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  1. RegL

    Repair of LMT

    Anyone had to repair their light materials bucket. I know it will involve welding but wondering best way to reinforce the area.
  2. RegL

    New PT1430 arrived.

    The tractor arrived a couple mourning's ago. been looking it over and there's been some upgrades since my old 2003 was built. The engine has been upgraded from a Deutz 1011f with 28 HP to a 2011f with 31HP. the wheel motors have been upgraded to ones with case drains and they supposedly have...
  3. RegL

    Tires Caster wheel option for brush hog

    Don't know why it took me so long. Since I bought the PT1430 in 2003, I cursed every time I was field mowing with the brush mower because caster wheels were to small and the mower cut to short and used to much HP. The other day I happened to notice that my power rake, that I use once or twice a...
  4. RegL

    Draft control problem.

    A while back, on my 1430, the draft control stopped working. After some time I isolated the problem to the adjustable hydraulic valve in the draft control unit. Terry doubted that was the trouble and Keith said he couldn't remember ever sending out a replacement for one. I ordered a new one...
  5. RegL

    inpromptu truck bed

    Needed a quick container today to put on my flat bed.
  6. RegL

    pin type brakes

    I have a 1430 with one break working and a 2430 with no breaks. Does anyone know if it's the cables that freeze up or the pin in cylinder mechanism. I've tried spraying with wd40 to no avail. Thanks. Reg
  7. RegL

    1430 for sale

    Just came across this 1430 for sale out in Ohio. Looks like a pretty good deal.
  8. RegL

    And you say I don't maintain my equipment

    By the way, has anyone found good tires for the swivels on the front of the brush hog? I've been using solids from TSC that worked pretty good but I mowed some rough ground yesterday and they did not hold up. I'm beginning to think solid steel.
  9. RegL

    T-12 QA on 1445?

    I'm thinking of upgrading from a 1430 to a 1445. I don't really want to replace my arsenal of attachments, however. I was wondering how feasible it would be to mount a t-12 QA to the loader arms on a 1445. I know I would have to be careful not to overpower the lighter attachments with the bigger...
  10. RegL

    Broken hydro-back cable

    New cable should be in today. Has anyone changed out their cable? If so, any tips would be welcome. Thanks.
  11. RegL

    PT's thumb

    I basically wanted a thumb on the Mini-hoe for one thing. To lift fire wood logs to cut into stove length. The grapple bucket works but you still have a five foot log left in the middle. Their are better designs, but I figured PT's would work for what I needed it for and it looked quick and easy...
  12. RegL

    Another win for the mini-hoe

    This will probably be the strangest job I will ever get. Seems this fellow died back in the 80's and his ashes were buried in the cemetery down town. Now his family made a request to a friend of mine, who's President of the cemetery assoc., to have him dug up so they can move him to a private...
  13. RegL

    Tires Solid, no flat tires for brush hog casters

    I know someone replaced the caster wheels on their brush hog with solids, but I can't seem to find it. Just wondering where to get them as I just keep demolishing anything I can get locally. I might check with my Exmark mower dealer to see if any of theirs are the right size. As a side note, I...
  14. RegL

    Conflict in my brain.

    Several of us have been posting, for a couple of years now, about working the PT in hot weather and how when the oil gets hot it's less efficient and the tractor loses traction and power. And we have discussed better cooling methods and adding thermometers to the hydraulic tank. Now I'm...
  15. RegL


    Today I finally got around to working at changing out that leaky wheel motor. I bought the new one last Fall but the old one wasn't leaking that bad so it was one of those around to it jobs. I've got a little glitch. Got the wheel off and hoses disconnected but that wheel flange is being real...
  16. RegL

    Leaky brush hog motor, simple fix.

    Last Fall, the motor started leaking around the cap that's on top. Terry sent me a new O-ring. The repair turned out to be pretty simple and would have taken less than 30 min. if it had not been for the two hours it took me to locate the O-ring that I put away last Fall so I would know right...
  17. RegL

    Grapple quick connect or...........

    just to lazy to swap buckets.
  18. RegL

    Motor on brush hog leaking

    Looks like it's leaking where the end cap on top meets the side caseing. There are six bolts on the top. I don't know if they just hold the top piece on or if they are thru bolts and if I take them out the whole motor falls apart. It would be nice to plug the leak if it's an easy fix, but if...
  19. RegL

    Fork lift attachments.

    These are probably a bit heavy duty for Power trac but it might get you fabricators thinking. I never thought much about using the forks as an attachment plate. web page
  20. RegL

    pt1850 in classifieds ????????

    Has anyone tried to contact the guy that's advertising the PT 1850 in the classifieds on this site. I have left phone messages and sent emails but have gotten no response. Also, does anyone here know anything about this tractor, like maybe it's already been sold.
  21. RegL

    3-Point Hitch Pulsating 3 point hitch

    I have one of the now defunct Rhino Internationals that has developed a problem. With a heavy attachment raised on the 3ph, the hydraulics pulsate about once per second and the whole tractor jumps every time it does it. Also, with the tractor shut off, the 3ph bleeds down very quickly. I'm...
  22. RegL

    Reversed wheels on pt1430 is a no go.

    Well, I finally tried reversing the wheels to do some hillside field mowing. The tractor felt very stable and I liked that open wheeled race car look. ( I'll load a couple pics later.) Trouble is, the wheel track is wider than the 60" brush hog and it left stringers everywhere. I had to mow the...
  23. RegL

    Does Power Trac take trade ins?

    I'm thinking of tradeing in the 1430 toward an 1845. Has anyone here ever traded in a PT and if so, how bad do they bleed you?
  24. RegL

    Almost had a SEDGEWOOD!!!!!!!

    Well, I was doing a late season field mowing job today and everything was just dandy. Those 1430 wheel motors love cool weather and cool hyd fluid. Than late this afternoon I suddenly detect the sickening smell of an electrical fire (you all know what that smells like). I look to the rear and...
  25. RegL

    Locking brush hog tilt...

    As those who have a PT brush hog know, it is designed to swivel front to back ( as well as side to side ) in order to to follow ground contour while mowing. I have found it to be a disadvantage, however, that when you lifted it off the ground, it's balanced such, that it tips forward, making it...
  26. RegL

    Fork question

    This question is for someone who has pt forks, or better yet, has adapted other forks with PT adaptor. I picked up an old set at auction yesterday that I'm going to have the adaptor plate welded on. What I need to know is, what angle should the adaptor plate be installed at so you get the proper...
  27. RegL


    Hope you guys don't mind if I vent a little. Here's the situation. Was supposed to have a grapple bucket and mini-hoe delivered today between 10am and 5pm. I wait around all day and late this afternoon my answering machine has a message from the trucking company. Driver called in and says he...
  28. RegL

    Stump cutter reversal?

    I have the stump cutter for my PT 1430 and it works good except it throws chips along with dirt and rocks toward the tractor and operator. I was looking at PT's web site and noticed that the wheel trencher looks like the same machine as the stump cutter except it spins in the other direction...
  29. RegL

    Grapple rake

    Wanted to know if any one is familar with this product or any similar one's. I'm looking to get something with grapple but PT's grapple bucket doesn't look ideal. Rake looks like it would work much better for what I would use it for, Cleaning up in the woods, moving brush, rocks, logs,etc.. The...
  30. RegL

    Chains tire chains

    Has any one installed tire chains on their PT. I'm going to need more traction this winter with the 1430 so I would like to get a set of chains but there is not a lot of clearance between the tire and body. I would also like to hear any other options. Thanks.
  31. RegL

    First custom attachment

    Just had the plate welded on this week. The Brush Brute worked great on my tractor loader but it was a pain to change from bucket to brute, it's a lot heavier than it looks. Didn't know how well it would do on the PT. all I can say is " HOW SWEET IT IS ". Punched that hole into the woods about...
  32. RegL

    Suspension seat

    Need help, i spent a couple hours field mowing a very rough field today and my back is killing me. Was wondering if anyone has replaced their stock Power Trac seat or could recommend a good one that will fit. thanks
  33. RegL

    Creeping throttle on PT 1430

    Hi all, Put another couple of hours of field mowing on the new tractor with no apparent problems, just one little thing thats a bit annoying, and maybe it's just normal. Seems the throttle doesn't want to stay at anything over about three quarters. when I put the lever above that to get more...