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  1. smartguyz

    PT425 PTO Switch Replacement - How to wire up replacement switch of different brand?

    Hi TBN friends! My PTO Switch failed and I am in the middle of replacing it. (Ordered and received replacement from Power-Trac) The problem is that I can't tell how I am supposed to wire up the replacement. Here's why: Both old and new switches have 6 connections. Old switch and new switch...
  2. smartguyz

    HELP! PTO quit mid-job!

    Hi guys, I avoid using "HELP" in all caps unless it warrants it. :) Today my trusty PT425 was happily mowing the yard when the PTO quit. I need advice on what to do to diagnose, fix, etc. (Note: Power-Trac Service Department is out for the week for Independence Day). Was using the 48"...
  3. smartguyz

    F3990 Owner: Why can't I run B100?

    Hi TBN friends! I just became the owner of an F3990 Front Mower. In general it works really well. I have been reading the owners manual and it states that you shouldn't run anything more than B5 diesel in it. (5% biodiesel). It gives no reason for the warning and admonition. Given that...
  4. smartguyz

    2003 PT-425 - change to Kohler Muffler?

    Long time no chat old friends! I'm looking at changing out the muffler on my 2003 PT-425. Reason is that I believe that the PT-built-muffler tends to hold a lot of heat in the engine. Pretty-sure that MossRoad has noted that his Kohler, which has the stock Kohler muffler, doesn't seem to...
  5. smartguyz

    Now that one wheel motor has failed, how likely the others will in short order?

    Hi guys, Quick question. I have one PT425 wheel motor that has failed (hub bearing/seal failure). In your experience, how likely is it that the others will also fail? I'm trying to figure out what a repair schedule might look like. My PT425 is from 2003, but only has around 260 hours on...
  6. smartguyz

    2003 PT425. Is the correct wheel motor?

    Hi folks, Thanks as always for the invaluable advice here. I have a PT425 from 2003. I was out with my trusty field mower when I noticed the left rear wheel motor was leaking oil rather badly. Investigation shows it's leaking right around the hub (see photos). The motor is stamped with...
  7. smartguyz

    Best way to level uneven soil?

    Hi guys, I've been gone quite a while, but my faithful 2003 PT425 is still going strong. Only recent mods were that when the headlight bulbs burned out, I put in LED headlights. OK, on to my question. Recently, I was back-filling a long trench (running power to the pole barn) and the...
  8. smartguyz

    Replace plastic wheels on the mower with...?

    Hi guys, Had a bit of a mishap yesterday - I was using the brush cutter and accidentally picked up a metal cable (with a chain on the end!) that was lying in the brush that someone had left in the wooded area of my property. The 48" brush cutter picked up the cable, wrapped it around the...
  9. smartguyz

    Buying Advice Which hitch receiver adaptor would you get?

    Hi guys, I hope your Thanksgiving week is going well. My 425 is still going strong, and I need another attachment. I have need of moving some equipment around my property. The equipment is equipped with a ball hitch. Normally, I hook it up to my truck, but there are a lot of places on my...
  10. smartguyz

    Welding stuff for the PT

    Hi guys, Since you guys have been so supportive of us who can't weld (or don't know how), I'm trying to educate myself. I've run across some great videos on YouTube. I thought this one was good... (I note he's Canadian... that's why he keeps saying...
  11. smartguyz

    Best place to buy tank magnets?

    Hi guys, I think that an inexpensive and effective way to remove metal particles in the PT is to add tank magnets. I am thinking of either 'extending' my tank cap to turn it into a tank magnet holder (easiest solution) or drilling additional holes for adding tank magnets. Where is the best...
  12. smartguyz

    What if your engine needed replacing?

    I was just wondering. I was reading a story about someone's garden tractor engine blowing up (incidentally, it was a Kohler 25 HP twin, same as in my PT425 - the article claimed that Kohler had skimped on the number and type of bolts holding the cylinder head on, and that as a result the head...
  13. smartguyz

    Oil & Fuel How Much Oil is in the Tank on a PT425?

    With Autozone running a $6/quart special on Mobil 1, including the 20W/50, I was thinking of moving my PT425 over to synthetic oil. I can't seem to find any postings showing the overall capacity. How much oil would I need to buy? -Rob :)
  14. smartguyz

    Hydraulic Chipper/Shredder Project

    Hi guys, It's been a long time. I've been thinking of doing a hydro chipper/shredder project to take advantage of the strong hydralic PTO on my 425. I may have access to a Mighty Mac Chipper/Shredder as shown here: MacKissic Inc. It is intact, but has a dead engine. I spoke to one of...
  15. smartguyz

    Mowing 48" Finish Mower Belt?

    Hi guys, Sorry if I am acting like a noob, but we don't seem to have a 'sticky' section from FAQs (correct me if I am wrong). I am looking for cross references for common maintenance items, e.g. For a PT425: 1) Replacement belt for the 48" mower 2) Hydraulic filter 3) replacement blades...
  16. smartguyz

    Snow "Pontoon" Snow Machine?

    What do you guys make of this? Think we could build one? Looks totally cool. -Rob :) YouTube - Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept
  17. smartguyz

    Is 10% Ethanol a problem, can I do anything about it?

    Hi guys, For those of us running smaller gas units, like the 425 I have, is 10% ethanol a problem? I think of this every time I go to buy gas for the 425, and see that the pump says "10% Ethanol added". I am well-aware that the Kohler (and the Robin) are designed to work with regular...
  18. smartguyz

    425 Battery Swap?

    Hi guys, I installed an on-board automatic battery charger for the PT425. It seems to be working fine. However, I've noticed that where the battery contacts the side of the PT, there is heavy surface corrosion. Yikes! I'm planning to take the battery out and grind the rust and corrosion off...
  19. smartguyz

    Welder Recommendations?

    Hi guys, With all the talk of welding up attachments, and of repairing your own PT, I've been investigating learning to weld. Sorry, but that's a class I skipped in High School. Frankly, I'm pretty confused by the different kinds of welders, but I think I understand the basic differences...
  20. smartguyz

    The "Gorilla" with a shovel

    The \"Gorilla\" with a shovel Hi guys, I've been thinking of fabricating a 'shovel' for the 425. Something narrower than the rock bucket, but the same kind of idea. I have found that whereas the mini-hoe works well, it is murder when it comes to trying to dig something out of the flower...
  21. smartguyz

    Oil & Fuel How about a diesel PT425?

    Hi guys, I was wondering whether there is an engine suitable for swapping into the little 425 when the old Kohler gives up the ghost. Any ideas? Sincerely, Rob
  22. smartguyz

    14, where do you shop?

    Hi there, I know you are a BIG advocate of Amsoil. Where do you get yours? Does the shipping not make it really costly? I'm in Oregon. What's a good source, do you know? Sincerely, Rob
  23. smartguyz

    Anyone want to write a review?

    Hi guys, I was just looking at other areas of the TBN forum, and was noting that there are NO reviews of PTs in the reviews section. Some people have had great experiences with their PTs. Anyone want to write a review? Sincerely, Rob
  24. smartguyz

    Where does all that grease go?

    Hi Guys, I have a PT425 with a 48" finish mower. I regularly grease all the various zerks on the mower, but one thing really puzzles me. When I grease the bearings for the mower, I will pump 10-15x with my manual greasegun, but I never see the grease come out anywhere! I've been doing this...
  25. smartguyz

    How about BIODIESEL?

    Hi guys - With all the talk about gas prices, I thought it might be fun to do some research on alternative fuels - I have encountered biodiesel, which is made primarily from soybeans(!). I found that it is supposedly totally OK to use in a diesel tractor and it smells like (Mossroad will...
  26. smartguyz

    How much oil in the PT425 hydraulic tank?

    Hi guys, I am seriously considering changing out the oil in my PT425's hydraulic reserve to one that can take higher temperatures without degradation - Blackwell's suggestion to move to synthetic 20W50. Would you be so kind as to tell me how many quarts I would need? Sincerely, Rob
  27. smartguyz

    Cool attachments!

    Hi guys, I thought that the URL referred to in another post was really cool - some great attachments. In fact, some can even be used without any alteration (example: The ball hitch adaptor 1/2 way down the page here ) Wow. What do you guys think? -Rob
  28. smartguyz

    Excellent Safety Video

    Hi TBN-PT friends, I was looking at Bobcat's website, and came across an excellent safety video. This is the sort of information that all PT owners need. I thought I would share it with you. Here is the link. Sincerely, Rob
  29. smartguyz

    Why can the Hunt-Vee travel at 60 degrees...

    if the Kohler engine is only rated to operate around 20-25 degrees? Click to see the specs and pictures... Does it have a different engine? Sincerely, Rob
  30. smartguyz

    Oil Temp Gauges for both Engine and Hydraulics

    OK guys, Given all the discussions in this thread , it seems reasonable to start a new thread concerned with monitoring oil temps. Here's a key quote from that thread, provided by 'fourteen'. </font><font color="blue" class="small">( . "Hydraulic Oil operating temperature should not...
  31. smartguyz

    PT Ultimate Tank Sprayer!

    TBN friends, I think you'll enjoy this. My property has several areas of steep grades - my 25 gallon tow-behind sprayer really doesn't work well with the PT in stock configuration, and the JD318 really can't get to a number of areas on the property. So, what's the solution? Create a PT...
  32. smartguyz

    PT425 Saves the Neighborhood!

    Hi Guys, You may have seen the news reports that show the Pacific NW with the largest storm we've seen in decades. Ice, snow, sleet, significant accumulations - we saw it all. PDX airport down for 3 days straight, with no flights in or out! Freezing rain, too! Suffice to say that the Power...
  33. smartguyz

    Snow Power Sweeper in Snow!

    Hi Guys, Just spent the last couple of days using the 48" power sweeper to sweep away about 6" worth of snow (which for Portland, OR is a LOT). It worked extremely well, and gives the Power Sweeper an outstanding amount of utility for me. Spring/Summer/Fall - general cleanup and sweeping...
  34. smartguyz

    Maintenance of the Power Sweeper.

    Hi gang, As many of you know, I purchased the 48" Power Sweeper for my 425. It does an outstanding job clearing the courtyard, the access road, and the long drive. It cleans the roadway in a fraction of the time it used to take with brooms and pressure washers. It has made my cleanup time...
  35. smartguyz

    Amazing. It all fits!

    Hi guys, At our home, we've been parking one of the cars outside since I own a PT425 and a JD318, with the JD318 parked in the garage. Frankly, I think cars tolerate being outside a lot more than tractors do. Well, I got to thinking that since the PT is so nimble and maneuverable, and with...
  36. smartguyz

    How about if WE create a training tape?

    Hi guys, Since there has been some occasion to make trips to Tazewell for some of our faithful members who live near PT, what is the interest level for having said members build an actual training tape based on the training Terry does? It occurs to me (one of the guys who lives 3000 miles...
  37. smartguyz

    Value of JD318?

    Hi guys, I have an opportunity to purchase a JD318 with 33" hydraulic tiller, 50" deck with Power-Flo bagger and a rotary broom. It is in excellent condition, has been stored inside, but has unknown hours on it. In your esteemed opinion, what would this be worth, in combination and...
  38. smartguyz

    Anyone installed speed up pulley on 318 50" deck?

    Anyone installed speed up pulley on 318 50\" deck? Hi, I have a 318 with a 50" deck. I am considering getting the 'speed up pulley kit', AM116141, about $30. Has anyone installed it, and was the speed up worth it? I am trying to reduce the amount of 'left overs' when mowing. I do have the...
  39. smartguyz

    Replacement deck for JD318?

    Hi guys - I have a beautifully-restored '86 318 with a 50" deck with Power-Flo and a Johnny Bucket Sr. I believe it's going to need a new deck in the near future. I know I could probably purchase a used 50" deck, but was wondering if you guys know if I can retrofit a later or new deck with...
  40. smartguyz

    Forum User's Group.

    Forum User\'s Group. It seems to me that there is enough clout (especially with all the people who are buying equipment through advice on this forum, or even using the forum in lieu of service and advice from PT) for us to form a user's group. Perhaps one of the things we can do is to track the...
  41. smartguyz

    Ramblings from another thread...

    Hi guys - I occasionally read other forums, and there was a thread on synthetic oils (I know - there have been more than a few), and I was thinking of my PT adventures (I am up to 32 hours as of yesterday). I wanted to solicit any maintenance advice from you guys - my PT gets FILTY dirty during...
  42. smartguyz

    Duelling Tractors!

    Hi guys - This weekend, my neighbor mentioned that they were not looking forward to moving 34 yards of mulch. I mentioned that I have two tractors, one JD318 with a Johnny Bucket, and a PT425 with a 10 cu ft. bucket. He and his wife (good friends of ours) were really appreciative, and...
  43. smartguyz

    "Real" brakes for the 425?

    \"Real\" brakes for the 425? Hi guys - Given the discussion on the PT425's lack of 'real' brakes (e.g. ones that actively stop the machine in case of hydraulic failure) does anyone have any practical ideas on how this might be accomplished? How do the emergency brakes on the PT1845 operate...
  44. smartguyz

    Another PT look-alike?

    Hey guys - I just saw this website. Anyone seen one of these? Another PT Look-alike? -Rob
  45. smartguyz

    Insuring a PT425 - How to do it?

    Hi guys - After reading Sedgewood's website and description of FIRE ! I realized that I don't have explicit coverage on my PT425. How do you guys handle this? Is it covered under your homeowner's policy? Do you have some separate coverage? What's the best way to go, and what kind of...
  46. smartguyz

    Making a cheap aerator...

    Hi guys - Got a funky idea. I have a PT425, which I love, and I want to rig up some inexpensive implements for fairly light use. For example, I use my plug aerator on a regular basis, but I can't justify spending $1200 for the super unit that PT sells. I have the following aerator for my...
  47. smartguyz

    Air Filtration for the PT

    Hi Guys, I was out using the brush hog for about 4 hours today, and of course the PT425 was just filthy afterwards. Some detergent, pressure washer, and the handy-dandy leaf blower got things spic and span again, but I was wondering... Has anyone considered the notion of providing filtration...
  48. smartguyz

    Superior Braking Power in the PT

    Hi guys - I was just thinking - after using my PT all over my property, I noticed something really critical to safety and stability. As you know, all normal tractors usually have 2-wheel-brakes, with braking power to the rear wheels. Those with significant seat time on any significant grade...
  49. smartguyz

    The definitive word on PT Paint

    Hi Guys - My PT425 came to me (shipped via Overnite) with a lot of paint scuffed off of it. (Honestly, I think that PT should weld a couple of tie-downs on the tractor to avoid this whole thing - I suggested this to Terry - I also suggested they look into powder coating) They clearly used a...
  50. smartguyz

    Oil, oil everywhere! - How do you change oil?

    Hi guys, I am totally thrilled with my PT425, which arrived last Tuesday. (I'm also completely intimidated by SnowRidge's super-detailed post, so I'm taking my time to do my writeup ) The ability to hold onto the slope, and maneuver in very tight quarters (I purchased a spinner knob on the...