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  1. Cub gt 2544=best


    I’ve finally cracked the code folks and i want you all to know! If you own or are thinking about buying a Cub Cadet with the shaft driven or older aluminum BDU10L transmissions and want to know the max torque spec. Well here it is! The torque is 626.5 footpounds of torque! I hope that that helps...
  2. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub Cadet 2500 Series Frame gauge

    So after being curious, i decided that i was going to measure the frame gauge thickness on my gt2544 to see if it really was 11 gauge. Interestingly, they measured thicker than 11 gauge steel. But were rather between 10 and 9. When I measured the supports where the transmission hooks up its was...
  3. Cub gt 2544=best

    Hydro Gear G700 series vs BDU series

    I have a really weird question and thats which transmission is better? Often times the BDU is in higher level or better made garden tractors, well as the G700 series ends up being in cheaper machines? Is that a difference in there quality or how much power they produce? Like the 2500 series vs...
  4. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub Cadet XT3/2500 series vs John Deere X500 Series

    How do these 2 series of machines compare?
  5. Cub gt 2544=best

    How to fill oil on kohler command ch670

    How do you fill up the oil on a kohler command ch670 fill hole?
  6. Cub gt 2544=best

    Amsoil 20W50 hydrostatic transmission fluid in Cub Cadet gt 2544 tranny?

    Will Amsoil 20W50 hydrostatic fluid work in the transmission of the 2500 series?
  7. Cub gt 2544=best

    3000 and 2500/old 2000 series vs XT3 GS, GSE, GSX/ new 2000 series

    What is the difference between the old 2000, 2500, and 3000 series tractors vs the new 2000 series/ the XT3 series of tractors?
  8. Cub gt 2544=best

    48 inch deck from 2185 on gt2544

    Will a 48 inch deck from a 2185 fit on a gt2544?
  9. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub Cadet GT 2544 review!

    Hello. I’ve come to my senses and finally decided to make a review of My 2007 Cub Cadet Heavy Duty GT 2544 garden tractor. So, basically this tractor has a commercial grade 22 hp Kohler Command CH670 Horizontal Shaft engine. Has 35 foot-pounds of torque. It also has the fully serviceable Cast...
  10. Cub gt 2544=best

    What is the craziest thing you ever did with your 2500 series cub?

    What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with you 2500 series cub. Mine are pulling a 6000 pound boat and mowing 4 foot tall grass with it. Handled it like a BEAST.
  11. Cub gt 2544=best

    Toro wheel horse.

    I am getting a toro wheel horse 15-38hxl lawn tractor for a project. It will sometime crank over but others it’s just dead as a door nail. And smokes. is there anything I should know?
  12. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub cadet gt 2544 with kohler command ch 670 after 15 to 30 minutes sputters like it’s getting no fuel then dies.

    Anyone know any possible causes because I have fresh fuel and the fuel pump works properly I was going to replace the fuel filter.
  13. Cub gt 2544=best

    Amsoil Small Engine 10w30 small engine oil in kohler command ch670

    Is this amsoil small engine 10w30 engine any good? I love amsoil but never used there small engine oil.
  14. Cub gt 2544=best

    Pics of your cub cadet tractor

    Let’s see some pics of some cub cadet tractors mtd or ih built
  15. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub cadet 804 75 bucks or best offer. Is it worth it?

    Hi everyone I was wondering are the cub cadet 804 rear engine riding mowers good?
  16. Cub gt 2544=best

    Cub Cadet gt 2500 series steering wheel spinner knob recommendation

    Hi everyone I was wondering I have a cub cadet gt 2544 and I would like to put a spinner knob on it and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions! Thanks!
  17. Cub gt 2544=best

    Kohler command CH 670 life expectancy

    Hi everyone this is my first post so bare with me if this doesn’t sound good but I have an 2007 cub cadet gt 2544 with a 06 or 07 Kohler command CH 670 that is the original engine. Has 265 hours on it and I was wondering how long should these engines run for? Is there any major problems with...