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  1. Dallas_Lilly

    Montana 4940 motor starter issue

    Give one of these guys a call, they are both really good at tracking down Montana parts :)
  2. Dallas_Lilly

    Info button

    That works perfect thank you!
  3. Dallas_Lilly

    Info button

    Just bought a brand new T474 cabbed tractor. Anyone figure out how to change the Celsius to Fahrenheit?
  4. Dallas_Lilly

    2007 Montana 2840 Seat replacement options?
  5. Dallas_Lilly

    2007 Montana 2840 Seat replacement options?

    The black suspension one from tsc works excellent! Just have to re drill holes to make it mount up
  6. Dallas_Lilly

    7 Foot Bush Hog

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen :) Who out there is running a 7 footer, which brand and how do you like them? I recently went from a 30hp tractor to a 43hp tractor and it is begging to have a new mower this summer! I am not seeing much on the web for options so I turn to you fine peope :)
  7. Dallas_Lilly


    Good evening fellow Montana Owners :) I am set to purchase a 4340c to go along with my 3040. Very excited to add to the fleet and get heat and a/c! Wondering if anyone might have a operators and service manual you could send me? I know I can buy one on the net but thought I壇 check here first.
  8. Dallas_Lilly

    Who rides a motorcycle?

    I just got this1996 Vulcan 1500 classic, Love the bike! the crotch rocket behind it is my brothers, it has been cool to have something in common with him :)
  9. Dallas_Lilly

    7 pole trailer connectors

    Good Morning All, I was hoping somebody could give a advice on a different type of 7 pole trailer plugs. I have 5 trailers, a car hauler, dump trailer, camp trailer and two horse trailers, all have 7 pole flat plugs similar to this 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 3' Long Hopkins Wiring...
  10. Dallas_Lilly

    High RPM Smoke

    Good Morning All, I am at a dead end with a problem and I thought maybe some one else could inject a fresh idea into my head. Here is my problem. I have Montana 3040 with 800 hours on it. It has a Mitsubishi SL4 engine. At the RPM range from idle to 2K RPM everything runs and sounds fine. If...
  11. Dallas_Lilly

    Arizona Sunset

    Just a nice picture I thought I would share. We usually do not get this kind of sunset untill July when the monsoons roll in but this caught my eye.
  12. Dallas_Lilly

    Gempler's Ultraseal Does Work!

    Thought I would pass this on. When I purchased I did not see to many threads with actual performance. It really saved my butt today. I was doing a job cleaning up a yard today. I had my rear blade on the ground next to my trailer on the side of the road and my box on the tractor. Had I not had...
  13. Dallas_Lilly

    Another Tractor Show

    Just a little tractor show from the local vintage tractor club. :)
  14. Dallas_Lilly

    Loader Valve Lost Float

    I have the curved boom loader on a 3040 and recently I have lost the float position, it kinda worked if you forced it for a while and now it doesn't work at all. I didn't have time to do anything with it and then we got 4 feet of snow. I now have lost float all together and it goes down really...
  15. Dallas_Lilly

    Used Antifreeze for Tire Fill

    I have wanted to fill my rear tires for some time now but never could justify the amount of money to fill with washer fluid or something else that would not freeze. I however have found out that the shop that I work at pays to have their used antifreeze removed and would be more than glad to...
  16. Dallas_Lilly

    New Montana Models

    I was just reading the current issue of Diesel Progress and it had the article that iI have linked below (hope it works), an "I" series and a "U" series. Who is making the tractor imported from India? Refresh Refresh
  17. Dallas_Lilly

    200 HR Service

    Hello Everyone, I am coming up on my 200 hour service and the operator's manual is saying to adjust the valves and it gives the specs. I feel ok doing that but it also says to ajust the injection pressure. It gives no instructions as to how to do this and says to ask the LG agent to adjust this...
  18. Dallas_Lilly

    Rebekah's new Horse

    Just thought some of you might like to see the new horse that I picked up for my 4.5 year old daughter. She is not quite ready to ride with out me on the horse or leading the horse but I wanted to get her used to being around them and my mare was to frisky. "Cinnamon" is a 12 year old mustang -...
  19. Dallas_Lilly

    Fourth of July Baby

    Our third child, a boy this time, was born on fourth of July at 7:29 PM. He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 17.5 inches long. We named him Dallas Jacob and intend on calling him Jacob. My wife and son are doing well and are in good health.
  20. Dallas_Lilly

    1500D Valve Adjust

    Can somebody tell me what the specifications are for the the valve adjustment on a 1500D. My dad has an repair shop and is working on this little tractor. Thanks for any help that you could give me.
  21. Dallas_Lilly

    Rotary Cutter Chain Guards

    I purchased a rotary mower this week. It has a Gearmore sticker on it but the serial sticker said Lift Kutter so I am almost positive that it is a King Kutter labled as a Gearmore, I do not think anybody else would spell Kutter like that. Any how I could not afford the optional chain guards at...
  22. Dallas_Lilly


    We had a few rain showers today and then this. Almost looked like the sky was on fire.
  23. Dallas_Lilly

    Ford and Powerstroke Engines

    Interesting Article. I am sure that it will all wash out in the end but what if it did not? What would Ford Do? e T r u c k e r --COMMERCIAL CARRIER JOURNAL MAGAZINE -- CCJ provides complete business solutions for professionals responsible for running trucking companies, operating fleets or...
  24. Dallas_Lilly

    Initial Service`

    The dealer just did the initial 50 hr service on my 3040. They changed the engine oil, engine filter and hydraulic filter. They did this at no charge wich I am very thankfull for. When they delivered the tractor a year ago part of the paper work was a pre-delivery check list which included this...
  25. Dallas_Lilly

    Snow Man

    Here is a snow man that me and my daughter built. Lots of fun
  26. Dallas_Lilly

    Which Truck?

    I currently own a 1990 Chevy 1500 4wd Ext Cab. It has the 350 in it with 5 speed manual. The truck itself has many miles on it and the odometer is broken but the engine only has about 30K (I built it) It has been a great truck but when I bought it I lived in town and did not have to haul...
  27. Dallas_Lilly

    Montana in the Parades

    I was in my local parade with my Montana 3040 - Anybody Else?
  28. Dallas_Lilly

    4wd in tight corners

    I have had 4wd trucks before and have always avoided tight corers in 4wd because of the mechanical strains that it can cause. What is a general rule of thumb for my Montana 3040 - The reason I ask is I have a round pen for my horse and was moving dirt around with the box gannon and needed 4wd...
  29. Dallas_Lilly

    3040 4th gear noise

    I have noticed when using 4th gear in medium range I hear a high pitched whine that I do not hear in other gears. It makes it at all RPM but when I notice the most is under a load at about 1,500 RPM. I have even noticed the noise when I have the shuttle in neutral but the transmission 4th. It...
  30. Dallas_Lilly

    3040 Hydraulic Top Link

    Has anybody installed a hydraulic top link and side link kit on the 3040 or other tractors with the 2 remote rear valves? Where did you get it and does it work well?
  31. Dallas_Lilly

    Montana 3040

    I was interested in purchasing the Montana 3040. Any comments. It would be used to maintain about a mile of 10 foot road, clean horse pins, and mow 2.5 acres.