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  1. jc7622

    Door Glass

    I'm not sure how many people are on this board any more. I'm pricing a few parts to repair my 5740C. The biggest part I'm looking for is a door glass, which I've found for $950 (they're gone up a little bit). Does anyone have a source that may be cheaper than this?
  2. jc7622

    Running Hot

    500 hours 5740C - My tractor runs on the hot side. Occasionally I will try to wash out the radiator fins with a hose and that seems to work for a while but it quickly heats back up. It runs hot even when the fins seem to be clear. Do all of these tractors run hot? Is there something that...
  3. jc7622

    A/C in the summer - does yours work?

    500 hours 5740C - My A/C really doesn't keep the cab cool in the summer time. I'm running it now with the doors off just to keep it bearable. My question is: Do any of you guys who live in hot climates have an A/C that actually keeps the cab cool in the heat of summer? Just curious to know...
  4. jc7622

    Rear Seal Leak ?

    500 hours 5740C - I have what appears to be a rear seal leak. When the tractor is running it leaks, sometimes pretty heavily. When it is turned off there is no leak. I've been too busy and need the tractor too much right now to put it in the shop so have been topping it off with oil each...
  5. jc7622

    Tiller Tiller - Tines on one side only?

    I really want a weed badger, but they are too much money for me. Last year I tilled under my grapes by tilting my 3pt tiller crooked (at an angle) tnd then shifting it as far to one side as I could. It worked OK, but was still not ideal. Here is my idea: I'm thinking about removing the tines...
  6. jc7622

    5740C - No Front Wheel Drive

    I have an 05 or 06 5740C. One day it started making this awful racket down underneath up around the front end. It increased with the speed of the tractor. I found that if I took it out of 4WD the noise would go away, so that is what I did to keep working. A couple weeks later I went to see...
  7. jc7622

    Boost power with PTO pump ??

    I'm not very knowledgeable about hydraulics. I have a Montana 5740C. The website says the hydraulic pump flow is 8.72 gpm. I bought a bucket mounted hydraulic post hole digger. Its power is pretty weak and the auger turns pretty slow. Is it possible to put a PTO hydraulic pump on the back...
  8. jc7622

    5740C - Replacement Cost for Door

    I broke the right door and right side glass on my 5740C. Does anyone have a rough idea what these parts cost?
  9. jc7622

    Runs hot with A/C on

    My 5740C has started running hot when the A/C is on. With the A/C on it will push right up to the red. If I turn the A/C off is drops down to about 3/4. I have recently changed all the lubricating fluids. I didn't change the coolant, but did check its level. It does this even after...
  10. jc7622

    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog Flail Mower FM60 - Bearings

    I bought a used Bush Hog FM60 flail mower and one of the bearings on the roller went out today. From the link below I am needing part #'s 12, 13 and 14. Does anyone have any idea where I could find some kind of a cross reference so that I can buy the parts locally? BushHog Parts Diagrams...
  11. jc7622

    Oil & Fuel Oil Fill Question and Third Filter?

    I have a question about my 5740C. I have always used the engine oil fill cap at the back of the valve cover, but there is also a filler cap (with an oil can symbol) on the left side of the engine. What is this for? Also, there is a third, smaller oil filter on the tractor. I know where the...
  12. jc7622

    5740C Filter Part Numbers

    I'm about to do a little maintainance and have been searching the web for part numbers. These are the ones I came up with in case anyone ever does a search for them. Please correct me if any of them are wrong. Filter Part Numbers Montana 5740C Hydraulic Filter - Luber Finer LFH8207...
  13. jc7622

    Air Filter - outer only or inner ?

    Montana 5740C What is the final word on the air filter? After searching past posts it seems that some of the early tractors may have had an outer and an inner filter but that the factory eventually switched to using only the outer filter. Is that what everyone is doing or are some people...
  14. jc7622

    Manual in PDF ?????

    Does anyone know if Montana has manuals that can be donwloaded or e-mailed in PDF format? I didn't get one with my 5740C and the dealer is no longer is business. I need a manual to do some maintainance on it.
  15. jc7622

    Please Diagnose This Bad Noise

    I have a 5740C with about 300 hours on it. 90% of its use is with a brush hog or with a 3 pt sprayer. Today all of a sudden it started making this bad rattling sound that sounds like a bearing is going out or something, but it only happens in certain situations. It DOES NOT make the noise if...
  16. jc7622

    Grapple Grapple Hydraulics Questions (pics)

    I posted a question a while back about the hydraulics on my new grapple. Attached are the pics that everyone requested. The grapple is plumbed into the rear remotes (pic 003). The grapple came with the hoses already installed from the 'T' to the cylinders. I installed the hoses coming up out...
  17. jc7622

    Grapple Grapple Hydraulic Question

    I bought a new grapple from Vassar Mfg in Perkins, OK. I got it all hooked up but am having a problem with it. The upper claws will not stay in place when I let off the valve. When I open the claws fully and then let off the handle they lose pressure and fall back down. The same is true for...
  18. jc7622

    5740C Hydraulic Fluid

    I've misplace my owner's manual. Whaere do I check and fill the hydraulic fluid on my 5740C? Is it the dipstick on the back end above the PTO shaft and the fill cap on the left side of the engine compartment sticking out under the hood?
  19. jc7622

    A Few Pics of my 5740C

    Just a few pics of my 5740C to liven up the board. JC
  20. jc7622

    Problem Uploading Profile Pic

    I am having trouble uploading a profile picture. I have reduced it to 200x150 pixels which makes it 22kb. I uploaded it to the site and it appears in the "My Home" area where you edit your profile. When I then click the "save" button a box pops up that tells me that the upload failed. I have...
  21. jc7622

    Joystick Toggle?

    I have a 5740C w/ FEL. Is there any way to hook up some type of a toggle or finger trigger on the FEL joystick to operate attachments hooked to the rear remotes? The levers near the floor aren't very convenient. JC
  22. jc7622

    Montana Color

    Is there an official color for Montana tractors? I have some old implements that I want to re-paint. JC
  23. jc7622

    Need Weed Badger Type Tines

    I am planning on building a weed badger type attachment to fit on my post hole digger that mounts on the side of my bucket. I am trying to find a source for the spring tines pictured in the attachments. Weed Badger won't sell them unless I have a serial number. Does anyone know where I can find...
  24. jc7622

    My Post Was Montana Specific...

    Moderator: Please do not end my thread. My post was specific to the lighting requirements of my Montana 5740C, therefore I posted it on the Montana board. There was no reason to end the thread.
  25. jc7622

    Need Advice on Lighting

    I will begin by saying that I am electrically challenged. I do a some of my tractor work at night and want to upgrade to brighter overhead lights. How do I determine if a particular set of lights will not overload my circuit and blow fuses or melt wires? Do I need to stay below the amps of...
  26. jc7622

    Maximum Amps For Electric Attachments?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the electrics on a 5740C to power an electric 12V DC motor? And if so, what is the max amps that I could have at my disposal? I am building an airblast sprayer and need smoe way to power the air fan that will blow the air. I have found an auxillary...
  27. jc7622

    Backhoe 5740C with Backhoe?

    Does anyone know if the Montana backhoes will fit on the back of a 5740C? Is the cab in the way?
  28. jc7622

    Shaver HD8 Post Driver??

    Does anyone here have the little Shaver HD8 driver? If so, how do you like it? Have you been happey with it? How does it drive in various types of dirt?
  29. jc7622

    Dealer Montana Dealers - What is This Tractor? The link above came off the Montana website. What is it? JC
  30. jc7622

    Montana Scheduled Service

    Can one of the Montana dealers explain to me if there is some kind of scheduled maintainance that must be performed on my tractor - and if it is required at the dealer to keep the warranty in effect. John
  31. jc7622

    Attachment GPM requirements VS. Tractor GPM output

    I came across a used post driver that supposedly requires about 12GPM. My tractor manual (Montana 5740) says that it puts out about 8GPM. Will I have to pass on the post driver or can something be done to increase my tractor's hydraulic GPMs?
  32. jc7622

    Grapple Detachable / Bolt-on Grapple?

    Does anyone know of a bolt-on grapple (that bolts onto a bucket) that is detachable with pins? It seems that I came across one some time back on the net. I would also be interested in sources for any bolt-on grapples. John
  33. jc7622


    Does anyone here have a post pounder/driver? Mainly the type used for driving wood posts into the ground? I would be interested in what brand you have and whether you are happy with it or not. I have about 1000 posts to put in the ground and am tired or augering and backfilling. JC
  34. jc7622

    Montana A/C Vents?

    On my 5740C there are five A/C vents in the roof of my cab. Three are up by the windshield and two more are back on each side of the operator's head. The three up by the windshield blow air, but the two farther back don't blow anything. Why??? I test drove a couple other Montanas before I...
  35. jc7622

    Montana Cab Filter for Pesticides?

    Does Montana have a cab filter for spraying pesticides?
  36. jc7622

    Montana AC Hose Breakage?

    My AC has gone down twice so far since I bought my 5740C a few months ago. The metal line that leads out of the compressor to the condensor has broken. I got it out of the shop the other day and the new part broke after one day of use (brush-hogging). So far everything is under warranty and...
  37. jc7622

    What color green (paint) is Montana?

    Does that color green used by Montana have a name? Is it the same as John Deere or is it different? I have some old implements and a wagon that need to be repainted and was going to make them match my tractor.
  38. jc7622

    Montana Rotary Cutter Mfg?

    I just bought a 7' Montana brush hog. It is a brute of a cutter and was even more heavy duty than I had expected it to be. Does anyone know who makes it? I has a slip clutch and two wheels in the back that can be adjusted with a crank.
  39. jc7622

    Montana Foot Throttle Location?

    I have a question about the location of the foot pedal on the 5740C (and probably the others). It is kind of off to the side. Has anyone here made any kind of modification or extension to locate it in a more comfortable location? I am probably going to do that with mine and wondered if anyone...
  40. jc7622

    Montana Pallet Fork Question

    Has anyone here seen the pallet forks from Montana? Are the forks permanantly attached or are they just held in place by gravity? I need to be able to lift a Macro bin full of liquid and then tilt the forks to dump it, so the forks will have to stay on even when tilted all the way over. JC OK
  41. jc7622

    Montana FEL - mounting a grapple rake?

    I finally got a chance to test drive and take a closer look at the Montanas the other day. The 5740 did have the skid-steer type quick attach. That's good because I would like to use a grapple on it. What woud have to be done to set it up to operate the grapple hydraulics?
  42. jc7622

    Towing with a Pickup - weight?

    I have a Chevy 2wd, 1/2 ton P/U. I am looking to buy about a 50hp tractor with cab. The one that I am probably going to buy weighs about 5200#. I also want to add a FEL. I routinely rent and haul a Bobcat 753 that weighs 4800# with no problem at all. I'm not sure how much weight will be...
  43. jc7622

    Dealer Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    I have been looking at the Montanas (and all the others). I know there are a couple Montana dealers on this board that could probably answer my questions. What has your experience been so far in regards to parts availability and warranty support from Montana? I have heard bad stories about...
  44. jc7622

    LG = Montana = New Holland ??

    I saw the Montana tractors at the farm show this weekend in OKC. I have since done some research on them and LG. The LG brand tractors appear to be identical to the Montanas. Something else I came across was a picture (attached) of an older LG L65 that is identical to a New Holland TN65D...