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  1. Mike058

    Bringing old gravel to the surface

    Our turnaround is bare of gravel in some places. I'd like to bring old gravel to the top. I have a 35HP tractor, loaded tires and a landscape rake. One question is how deep do I eventually set the tines? And should I make a couple of passes shallower and then lower the rake, or just drop it down...
  2. Mike058

    Engine Start System

    Is that the seat, brake and range selector interlocks? Or is it something more complicated? You're suppose to check this system every 50 hours.
  3. Mike058

    Using a Might Mule opener with a battery and solar panel

    I'm installing a Might Mule (MM) opener and will use a battery and solar panel to power it. I have a solar controller that hooks to the solar panel, battery and load. I'd plan to run wires from “load” to the battery terminals on the MM controller board. Then I noticed the MM controller board has...
  4. Mike058

    Checking the front axle level

    I can't find the answer in the manual. Do you screw the cap with the dipstick in or not to get reading on the stick? My guess is screwing it in, but I need confirmation. CK3510 By the way
  5. Mike058

    Adjusting the Landrake

    I want to use the landrake to remove rocks from the surface, but it likes to dig in and pull up soil too. Is it possible to just skim the surface? Or am I asking too much? Any advice on what to try to make it less aggressive?
  6. Mike058

    Securing Hydraulic Lines

    I have to take a cylinder from my grapple in and have my dealer fix a pinhole leak. Getting it off looks pretty straight forward, but I'm wondering what I need to do to the open ends of the hydraulic lines. I don't know how long they'll keep it and I don't want water, dirt, bugs or whatever...
  7. Mike058

    Grapple MGC1154A Grapple

    I bought this grapple with my tractor. I'll get them in a week or so. Anything I should watch for with this brand? Unfortunately there wasn't one to see, but from videos and pictures it looks decent.
  8. Mike058

    Price to Fill Tires

    Any idea what Les Schwab charges to put about 58 gallons total in two tires in the Seattle area? Who fills tires beside the dealer? Thanks
  9. Mike058

    Mounting plate thickness

    How thick of a quick attachment mount plate should I get to weld some 5/16 hooks and a clevis onto? I'm going to drag some logs off a pile using a skid steer.
  10. Mike058

    Landscape rake width

    What size will cover, but not be wider than about 55" when set at an angle?
  11. Mike058

    Beefing up the lock on a Tuff Shed

    Does anybody have pictures of any mods they've done to strengthen the lock on a double-door Tuff Shed?
  12. Mike058

    Dad's Generator Just Died

    He ran it 2 hours in October and November. He tried to run it a couple of days ago and it started, ran for 30 seconds then quit. Starter runs strong but it's not even trying to catch and start. We checked for spark (it sparks) and gas flows from the petcock. It's a portable gas Onan and I...
  13. Mike058

    DR Mower-First Timer

    I'm calling it Mickey, because it really gives you a work out-and I kind of feel like I've been chasing a chicken around a yard all day. The first hour was spent mowing a level area that's like 150' x 150'. Mostly grass with some blackberrys thrown in here and there. I've decided it would be a...
  14. Mike058

    DR Chipper Attachment

    I got my chipper today. It comes on a small pallet with the box being about 26"x26" by 30" tall. It weighs about 185lbs with hand holds on either side. Two people could manage it easy. You have to bolt on the legs, discharge chute and hopper. They say you need two 1/2" wrenches. I'd say one...
  15. Mike058

    DR Brush mower deck

    I haven't gotten a chance to take it out for a spin yet. But in trying to move from one part of the shed to another, I stepped on the deck in order to get over the machine (no room to go around). I weigh 180 and the deck didn't flex a smidge. Solid like a tank. I have the thicker blade for it...
  16. Mike058

    Steering a DR brush mower

    I'm considering getting a 15hp pro to maintain my property. I've got six foot tall grass on a large level spot, scotch broom on a hill and silal and huckleberry around the perimeter. Most of the property isn't level. Is there anymore to steering than just pushing down on the handles and levering...
  17. Mike058

    It just takes time

    My original big plan was to buy some property using a HELOC on this house, sell the house, pay off the HELOC and mortgage then use the left over equity to buy a manufactured home to put on said property. I made it about as far as buying the property :mad: With the housing market crash, I...
  18. Mike058

    Ask Santa for a radio this year

    I ran across this unfortunate incident NASD: Farmer Died When Tractor Overturns to Side While on A Hill and one of the suggestions was to carry some form of communication device in case of an emergency. Seems the farmer broke his own rule in an attempt to get back to the house. They suspect he...
  19. Mike058

    BL10S loader

    Attached is a picture of the loader's quick disconnect. I got the impression this is compatible with skid steer attachments. Is that right?
  20. Mike058

    Installing water service soon

    I'm going to put in the water line soon and have been wondering about a couple of things. The total run will be about 300'. I'm not sure if I should go 3/4" or 1". And what material to use? I found this list PVC, PE, copper, PEX, PEX-AL-PEX or PE-AL-PE, and figure copper isn't an option for me...
  21. Mike058

    1/4 Inching and Postition Control

    Even though I know the difference between the two (I love this video YouTube - Kubota B7610 Quarter Inch Valve versus Position Control) I'm wondering for what I have in mind if I can get by with the 1/4 inching setup. A box blade sits on the ground when in use, so it seems position control...
  22. Mike058

    Riding Trenchers- Tips?

    I'm renting one Thursday and not having run one before, I'm looking for any tips others that have used one might want to share. It should be pretty straight forward. It's all level ground and I need to cut a trench 200' long by 3' deep. I already called over the weekend to have the utilities...
  23. Mike058

    New septic system

    Mike058 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Not too exciting, but I know how everybody likes pictures :) I found the whole process pretty interesting, but that's just me. It's in the ground, approved and just need to back fill it.
  24. Mike058

    Electricians, listen up.

    I'm going to build a 24x36, two floor garage/shop. I got a bid from an electrical contractor and included in the bid is installation of a light over the panel in the garage, a GFI outlet under the panel, a new light and switch by the entry door. All I asked for was to run a line out to the...
  25. Mike058

    Shuttle Shift

    How does a shuttle shift control forward/reverse? I thought it was a separate gear box located between the transmission and the differential. Or is it integral with the transmission? And, it's just mechanical, right? I mean, no hydraulics or hydrostatic magic happening.
  26. Mike058

    Front-End Loader FEL Published Ratings

    When a manufacturer rates a front end loader at X pounds, does that mean you can lift X pounds with the standard bucket, or do you have to subtract the weight of the bucket from X? I assume the first. Replace the OEM bucket with a grapple (for instance)that weighs less, and you can lift more...
  27. Mike058

    Tractor Towing Accident Kills Fire Fighter

    Volunteer FF Dies After Being Struck By Recoiling Tow Rope This is a great, albeit tragic, example of how important it is to know the limitations of your equipment. I hope everybody will take a look at it.
  28. Mike058

    Building a Driveway

    I have to build (then maintain) a driveway to our new house. (about 200') The soil is sandy loam and when it rains it turns to mud real fast. My question is how many inches of gravel does it take to make decent drive? How many inches if the county insists a firetruck has to be able to use it...
  29. Mike058

    Want More Info on the 1529

    I need someone to go out, buy a 1529 then take a lot of pictures of it. The online brochure leaves a lot to be desired. Might as well get personal and ask how much it cost too. Tell your wife, "Mike said I had to get it" ;)
  30. Mike058

    Looks Like I Need a Tractor

    I just bought five acres on Key Peninsula in Washington state. If you want to look it up on a map, look for Home, Washington. It straddles a ridge and runs east to west. The east end (about 2.5 acres) has a slope of 12'/100' and is thick with huckleberry and silal bushes. Based on the size of...