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  1. flyerdan

    Must Have Shop Items

    Thought it might be interesting to see what everyone considers must have items for a shop to be useful. Of course some of us are far beyond the minimal requrements to get things done, I'll start off with what I'd consider minimum, and why it's necessary. Power - You really need to have power...
  2. flyerdan

    Getting the bearing out

    Not tractor related, but since we don't have a tool thread and since this is where the HF thread is... Picked up a B&D 7613 type 4 router that has a bit of play in the lower bearing. There is a formed nut holding the armature against the bearing, which is secured from inside the spider. The...
  3. flyerdan

    Favorite Current TV shows

    Due to the popularity of the Western TV thread, and to keep it from drifting, how about a discussion of current shows that we like? How about all of the remakes, have they finally run out of ideas? Some that I particularly like are: Battlebots - teams compete to disable or destroy opponents bot...
  4. flyerdan

    Garage Sale Finds

    Did a search and couldn't find a thread for stuff that we've found at sales. Last week I scored a whole milk crate of cordless drills for $5. Had 4 drills, 6 batteries and 4 chargers. I needed an 18v charger for my HF drill that died ages ago, so I should be able to make something work from...
  5. flyerdan

    Check Your Pressure Washer Oil

    My neighbor gave me a Troy-Bilt pressure washer with, what he claimed was a blown engine. It's a vertical model with a Honda engine, and I know that Honda makes a pretty reliable mill, so I got around to taking it apart the other day. Three bolts holding the cart sandwitched between the engine...
  6. flyerdan

    Well pressure tnak issue.

    I have my outside faucets on a well, which is located in a bedroom closet under the floor, not the most ideal place to work. It had been working fine until recently when a motor issue started kicking the shutdown on the motor. Pulled it and fixed a couple of wires going from the pressure...
  7. flyerdan

    Cutting down one leg of angle

    I need to make some tiedown points on the pickup, so I got a stick of 2 x 2 x .187 mild steel. Going to weld some half chain links to use as rope hooks and attach bungees for tarps, etc. I need to cut the inside leg down to about 1" and will use the drop strip for backing on the underside. I...
  8. flyerdan

    Karcher T350

    Did a search and couldn't find anything here - does anyone have or has used one of these surface cleaners? I just ordered one off Amazon, $59 with free shipping. The only review I could find was from someone using it with a machine below the minimum pressure complaining that it wouldn't hover...
  9. flyerdan

    New guy from Oregon

    Hello all, like so many I figured this would be another good forum to add to the arsenal as it comes up on so many Google results. Don't have a tractor, unless you count the little Sears garden tractor I got to drag cars around with. I do have a Bobcat 700 and a Hyster H50 forklift, both have...