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  1. BadgerCheese

    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    The only issue with the back blade is there's no skids to keep you from scraping your road into the woods. Maybe a modification?
  2. BadgerCheese

    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    Here in the great white north we get between 2-250" of snow a season. Christmas eve was a 24" blizzard on its own. My neighbors both have pickup's with plows on them and push the snow leaving and coming back (our road is 1/2 mile long to the blacktop), but you can't push 2' of snow with a...
  3. BadgerCheese

    How much trailer weight can my tractor tow?

    Does that mean, if you're using the 3pt, that you want to load the trailer hitch heavy? Since the 3pt floats up, would that reduce the potential for the hitch to raise up depending on terrain? Seems scary, in concept, to have the back of the trailer bottom out or make the ball/pintel carry the...
  4. BadgerCheese

    Dealers Not Accepting Some Brands on Trade

    My LS has 900+ hours, runs great and does everything I ask of it. I'm not interested in selling it................but if I did...............I would not be going to a dealer to get bottom dollar for my unit and pay top dollar for new equipment. I have a feeling that steel is going to get...
  5. BadgerCheese

    Box Blade Sizing for Kubota L3901

    I'm running a Land Pride BB3584 which is 84" wide. It's a touch wider than my wheel base, and it pulls a LOT of material. The weight is 853lbs, so there's no nudging it into place to hitch it up, but it makes an awesome counter weight to the FEL. At 45 hp it's at the upper end, size wise, for...
  6. BadgerCheese

    Tractor lots are full

    I'm seeing quite a few different places getting re-stocked: Cars, trucks, UTV's, trailers, tractors, lawn equipment.........And I'm seeing slow-downs in industry across the country............every industry. Several someone's have said "be patient and don't buy anything right now- you're money...
  7. BadgerCheese

    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    I bought distorted thread nuts for my Polaris UTV to replace the wheel nuts. They're high strength and grip tight.
  8. BadgerCheese

    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Bought my used LS in 2021 and have wondered many times if the guy I bought it from isn't kicking himself for what he could have got for it in 2022. Money has been worthless. Raising interest rates is making it worth something again. If you have money and want a new or different tractor, try to...