entire sky. The space shuttle was supposed to be visible too at a lesser intensity but I didn't...
  36. NSBound

    Tilling a rocky Nova Scotia yard

    Just thought I'd demo how rocky parts of my yard are. This used to be farmland, many years ago. Parts of my property are clay, parts are sandy, and parts are like rock quarries. I suspect the rocky/stony parts may be stuff dumped in a pile then covered up when my house was being built. It sure...
  37. NSBound

    Well, I got lucky for once!!

    Three years ago when I was having my garage built, I knew that one day I would have a tractor, and that it would likely have a ROPS. I had no idea at the time what make or model of tractor I would buy, and I have read on here about folks forgetting the height of their ROPS and crashing into...
  38. NSBound

    Landscaping Question - Boxblade First, or Tiller First?

    I can't recall if I have seen this exact discussion or not, so I'll ask it this way - I am preparing the yard around my new house for lawns and gardens. I have already had about 6 loads of topsoil brought in and spread around by a bulldozer, so for the next step, am I better to boxblade the...
  39. NSBound

    New Landini 4140 Delivered Today

    Well, it was a long time coming and it was delivered today! :D:D The 4140 is 41 gross hp, with 34 hp at the PTO. I had been shopping and comparing and of course looked at Kubota (B3200), Kioti and Massey, the next 3 closest dealers to me, but all 50 kms away or more. The local dealer (4 kms...
  40. NSBound

    Eagles of the Wallace River

    Just thought I'd share this pic I got a couple of mornings ago. The Wallace River, where I now live, has an abundance of bald eagles, and they seem to be getting pretty used to me wandering around with my camera!
  41. NSBound

    What attachments did you THINK you needed but don't use much?

    Just curious. I think we're all "guilty" of thinking we need all sorts of attachments and implements. Did you ever buy any that you don't use much and now are thinking of selling, or wouldn't miss much if you didn't have them?
  42. NSBound

    Haying In Nova Scotia - 1945

    OK, maybe this isn't "Tractors and Machinery" - no tractor here! I just found this in an envelope in a "box of stuff" and thought some might want to reminisce!
  43. NSBound

    Kubota B3200 vs Landini 2840

    Hi All. The time has finally come and I am ready to spend! These are the 2 models I have come down to after lots of reading on here, and sitting on each. I'd love to hear your comments and opinions on, which way you'd go! The main differences are gross horsepower (4 in favor of the Kubota)...
  44. NSBound

    Old Pic - Nova Scotia

    Hi all. I was rummaging through some old photos that belong to a relative and came up with this oldie. It was likely taken in the 20's or 30's (I'm totally guessing here), and it was taken in the central-northern part of Nova Scotia. I am likely related to someone in the photo, but I don't know...
  45. NSBound

    Backyard Birds

    Just thought some might enjoy my newest backyard birds, "Mr. & Mrs. Honky". And no, I'm not going to catch them and eat them!!
  46. NSBound

    Well Underway !

    I am officially one step closer to home building and rural retirement! After much chasing of one of the few "cable reel" well drillers in the province, he located his gear at my property and got set up! Day one he got down maybe 20 feet. The reason I selected this method of "drilling" is that...
  47. NSBound

    Planting White Clover - Advice??

    I have a couple of sloped areas alongside a spot where I had a boat launching/dock area graded down to the edge of a river. Where the dirt was removed to slope the ground down to water level, I have decided to plant Dutch White Clover. Should I just sow it on the dirt, or should I lightly cover...
  48. NSBound

    Old Tractor Photos - Pugwash, Nova Scotia

    For all you old tractor fans (read that however you want!) here's a few photos I got yesterday at the Canada Day festivities at Pugwash, Nova Scotia. It was a beautifyl sunny breezy day, and a beautiful setting right by the ocean.
  49. NSBound

    What could go wrong with a vacant house?

    Here in Nova Scotia, when people don't pay their property taxes for 2 or 3 years, the County warns them a few times, then threatens to sell the property for taxes owing. They have an auction sale, and high bidder wins, and has to pay the amount of the bid into a trust account. The property owner...
  50. NSBound

    What is Acceptable Flow Rate?

    I'm looki ng at buying a house that will likely be on well & Septic, and have been advised to make the offer to purchase conditional on a "well flow test". I did so, and guess I'm glad I did as the first vendors refused to permit the test to be done! But now, they are having their own test done...