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  1. Dave01

    2084 Hydro Leak

    My 2084 has dripped some hydro oil since I got it but now its much worse, too much to ignore. The source is the seal where the drive shaft enters the front of the hydro, oil is coming through the seal and being slung off the rotating shaft. How hard is it to replace this seal? Any suggestions?
  2. Dave01

    Loader for 2084

    I've thought about finding a 149 or similar and putting a loader on it, but I have the 2084 with the long wheelbase and am thinking it would just make sense to put a loader on that (I think someone here mentioned that to me last year!). Does anyone have an idea what the best loader for a 2084...
  3. Dave01

    Winter Starting Question

    I'm looking out my window at 10 degrees this morning, got me thinking. I'm setting up the 2084 to plow. I'll run 5W30 dino oil. Does anyone use a block heater, or just crank it over and go? When I plowed with a JD 10 years ago it started but on very cold days it could be a struggle. Is...
  4. Dave01

    1641 Thread Disappeared?

    Is it me or did the thread asking about opinions on a 1641 disappear? Curious, was it removed by the poster or the administrator? Hmmm...
  5. Dave01

    Front Hydraulic Kit for 2084 - Help

    I need to find a front hydraulic outlet kit for the 2084 I just bought. It is part #759-3493. This is the kit with the horizontal plastic handle on the dash, not the outboard vertical levers. I'm looking for it to operate the power angle on a snow blade. Thanks in advance for any help with...
  6. Dave01

    Power Angle Plow

    Anyone ever install a power angle plow on a Cub? I have my 1864, and just bought a 2084 as well. I'm thinking of putting a plow on the bigger 2084, but am trying to decide between a hydraulic power angle Cub plow or a Johnny Plow. Would the ram for the power angle run off the existing...
  7. Dave01

    Frozen Nuts

    Sorry for the title! I'm having a hard time getting the blades off my 48GT deck, I haven't had them off since I bought this tractor last fall. I've struggled before with deck nuts but have always been able to loosen things up, but not this time. I've sprayed with Break-Away penetrating oil...
  8. Dave01

    Super Trapp Muffler ?

    Anyone ever use one of the Super Trapp clamp-on mufflers and resonators from Jacks Small Engines? My 1864 is pretty noisy, I checked the muffler and I don't see any leaks, would like to reduce the sound level a bit. I'm concerned one of these mufflers might cause too much back pressure, was...
  9. Dave01

    Mulch plug question on 48" GT deck

    I turned my deck over for the first time since I've had it. It is set up for mulching, I was thinking of changing to side discharge for the spring. I thought it just had a rounded plug at the opening, but instead it looks like a wrap around shroud that bolts down to the deck and runs the...
  10. Dave01

    Cleaned under Tractor

    In our mid 60's January weather I decided to do a bit of maintenance. I was checking my brake spring, it doesn't pop up the way it should. I cleaned out some grass and dirt from the spring area. While on my back I reached as many areas up in the frame as I could, around the steering box...
  11. Dave01

    CC 1864 Hydraulic Whine

    My 1864 has a lot of hydraulic whine in the steering, can hear it even when mowing at full throttle. It steers fine, I just want to head off any trouble before it happens. My dad's 3204 has very little steering noise so it surprised me a bit to hear this. Is the steering run off its own...