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  1. denmansoft

    First a Garage

    After owning this property on Denman Island for 30 years it is time to build something to retire to. 8.5 acres with 160' beach waterfront. the area was logged 80 years ago and is mostly covered with 2nd growth fir and alder with some patches of red cedar. Here is a couple shots from the beach...
  2. denmansoft

    Slide in pallet forks

    I got the idea from these pallet forks from Alchemysa : I made them as 2 separate forks instead of one frame. This makes it easier for those of us that can't easily pick up 100lb+ of steel... Base...
  3. denmansoft

    DIY Combo hitch

    I guess I had too much spare time this winter. After trying to use my Toy trailer behind my truck, with no success backing up, it was time to be able to put it on the tractor. After searching around I found all sorts of 3pt hitches for things. After seeing a bunch of them, the combination of...
  4. denmansoft

    more broken backhoe teeth

    Twice now I have broken an outside tooth on my backhoe. After welding it up and bolting back on I broke it again. Here was my fix. Not what I would recommend though. This shows the original holes in the bucket. Note how the outside ones are through the bevel edge of the bucket blade. This is...