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  1. PowerTracManiac

    Stump Cutter Teeth

    Getting my stump grinder ready for operation. Most of the carbide inserts on the teeth are missing. Wondering how people are getting these brazed on carbide insert tips replaced? Most teeth on new stump grinders are held in by bolted on carriers and are user replaceable. Has anyone retrofitted...
  2. PowerTracManiac

    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    First cylindar issue for me. What has been a slow drip has developed into a stream of oil. Coming from inside--the joint between the rod and the outer housing. Looks like I will have to take it off and send it to PT for repair. I know PT makes there own cylindars so I don't trust a local place...
  3. PowerTracManiac

    Hydraulic Circuits Technical Discussion

    Found some hydraulic diagrams of an 1850. TU woodlandfarms. There are 2 pumps on the 1850 and on my 1460. 1)Variable volume pump and 2) pto pump. Looking at the first pdf diagram below (hydro 5) it seems the wheel circuit fluid is drawn from the tank, through the main filter to the variable...
  4. PowerTracManiac

    Electric Grease Gun-love it

    Have Ryobi tools and just got the battery operated grease gun. Did maintenence on the 1460 and what a joy it was! All lubed in no time at all. Was kinda fun actually. If you don't have this tool, I highly recommend getting one. Was easy to reach all the zerk fittings. Will lube more frequently...
  5. PowerTracManiac

    Change tire PT1460

    Well I did it to myself. Forgot to air up this tire (which has a slow leak) and went out to clear some brush for the burn pile. Tire popped off the rim bead due to no pressure. I am wondering if I can get the rim/tire off the tractor by just removing the 6 outer bolts or if I need to get that...
  6. PowerTracManiac

    House project is complete. Selling my PT 1460?

    Thinking of selling my machine now that I am done building my house and getting a smaller machine/mower? Have regular bucket, 4in1 bucket with teeth, forks, add-a-grapple, stump grinder. Great for landscape/tree company or person who needs significant lift capacity. 4 cylindar Duetz. 1077 hours...
  7. PowerTracManiac

    Anybody with used PT1460 brush hog, tiller, aerator, post hole digger implements

    They want to sell? Thought I would give it a shot. Didn't win the lotto so I thought I might get lucky here, haha
  8. PowerTracManiac

    Big Central Va Snowstorm-PT to the rescue

    Trees down all throughout my property and driveway. About 10 to 12 inches of very heavy and wet snow. Power out for 4 days in Central Va. Getting going today by cutting trees down and moving them out of my driveway. Duetz 4 banger started at 38 degrees with no assist right away-SWEET! Add a...
  9. PowerTracManiac

    M930 Charging Valve-Bad oil leak

    Ok, first bad oil leak. This valve is bolted to the back of the port side wall inside the rear tub. Noticed a line of oil on the dirt while driving and realized that can't be good. Was able to locate the leaking area by where the oil was pumping out the side of this valve. A slow steady stream...
  10. PowerTracManiac

    Clean Your Machine-off grid?

    PT has been running well and backfilling on my project is almost done. Oil cooler and engine compartment REALLY needed cleaning from all the dirt moving. I dont have power or running water on site yet, so I picked up this battery powered pressure washer and it has the perfect PSI to clean the...
  11. PowerTracManiac

    PINE logs anyone?

    Have pine logs galore from the lot clearing and I don't know what to do with them? Average 16 to 24 inches in diameter. Don't have a dump trailer so I can't take them anywhere. Contacted a couple lumber places and they weren't too interested since they were pine? Any sugesstions or ideas would...
  12. PowerTracManiac

    PT Stump Grinder feedback

    I was trying to sell my PT1460 stump grinder but no one is interested. It's just sitting here and I now have some 12 to 16inch diameter pine stumps that I could use it on. Anybody with experience with the PT stump grinder? The PO didn't take care of the blade and it looks like about 70 percent...
  13. PowerTracManiac

    9K lb winch mounted to 2 inch forklift receiver

    I have a 9k lb electric winch that is mounted on a 2 inch receiver mount that is rated for the winch. I plan on putting this winch setup into the 2 inch receiver which is on the forklift mount I had made up. I want to winch some logs out of tight areas and pull some trees over that are partially...
  14. PowerTracManiac

    Starting off the new year with my Pallet Fork frame/PT adapter--Done!

    Nice way to start off the new year! Welder just dropped off my PT adapter plate welded to the pallet fork frame. He also put a plate on the bottom with some holes drilled into it for drainage out the bottom. I thought he did a good job and now I can use pallet forks to clean up and move a bunch...
  15. PowerTracManiac

    Deutz engine and PT hydraulic oil cold weather warm up proceedures

    I like doing tree work when its cold outside and I want to develop a cold weather start procedure for the PT. It is currently outside under a tarp and we are going to be in the 20s, so I am looking for a good way to get everything warmed up properly. Have a torpedo heater that I used to cook the...
  16. PowerTracManiac

    In honor of MossRoad sugesstions. Pallet Fork Add a Grapple

    Pallet forks with PT adapter plate is getting welded up now. After that is done, I would like to add a removable grapple to the pallet fork implement. I think this one would work nice? WordPress Error Precision manufacturing forklift add a grapple. Link above might not work?
  17. PowerTracManiac

    Disappointed in my new adapter plate. Cracks at the bend from the factory?

    Received this adapter plate from PT for making my aftermarket 1460 pallet fork attachment. Factory bend has noticeable cracking. My other attachment plates are welded at the bottom intersection with the large flat main section-not bent on a brake like this one. Don't know if this is a new cost...
  18. PowerTracManiac

    How many teeth should I add to my 4 in 1 bucket/tooth mount style-Beast Mode

    Need to be able to dig out some dirt. Soil is a little on the clay side. Definitely not soft, rich topsoil or sandy. Would like to add some teeth to my 4 in 1 bucket cutting edge. I ordered a 23 tf tooth from Titan to check fit and it fits good. The inside of the bucket is 71inches wide. How...
  19. PowerTracManiac

    Pallet forks attachment method suggestions

    Just got a set of SSQA 48inch Pallet Forks and a PT attachment plate is on the way from PT for my 1460. Question is: Do you all think I should I also get an additional SSQA hitch plate with the locking pins and weld the PT adapter plate to the SSQA hitch? Or should I just weld the PT adapter...
  20. PowerTracManiac

    Homecoming event idea at PT headquarters? Anyone interested in meeting up?

    This is just an idea and I have not contacted PT about this!! BUT, I would be interested in going to PT headquarters and staying for a 1-3 day hands on/in depth workshop covering all the components of my machine and how to fix stuff in general. Concept would be a deep dive on all the different...
  21. PowerTracManiac

    Duetz F4l 1011F shutoff solenoid failure

    I think my shutoff solenoid is starting to intermittantly fail. The fuel shutoff lever is not moving. I am working through my possible fuel delivery issue and this may be another possible problem. This solenoid may be partially failing and causing the fuel rail to intermittantly move into on/off...
  22. PowerTracManiac

    PT hitch adapter plate

    Need a hitch plate for my PT1460 to move around trailers, etc. Should I get a regular hitch and a pintle welded onto the PT plate? If yes should the pintle be on top, bottom or side by side? Anybody have any ideas on the best way to do this with 1 PT plate? The 1460 plates from PT are 350.00 each
  23. PowerTracManiac

    ATV UTV Dump and Logging Trailer

    Dont remember how I came to find this? It was saved as a webpage as I was cleaning out my web browser. It might be something you all would be interested in so I thought I'd post the link RR6 Atv/Utv Logging/Dump Trailer - Range Road Enterprises Ltd. (USA)
  24. PowerTracManiac

    Deutz 4 cyl. diesel start, stall, run slow, stop, repeat

    Wait a little bit and it will start right up again and run for a short time then run very slow then die out? I'm thinking fuel flow blockage. The fuel exit line is up high on my tank. Must be a tube that goes down to the bottom of tank and the fuel pump or injectors I guess must create...
  25. PowerTracManiac

    Driveway and lot clearing progress and what are you all up to?

    Wel, I am working about 1/2 as much as normal so I have time to work on the driveway and lot clearing for the new shop. My PT1460 machine has plenty of power to push over trees up to about 6-12 inches depending on species. The problem happens with the trees that just bend over and then come back...
  26. PowerTracManiac

    DUETZ 1101F Fuel return line leaking danger

    If you have the Duetz diesel 1101/2011? And maybe others, I would check the fuel return lines for slight leaks/wetness. I had a small pin hole leak in the number 1 return line and it was spraying fuel into the engine bay. Only reason I noticed it was because I was checking for something else...
  27. PowerTracManiac

    Hydraulic connections for 4 in 1 and stump grinder

    Scored a 4 in1 bucket and stump grinder used for my PT1460. Don't understand how the connections work. The stump grinder has huge connectors on it. Seems they would fit on the outside large hose connections of the PT1460. The 4 in 1 bucket has small connectors on it? They appear to be the same...
  28. PowerTracManiac

    Best way to get rid of 1 to 5 inch diameter inch trees to clear access road?

    Need to clear a couple access roads through my bug out property. Alot of 1 to 4 inch trees (oak and maple). I have the light material bucket and the 4 in 1 bucket and PT1460. Going to try and just use the front edge of the bucket and dig into the ground slightly and lift and tear all this out as...
  29. PowerTracManiac

    Test Gold canister that is oil sender on Duetz desiel

    Have the 1011f duetz 4 cylindar in my 1PT1460. Just saw no oil pressure on the oil pressure guage at dash. I saw on another post the gold cylindar with 1 wire coming off it on the drivers side of the Duetz deisel engine is an oil presure sender. Can I test for bad sender/wire by putting a...
  30. PowerTracManiac

    New PT1460 just arrived

    Thanks to all who posted previously. Learned alot here and wanted to join up. I'm in Central virginia. Building out a little bug out retreat. Just picked up a used Power Trac 1460. Have the large material bucket, 4 in 1 bucket and the stump grinder. First thing I plan on doing is clearing out a...