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  1. thirdroc17

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Just another computer generated lie. How many others here are that?
  2. thirdroc17

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    They could have an unregulated toxic burn pit next to them like I do. Be thankful for saving lives instead of taking them.
  3. thirdroc17

    death of regular cab pickups

    I'm driving a 2004 Ford. Michigan salt is taking it's toll, otherwise it would be good for another 19 years.
  4. thirdroc17

    death of regular cab pickups

    All depends on whether you want a truck, or a car. Personally, I have a car for when I want a car, and would prefer a truck for when I need a truck. However, that is getting hard to do. 4' bed, give me a break, it's useless. Too many people trying to pretend they are something are they...
  5. thirdroc17

    reading a dial caliper

    Wait a minute. Why do you still want a king? Why aren't you using fractions? Oh, that's right, precision and ease. So why not use the universal measurement throughout the world? Save yourself, and everyone else, a lot of confusion.
  6. thirdroc17

    reading a dial caliper

    Metric is used by all nations of the world but 2. We are not an island, no matter how much some people think we are. You have a choice, stay in the 18th century, or join the 21st. You already stated it would be easy to do.
  7. thirdroc17

    reading a dial caliper

    All you people who dis metric. How big is the engine in your car? Odds are, you just used a metric measurement. How do machinists generally measure? In fractions or decimals? Decimals of course, exactly like the metric system. How many of you are using a vernier caliper and measuring in...
  8. thirdroc17

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    I buy new because of history. After 65 years of history, every time I've bought used, I've wound up spending more than new to fix it. I know others who buy used, run it for years, and sell for more then they paid for it. Bad luck vs. good luck. Mine is all bad.
  9. thirdroc17

    Plowing County Road??

    You've never met my criminal neighbors then. Yes, they have stole from me, they pollute in many ways, they make life here miserable and less than safe, the LAST thing I will do is do ANYTHING for them. If could afford to move, I would, but who's to say the next neighborhood would be any better.
  10. thirdroc17

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I heard they will finally have representation for their taxation.
  11. thirdroc17

    BX suspension seat....again....

    Looked at them, but way out my price league.
  12. thirdroc17

    Curtis cab latches

    Ok, see where the pin screws into the frame? The brass part is a rivot nut, the pin screws directly into it, the washer on it does NOT belong there. Why he put it there, and one on all 4 pins is beyond me, but taking it off, sure helped. While it still doesn't work like the ones in the...
  13. thirdroc17

    New kubota tractor advice

    Sorry to say, you have a recipe for disaster there. Adding a LOT of weight to a too small tractor will eventually break something. Been there, done that. Same for overpowering your hydraulics. At best, the hydraulic pump will have a shortened life, at worst, you're gonna bend something. A...
  14. thirdroc17

    Curtis cab latches

    So I bit the bullet and had a Curtis Cab installed on my Kubota BX. No doubt the basics are the same for Curtis Cabs on all makes, so here is my dilemma, no matter what I do, I can NOT operate the little levers to lift the roof or remove the rear panel. My dealer is no help (I really should...
  15. thirdroc17

    BX front wheel interchangibility

    Just a few simple questions. Will the 8" front wheels from a BX1870 fit on a BX2670? Concerned about clearance around the gear housing, etc. If so, is there a width or offset difference? Thanks.
  16. thirdroc17

    Mowing RCK60B-23BX 60" mmm deck cut quality

    Only had this mower a year, but have been less than enthralled with it's cutting quality from the start. It just doesn't compare to what I've been using for years. Now I'll admit, my previous mower deck was less than stock, but I'd like to bring the Kubota up to the standard I'm used to. I...
  17. thirdroc17

    Sick fo digital crap

    Unable to afford the outrageous price of cable, we put up a digital antenna. The two "strong" stations, we do not get, the two "moderate" stations we sometimes get, forget about the rest. Back in the days of analog, 3 of those above 4 stations didn't exist, the signal had to come from stations...
  18. thirdroc17

    BX-2670 hydraulic capabilities

    I just got this tractor about a month ago, and I'm looking to add a hydraulic motor to rotate the chute on the BX-2750D snow blower. The tractor hydraulic system is rated at 6.2 GPM. I assume this runs everything hydraulic? Hydrostat drive, power steering, 3-point hitch, as well as the...