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  1. PHIL850

    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    You are thinking of Nicad batteries. Lead acid batteries it is NOT recommended
  2. PHIL850

    Blocking the clutch pedal when parked?

    My John Deere 850 manual recommends locking the clutch pedal down if you are not going to use it for an extended period.
  3. PHIL850

    NX5510 - No hydraulics after filter and fluid change

    I would be fearful of blowing a seal somewhere doing that
  4. PHIL850

    Digging 400' Trench for cable

    Conduit can be expensive with that length of run, but if the cable fails, easy enough to replace. A question I would ask is, who is eats the repair if the cable fails for some reason? if you own a backhoe it’s time and fuel on your part. If it’s piped, they can simply pull a new cable. Then...
  5. PHIL850

    Stihl 194

    Main jet is clogged
  6. PHIL850

    Runs nice and dies in 20 min UPDATE UPDATE

    Wire your fuel solenoid direct to the battery and see if it still happens. It’s not sputtering when it fails, so it sounds like the fuel is shutting off some how. It’s an easy check
  7. PHIL850

    very hot -battery cable

    Clean the ends of both battery cables and where they connect on both the battery , block, solenoid/starter. Startup the tractor and measure charging voltage at the battery. charging voltage shouldn’t be more than 14.5 volts
  8. PHIL850

    Blew out another turf tire

    I run turfs o my 850 JD and I do a lot of woods work . Have yet to blow a tire. Bridgestone tires with ice pick chains
  9. PHIL850

    plain water in tires.

    My tractor is parked in a heated garage. I use it to plow a 1/4 mile driveway in the winter. My rear turf tires are full of water and I haven’t had a problem with freezing as long as i don’t leave it parked outside.
  10. PHIL850

    Snow plow on FEL

    Works great on my little Deere 850
  11. PHIL850

    Scott’s L2048 ( John Deere GX2048T020833) keeps eating belts

    My scotts ride on keeps eating deck belts. I’ve gone through the entire deck and everything thing checks out spindles, idlers and such. First I thought it was because i bought an off brand belt, but since then I have only used Deere belts at twice the prices, but they perform no better. I am...
  12. PHIL850

    Battery powered chainsaw

    Ryobi. Short money, light weight.easy to carry on the four wheeler on trails and such. I’ve been able to dust up and limb a 40’ spruce tree no problem and still had battery life leftover. Only problem is, my wife loves it and constantly takes it for her own use. Iam a current owner of a...
  13. PHIL850

    L4400 4x4 New Tires W Water

    Filled tires should have a minimum of at least 10% air to allow for expansion/ flex. The tires are overfilled at 100%. I would drain of so that you have about 6” of air space at the top.
  14. PHIL850

    Bush Hog

    Or channel locks
  15. PHIL850

    Teflon tape on hydraulic fittings

    there are tapered fittings on some hydraulic units (NPT) my model 75 loader is one item that uses these.
  16. PHIL850

    Teflon tape on hydraulic fittings

    Yes, but would you use it if your fittings where fine
  17. PHIL850

    Teflon tape on hydraulic fittings

    But some are NPT and require some sort of sealant. I understand certain fittings require nothing, but at the very least a NPT style would need a good quality pipe Dope.
  18. PHIL850

    Which connector is this?

    Wow! Thanks so much for thread guide! Major help
  19. PHIL850

    Teflon tape on hydraulic fittings

    in a forum on FB I belong to, the age old argument got going about sealing hydraulic joints. In particular the use of Teflon tape on hydraulic fittings. I say NO don’t use the stuff, as it can get into things causing issues. Only use a good pipe Dope. what say you?
  20. PHIL850

    Convert loader to quick attach type

    I am looking to convert my model 75 loader on my JD850 tractor to a quick attach skid steer type. just wanted to touch base and see what folks that hve already done this suggest. I found one unit that will fit my loader but just for the attachment not including the part you weld on your bucket...
  21. PHIL850

    Stuck PTO shaft

    I finally got this thing apart. The grease on the internal shaft was like baked hard carbon. I ended up cleaning it, and used a final pass with a flap sander wheel. So what is the best lubricant to use?
  22. PHIL850

    Stuck PTO shaft

    Thanks to all on your suggested tips. I inverted the shaft and sprayed wd40 and carb cleaner down between the two shafts. It eventually made its way down in . I then chucked one end of the shaft in a Vice, but loosely so i could slide the whole setup like a slide hammer. It finally came loose...
  23. PHIL850

    Stuck PTO shaft

    I take it grease isn’t the best thing? Iam going to try alternating brake clean and wd40 and see if I can get some penetration while breaking up the old grease.
  24. PHIL850

    Stuck PTO shaft

    Should I add it didn’t get used last year and was stored outside.😩 i greased it , but apparently not enough. I am surprised they don’t come with a grease fitting. If I get it apart, I may just drill and tap it for one
  25. PHIL850

    Stuck PTO shaft

    The PTO shaft on my brushhog is frozen and won’t extend. I’ve soaked it in both PB BLASTER and WD40. Anyone got any tricks up your sleeve to get these unstuck?
  26. PHIL850

    My NEK Camp

    My dad and I built our place back in 1973
  27. PHIL850

    Off road Diesel versus #2 home heating oil

    I am getting conflicting information on #2 fuel oil (heating oil) versus off road Diesel fuel. The Driver that delivered our last load of heating Oil told me you can no longer Use #2 heating oil in a Diesel engine because they have removed all the Cetane from it. We have a couple of 275 gal...
  28. PHIL850

    Possible Gernerator Project

    I recently acquired a used 1800 RPM 10 kilowatt Generator (no motor) for doing a friend a favor. The Generator looks in ruff shape, but is in working order. I am looking at a few ways I might power this unit for use as a backup power supply. Ideally I would mount it on a trailer and power it...
  29. PHIL850

    Cost of John Deere parts

    I was qouted over $500.00 from our local dealer for a starter on a John deere Gator. The Gator has a 2 cyl 18HP Kawasaki Motor. I told the guy that I wanted the regular starter and not the one made of solid gold. He told me that ya thats the price for the regular one. Well I thought about...
  30. PHIL850

    My no split log splitter!

    I bought someone else's project log splitter (frame with piston) and started building the rest of it up with some new parts from Northern Hydraulics. Got it assembled, filled it with Hydrualic fluid, fired it up and yahoo the piston goes in and out no problem! Tested many in/out cycles and she...
  31. PHIL850

    What type fluid?

    Putting together a home made Log splitter and was wondering what type of fluid I should use. It will be using a Barns 11 gal/min 2 stage pump. Can I get by with simple ATF fluid for this application? any recomendations would be helpfull. FYI, the pump did not come with any recomendations...
  32. PHIL850

    ID this pump?

    I picked up a project Wood splitter minus a motor for $400. Some one built it from scratch, and it has this odd dual shaft pump on it (see pictures) I am guessing I will end up changing things out for a two stage 16 gal. pump, but was wondering if anyone could ID this pump. I am not sure why it...
  33. PHIL850

    carry box

    Welded up this Box to fetch firewood and things around the property. It measures 40" X 40" X 40". Why you ask? Because I got free steel that was 120" long. So far it has only cost me the the price of the Cat 1 pins and some welding rod. Even the Wood was a free find!!! Guess I will have to paint...
  34. PHIL850

    I hate Yellow Jackets!

    Finally got the clutch fixed in my JD 850, and was brush-hogging around our place to get some clean up done. I have a 5' IMO Brush hog that will take a beating and keep on ticking. I lowered it away on some brush and was beating up the stuff and of course when you do such a thing, it throws up a...
  35. PHIL850


    I am looking to replace the front tires on my JD 850 MFWD. I blew out one last weekend doing some bucket work (ok so they were old and a bit rotten). They are Firestone 25 X 8.50 X 14 Turf & Field. Question: I would lilke to convert over at some point to something with a bit more agrressive...
  36. PHIL850

    JD 850 needs a clutch

    My JD 850 needs a clutch replacement. I have replaced Clutchs on small trucks before, but I am unsure about splitting a tractor in half to do the same. Bottom line, my PTO will not disengage, however the main drive clutch is fine. The tractor was originaly used as a loader mostly, and I suspect...
  37. PHIL850

    IH Brush Hog / rotary mower

    Hi all, Does anyone have any info on IH brush hogs. I bought one site unseen (minus the drive shaft) for $50. My nephew found it for me and I am going to need to purchase a drive shaft for it. I don't really care what shape it is in as long as it works, as I am going to be beating up some...
  38. PHIL850

    Tires Turf tire to Ag tires

    I recently purchased a JD 850, MFWD with Turf tires. The Turf tires are pretty well worn and I will be looking to replace them with Ag tires in the future. I was wondering if there are any Ag tires that will fit my exisiting Rims or will I have to purchase new Rims as well when I go with Ag...