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  1. easymike

    Pricing pallet forks

    I bought the titan 48” for my tractor.. Just wanted the extra length for pallets and light work. Great buy as they came freight free. I love the quality of them. Glad I went to 48” for sure.
  2. easymike

    16k trailer with 14500 payload.

    Something doesn’t add up with the trailer specs..Error I hope? I own multiple trailers, 7000, 10000 GVW rated and the 7k has 3500 lb axles and the 10k has 5200 lb axles. Never seen a trailer rated lIke this. All this on 15” tires? Max tire rating on this tire is 6100 lbs with 7000 lb axles? A...
  3. easymike

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    I buy used compact tractors and attachments and have been doing it for years.Here is what I always do before I buy.There are good buys out there but U must be patient and know what u want and be ready to purchase.I have worked on farm equipment all my life .Now that I am retired I Like to dibble...
  4. easymike

    JD 4200 Compact PTO

    Sounds like a safety switch issue. Assume you r sitting on the seat when you engage the pto? If your not the pto will kick out as the switch senses no weight when you engage it. Would bypass the seat switch and the engage lever switch if equipped To see if it works . My 955 Deere does this...
  5. easymike

    What is in my yard

    I had the same issue this year around the pool. Like 25 holes and they r moles as several of them drowned in the pool. I used the 6 ounce castor oil, 2 tablespoons dawn in 2 gallons water. Spray it in the holes and in the travel areas. They get sick because of the oil getting on their paws and...
  6. easymike

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    Sounds like you have broken baffles inside your muffler . They move around and then block the exhaust off and it stalls. Been threw this many times . Put your hand over exhaust and you can feel the lack of exhaust flow out. Easymike
  7. easymike

    955 deere tractor with 300 x loader

    have a deere 955 tractor with a 300 x loader. float position on the scv will not work ? just put sno blade on and loader arms will not float ? Bought this tractor in spring.nice shape low hours on it. is scv float adjustable ? would defective couper connections affect the float part ? hydraulics...