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  1. Monster5601

    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    The rate of price increases exceeds the speed of a Space X launch. Just the other day I built the same exact truck I bought 14 months ago and the MSRP was $6,000 more. I wanted to replace my 2015MY 3500 with a 2023 but discovered the MSRP the way I wanted the truck trimmed was just over...
  2. Monster5601

    Best 3 trucks you've ever owned.

    2003 Tahoe Z71, owned it for 10 years and put 300K on it with nothing more than scheduled maintenance. 2013 RAM 1500 Hemi, no drama for the 9 years I owned it. 2015 RAM 3500 Cummins, another no-drama truck that I currently own. I replaced the 2013 RAM with a 2022 RAM 1500 ECODiesel, I've owned...
  3. Monster5601

    Battery replacement

    If the "all day" the OP is asking for equates to say 10 hours, then a 200 amp hour battery would fill his needs...
  4. Monster5601

    Seller Beware

    I got "took" once by cashier’s check. An item I sold was more than the buyer wanted to carry in cash (thanks to stupid civil forfeiture) so I agreed to accept a cashier's check drawn from a local bank. Sure enough, I got a cashier's check from a local bank for the correct amount. About a week...
  5. Monster5601


    Me too, I was at the proving grounds in Milford from 1998 through 2008 in the diesel and premium V8 engine group (building 3). I was shared among other groups and I remember when they built the hydrogen fueling station down by the tracks. I heard through the "grapevine" the program was shelved...
  6. Monster5601

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    I remember that. It was unfortunate because his death (and his dog) didn't need to happen if he knew about the manual door release.
  7. Monster5601

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    My wife's 2013 Equinox, if the doors are locked, the first pull of the inside door release does nothing, but the second pull will open the door. When her battery went out, she could get out of the car but neither of us could remove the ignition key until I put my jump box on the battery.
  8. Monster5601

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    On the business side, corporations realize the only place the laws of physics can be ignored is in comic books.
  9. Monster5601

    Please educate me about ultra low sulfur diesel

    I don't recall any post of a problem running ULSD fuel. I picked up a 2022 RAM ECODiesel and was somewhat surprised to see this in the manual; "Under normal conditions the diesel fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000 miles (32,000 km) (every other oil change). If the vehicle is being used...
  10. Monster5601

    Anyone have a portable fuel tank for carrying to jobsites/fields etc?

    I went with one of these as a solution that is the best I could find for my use case. I got the 58-gallon version and built a pallet for it. It was also $100 less a month ago...
  11. Monster5601

    2019-2020 Ram CP-4 pump replacement

    I wish I had a better understanding of what GDE did with their cals and the CP-4 pump, what they discussed is over my head. It does make me wonder why RAM didn't do this to help protect the HPFP. About a year ago I took delivery of a new RAM 1500 ECODiesel, with about 1,200 miles on the odo, I...
  12. Monster5601

    Sold on Seafoam

    I used Seafoam several years ago to help all my 2 stroke engine to fire up without pulling the starter rope to death. Seafoam did the trick. Now that ethanol-free gasoline is available near me, I stick with it and also follow Stihl's recommendation of the oil to the gas mix and use Stihl branded...
  13. Monster5601

    2019-2020 Ram CP-4 pump replacement

    Some of you, those with a CP4, may find the following interesting. It was written by the engineers at Green Diesel Engineering and posted on forums mostly involved with the RAM ECOdiesel. GDE discusses software mitigation in their calibrations with the CP4 on ECODiesel engines. Currently, all...
  14. Monster5601

    Car Accident Question

    Road rage is another that is gaining popularity. It just seems to me people are angry about something and I guess I can understand some of it albeit I'm retired and debt free. Growing up and raising a family in the 70s and 80s, I can see their pain. Just last week the wife and I were driving...
  15. Monster5601

    Starting a new Massey Ferguson 1840M

    I have zero knowledge of the Massey Fergusons but I was wondering if they give you the ability to manually control the glow plugs. All three of my Kubotas allow me to manually power the glow plugs. Even in single-digit temperatures, all I need is a count of 10 to the glow plugs and they start...
  16. Monster5601

    Anyone buy or using the Fluid Film spray gun?

    For those of you that have treated the underside of your pickups, how much Fluid Film does it take?
  17. Monster5601

    Anyone buy or using the Fluid Film spray gun?

    Looks like it takes a female air plug. Typically, most air tools take a male air plug. The choice is the spice of life I guess.
  18. Monster5601

    Replacing manual top link with hydraulic on CUT

    I put hydraulic top and side links on my little Kubota B3030, both with piloted check valves. I do a fair amount of road grading and the ability to adjust the side tilt is well, priceless. Some folks prefer the top/tilt hydraulic links without the check valves so that is something to look into...
  19. Monster5601

    Removing hydraulic hose

    Please post back how you ended up replacing the hose and how well the chosen method worked out.
  20. Monster5601

    Transfer Tank Suggestions

    Thank you for the suggestions but a hack together is not what I want. This isn't a money issue, this is a what I want issue. Because of my refueling needs on my property, I need a device that is highly portable using various means of transportation, the size of these is perfect for my application.
  21. Monster5601

    Transfer Tank Suggestions

    I'm very interested in picking up one of these transfer tanks. I found a work-a-like on the Vevor site, they offer them with and without filtering (dual stage) and they also offer color choices while being less expensive than the John Dow offering. I've bought from Vevor a few times without...
  22. Monster5601

    Looking for Off-Road Diesel in Lower SE Michigan

    Hey, all you Michiganders in the downriver area of SE Michigan. Looking for stations that sell off-road diesel. I'm up in the northern part of Oakland County and on-road diesel prices are holding at $5.29 to $5.59 with off-road a whole dime less. I'll be traveling back from the Cleveland area...
  23. Monster5601

    Cheap heat for uncabbed tractor plus intake preheat?

    I've got two of these diesel heaters (5kw and 8kw) and they work very well. I use one that has thermostat control to heat my wife's greenhouse. The other that lacks thermostat control I use in my workshop to take the edge off of cold. They are very popular with the European RV crowd and there...
  24. Monster5601

    Hydraulic Flow Control Advice Needed

    To put a closure on this, I found and ordered a bi-direction flow control valve from Summit Hydraulics with 1/4" FNPT openings. I sure want to thanks all the folks that gave me a heads up on bi-directional versus uni-direction flow control assemblies. It save me from making a mistake as I didn't...
  25. Monster5601

    Bad news on my TC33D

    It looks like your tractor is carrying prices of 11 to 14 thousand, I have no idea what they are actually selling for. I think you have answered your question. Inflation isn't going away anytime soon so if you wait to buy, the tractor will likely get even more expensive. If it were me, I...
  26. Monster5601

    Hydraulic Flow Control Advice Needed

    Thank you for the advice but it leads to another question. Since the angle blade is bidirectional, how can I determine which line is pressure and which one is return since they have to exchange roles depending on the blade direction?
  27. Monster5601

    Hydraulic Flow Control Advice Needed

    I need to know how to go about adding, or actually restricting, the hydraulic flow going to my Curtis hydraulic angle snow blade. The snow blade, mounted to my Kubota RTV, uses the same hydraulic circuit for the dump bed but I only want to slow the speed of the angle adjustments on the snow...
  28. Monster5601

    Cyclone rake

    I solve it by first going over the leaves with the deck full up, then the next pass I set the deck height at 4 1/4 and retravel the area leaving nothing behind. I have found greater success when I collect using 2/3s of the deck over the leaves. I'm running Gator G6 blades and they do help with...
  29. Monster5601

    Gator Blades for Zd326p

    Call me blind in one eye and can see out of the other but the Orgon site lookup shows the 96-363 as a replacement for these Kubota blade numbers (not K5647), K5645-34330, K5645-34340, K5645-97520, K5645-97530, K5651-34330, K5651-34340 oregonproducts dot...
  30. Monster5601

    Owner Dissatisfied With Deere Wants To Switch To Kubota

    That in itself is the issue, not only with tractors and implements but with other low-volume equipment. For example, when I was looking for a new dump trailer, the forum provide many quality and recommended brands, but none of them had a dealer within 300 miles of me. I ended up with a Big Tex...
  31. Monster5601

    Gator Blades for Zd326p

    I Looked up the Gator part you are complaining about (96-363) and they are NOT for the ZD 60" decks, they are for the older BX2200/2223 belly mower decks and are a G3 blade. The correct G6 Gator part number for the 60" ZD decks is 396-810. Posting that Gator blades are crap in the context of a...
  32. Monster5601

    Gator Blades for Zd326p

    Same here, zero issues with the Gator blades on my ZD.
  33. Monster5601

    Gator Blades for Zd326p

    I have the Gators on my deck, 60", three blades, the part number is Oregon G6 396-810. They fit without any drama.
  34. Monster5601

    Gator Blades for Zd326p

    Any chance you have the cup washers orientated incorrectly?
  35. Monster5601

    Preserving diesel fuel in transfer tank

    All the more reason proper storage of your diesel is so important.
  36. Monster5601

    Nice oil to leave on precision hand tools?

    I use Fluid Film or Deep Creep on my tools. I keep my precision measuring devices inside and away from the garage/workshop environment.
  37. Monster5601

    Rotella T4 vs T6

    That was the going price but Shell was always offering rebates that brought the cost down to $17. T6 is on the (well-stocked) shelves in my area for $24 and change.
  38. Monster5601

    Any problem using T6 5W40 syn in my Grasshopper w/25HP Kubota?

    I run T6 5w40 in my RTV and tractor because I use both of these in the cold depths of winter. Sure allows the engine to spin faster on those cold mornings.
  39. Monster5601

    Making Fuel from Carbon Dioxide, the perfect answer??

    A bit of reality from my experience. First is my oldest son, he has a one-way drive to work of 40 miles and has been driving his Chevy 2500 Duramax, it was getting expensive. Instead of driving his wife's little VW since she works from home, he went out and bought a new Chevy Bolt before he did...
  40. Monster5601

    Making Fuel from Carbon Dioxide, the perfect answer??

    Sure is, just ask Germany.
  41. Monster5601

    International HT570 diesel engine

    "To achieve the 2004 emissions, most manufacturers introduced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)—in many cases in conjunction with diesel oxidation catalysts—on heavy-duty diesel engines." Good information here on HD diesel emissions.
  42. Monster5601

    Making Fuel from Carbon Dioxide, the perfect answer??

    Yes, Einstein did say that, and falls under the umbrella of the "law of conservation of energy". I am just waiting for all the happy talkers of clean and green energy to realize there is no such thing.
  43. Monster5601

    Recommendation for 6 acre hobby farm

    I've read through the entire thread and there is a lot of solid information. What will work best for you is very subjective. When I was in your position, I was lucky enough to stumble into the showroom of a local Kubota dealer (this is back in 2009), a mom-and-pop dealership. It so happened the...
  44. Monster5601

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    It isn't easy to find news that hasn't gone through omission of information and the agenda spin but common sense can help. I typically look at the financial pages, I don't pay any attention to clickbait headlines, ignore opinion pieces, scroll past social media posts, and look for news items of...
  45. Monster5601

    John Deere 400 Fuel Recommendation

    91 octane is considered by most to be mid-grade. The ethanol around me is rated at 90 octane and I use ethonal-free gasoline in all my small engines from the small two cycles trimmers up to the 4 cycle leaf vacs and even in my four stroke outboard motors.
  46. Monster5601

    Best fuel additives

    I use to think that until I saw this notice in the owners' manual of my new RAM diesel. "1. Under normal conditions the diesel fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000 miles (32,000 km) (every other oil change). If the vehicle is being used in severe operating conditions, or in certain...
  47. Monster5601

    Great lake boats, a good video

    I can't since the events come from my memory from back in the days of the 70s and 80s, long before the Internet and search engines.
  48. Monster5601

    Lights, no lights, lights

    Not sure about Ford but past experiences with trailer lighting issues have been isolated to grounding, 7-way plug contacts, and the vehicle's fuse or relay controlling the trailer circuit. Many manufacturers use both a fuse and a relay to provide trailer circuit control. For those looking for a...
  49. Monster5601

    Great lake boats, a good video

    I'd like to see anyone of the thousand-footers try that. Are you old enough to have seen the Cuyahoga River catch fire? I grew up and lived in Parma back then and I remember running down to the flats to try and see the fire. I also remember several times a laker took out docked personal...
  50. Monster5601

    Best Chainsaw Sharpener under $300

    Me. I'm using the STIHL 2 in 1 sharpeners, all my saws are Stihl except for my little but very useful Milwaukee Hatchet which uses the same chain size as my Stihl Kombi pruner attachment. It doesn't take long to touch up a chain by hand if you keep up with them. I have the "cheap" HF bench...